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Shanta Gabriel – Messages From Archangel Gabriel – Creating Unity In All Aspects Of Life – 1 February 2013

mt-shasta-jan2013Hello from Mt. Shasta,

We have all taken a turn in the tides since 12/21/12, the Winter Solstice that impacted the world so greatly. It has been fascinating to watch the changes as the world unfolds for 2013.

The most obvious change was my move to Mt. Shasta of course, which has been highlighted by what I am calling my “Knock your Sox off Moments of Exalted Beauty.” Clearly my senses have been heightened by the shift in consciousness we have all made since 12/21, and I am grateful to have moved to the smaller town of Mt. Shasta which has a very high vibration. This has allowed my molecules to rearrange themselves in the new 2013 frequencies. Continue reading


RemovingTheShackles – Last Will And Testament Of Ferdinand Marcos Of The Philippines – 1 February 2013

shacklesThis is the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos.  It contains yet more clues to the vast amount of money that the Cabal(s) having been trying to steal for decades, and the dramas that have been perpetuated by various players in the realm of the internet.

This article HERE gives a little more insight to Ferdinand Marcos and the deception that has been perpetuated by various members of various factions of the Cabal to gain access to the White Spirit Boy accounts. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Welcome To February 2013 – The Time So Many Have Been Waiting For – 1 February 2013

Uploaded on 1 February 2013 by pearls2u Many of us have been waiting for a long time for February 2013 knowing this month brings the possibility of the Great shift that many were looking for in December 2012. What will happen? I certainly don’t know but I see beyond doubt that the energies are building to a great shift. I as well as so many others are anticipating this month and what it brings.
So much has happened in the 1st half of the Great Tribulation, the 3-1/2 years between September 2009 and now… The first half was about activation and contemplation of reality and stepping into our mastery as well as beginning of the Great Awakening of Humanity. Where we go from here is anybodies guess as timelines are still merging, leading eventually to the End of Time… Will it happen now? I don’t know… But it is so very exciting to be alive, incarnate, awake, aware and activated right now witnessing it all go down. I speak of a little of my personal history these past 3.5 years during the first half of the Tribulation here in this video…

Lisa Gawlas – Let’s Get That Ball Rolling – February Is Demanding Movement!! – 1 February 2013

ball-of-energyWelcome to February!!  I am breathing a sigh of relief that the craziness that has been January, is now behind us!  Instead of the winds of change blowing us to smithereens on even subatomic levels, we now have the winds at our back, pushing us forward.  For some, that can very well be interpreted as, pushing us out of our comfort zones. Continue reading

TheOne DreamDreamer – Soul Contracts, Karma, DNA And Implosion Of Roses – 1 February 2013

556558_303843579739152_1899841823_nThere’s a tiny (in human perception) tiny little string inside each cell… Originally its meant to be a string of Light until the Light started to be searched outside of the string instead of inside. The tiny tiny little string started switching off its colors, one by one as no more internal charge was being created and fuel run out (Love, Bliss, Sharing…). It became separated from itself not being able to express its light it started to rely on codes coming from outside to survive. It had to meet another string to survive instead of simply creating from itself as it did when it was pure Light. Death came to dissolve all its non-sustaining codes so that it could be re-created and learn again, bringing more life sustaining codes with it as only what creates Life can Live Forever. And ages after ages it finally started to learn and re-member itself and its original Light Codes. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – News From The Ideafrontier : Map Of The New Reality – Recognition Of Where You Are – 1 February 2013

MeredithMurphyFebruary dawns and we begin to realize where we really are: we’re in the middle, each of us emerging into the new in perfect time.  We’re in the middle of bridging the old into the new. In the middle of crossing from one reality into another. in the middle of downloading and integrating all that is taking place, and all we’ve summoned. We’re in a moment of releasing ourselves to the wisdom of SOUL, recognizing that it is Soul–the expansive aspect encompassing the continuum of our own being, which is wisely orchestrating our participation in this here, this now. Rather then feeling this Soul as something separate, outside of us, dictating–mysteriously–this moment, that moment, we are beginning to remember that Soul flows forth animating this experience and we are learning the dance of this sentience. The incredible dance of conscious, multidimensional collaboration with All-That-Is, in the form of our fully realized, most expansive, inclusive self–as Soul.  Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Mysteries Unveiled As Souls Reunite In Aquarius – 1 February 2013

Uploaded on 1 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Continue reading

Kauilapele – Ginger’s Take On “All That OPPT/TOPPT” Stuff From The 1-29-12 Lisa Harrison Show With Heather (Et Al.) – 1 February 2013


Pardon that long title. Anyway, Ginger sent this to me via email, and gave her okay for posting on this blog. So here it is.

I told her I felt some people would resonate with her message. This relates to what she “got” from listening to the 1-29-13 Collective Imagination show with Lisa Harrison and company, including Heather. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Our Technicolor World – 1 February 2013

amazing-beautiful-color-colors-favim-com-495502(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I am at the cross roads again. I feel pretty certain where we must go and what we must do, it is a challenge, however, to keep creating posts about this part of our journey. We are definitely living in a different world now, a glorious Technicolor world of infinite possibilities thanks to the power of our thoughts and what we can create with them. Continue reading

John Ward – The Media : Everything With A ‘Y’, But Nothing About ‘Why?’ – 1 February 2013

John WardPoor, dear Prince Charles. He thought there’d be oysters laid on when he got on the London Tube system yesterday, but then had to be shown how to use an Oyster loyalty card. After you’ve just squeezed a lemon on them, they don’t work that well. It was all a bit of a pr disaster really, especially when somebody asked him how he “felt” about abdication. I’d imagine he’s dead keen on the idea for Mummy, but not for him. Chuck might yet trump his great uncle, and abdicate before he’s crowned. Anyway, he declared himself “interested in the idea”, a remark he may live to regret. Continue reading