Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – New Music Is About To Begin – 1 February 2013

gods20handGod said:

If I were to ask you this minute what you most want in the world right now, would you hesitate to ask? Would you be wanting to be sure you were asking for what you wanted most and not something less than optimum? Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste this wish.

I have a feeling that if I were to ask you this right now, you wouldn’t be so sure what to ask. Much of the time, you are so certain, yet, when put to the test, you might be more cautious.

If I gave you three choices, that would be easier, yet not necessarily a shoe-in.

Of course, if you had a sick child, you might well know without hesitation.

Of course, you would love one wish that would take care of everyone and everything. You think of world peace. You think of freedom for the world. You think of good health for all. And you think of good will for everyone and everything.

Whatever you desire, whatever you wish for, know that it is possible. As a matter of fact, in some cases, it is a certainty. I am not speaking of whim. I am speaking of deep desire. Perhaps you wish for the fountain of youth. That may not be your deepest desire, yet it may not be a superficial desire either. It may not be altogether an ego desire.

Of course, your desire to live forever is a fact. That desire is not in question. It is a certainty that you live forever, only that doesn’t mean in the same body in the same situation forever. Just the same, you never pass away. You are eternal, and you are infinite. We could say that all the details are not up to you, and, yet maybe they are. Maybe they are.

Decisions are not always the easiest thing for you to make, and, yet, you make decisions all the time. You have hope, for instance, and then you decide to give up hope. You desire something deeply until you get it, and then you’re not so sure any longer. Another desire has risen to the ranks, and you might substitute the newer desire for the one you already had. Desires are not always hard and fast. They can slip from your grasp.

Desires are something worth thinking about. We could say that desires are like the lantern a miner wears as he seeks treasures in a dark mine. What do you seek, beloveds? You might as well know what means a lot to you. Perhaps for a moment you want a firefly in your hand. Perhaps you want to learn to dance. Perhaps you want to paint a beautiful picture. Perhaps you want elusive happiness and to capture it forever. Perhaps you want to be a source of happiness for others. Perhaps you want to want.

Ah, beloveds, such a difference from coveting and truly desiring.

Wherein lies your happiness, and wherein lies another’s? Wherein lies the course of your life, and wherein lies another’s?

Life is not always as you think it is, nor is life always as you think it ought to be.

There are aspects of life that are sure things. You will live until you die. While you live, there most likely will be times you will feel like you are whirling within a maelstrom and other times when you will feel like you are sitting on a large rock overseeing a beautiful valley, and other times you will be swimming in the ocean with the dolphins.

Here’s what I want to tell you. All the aspects of life are life and are a treasure. Every moment of sentient life is a diamond in your hand, and every moment you cannot be guaranteed what the next moment will be.

Here is what you can know, beloveds. There is something wonderful waiting for you, perhaps rushing to you. You haven’t made all the discoveries yet. You don’t know the whole story yet. Yet you can truly know without qualification that the best is yet to come.

This has to be so because you are someone who is growing in consciousness, and so, new music is about to begin. / link to original article

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