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3 Minutes News – Quake Watch Update, Solar Magnetics – 1 February 2013

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Teal Scott – How To Live From The Heart? – (Instead On Living From Your Head) – 1 February 2013

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Enlightenment For Dummies – OZ – 1 February 2013

Uploaded on 1 August 2011 by mercymann Eva Cassidy provides the background music with Somewhere Over the Rainbow as Dorothy discovers more than she bargained for…. And there is a cameo appearance of my Glittering Fairy Godmother.. who blesses all with a simple flick of the wrist…. We love you Shirley!!!!

Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – From Our God-Self : Your Soul Is Always Happy! – 1 February 2013

SoulHappy4VIDEO (recommended)


The wisdom of the ages is now arising in the heart of mankind. I AM Arising! Every heart is being now ignited by Me, but it takes time for many to recognize Me in their awareness! Continue reading

John Ward – Crash 2 : Take Your Partners For The Menage A Trois Waltz – 1 February 2013

mktgraphptPortuguese obesity advertisement Manolo Barroso tweeted this morning that he was “signing autographs” on his arrival in Vienna. I’m generally in favour of Austrians, although one must remember that Adolf Hitler emerged from their ranks. I’m thus mystified that anyone Austrian would want Barroso’s autograph. Continue reading

Wes Annac -The Ascended Masters : Your Power As A Collective Is Absolutely Enormous – 1 February 2013

125-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Humanity is and will continue to be reflecting the pure vibrations being pumped into dear Gaia’s Light grid, and you can all help to express these energies and bring them through yourselves as you continue your journey of realizing your power and Godhood. Continue reading

CLN – JICS-Led Collaborative Research On Lithium Coatings Unlocks Mystery Surrounding The Harnessing Of Fusion Energy – 1 February 2013

fusion_energy-242x150Joint Institute for Computational Sciences

A University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Partnership

The research of a multi-institutional team from the U.S., Japan, and France, led by Predrag S. Krstic of the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences and Jean Paul Allain of Purdue University has answered the question of how the behavior of plasma — the extremely hot gases of nuclear fusion — can be controlled with ultra-thin lithium films on graphite walls lining thermonuclear magnetic fusion devices. Continue reading

Mahala – Mahalas Astrology – Planet Alert February 2013 – 1 February 2013

mahalaJanuary was very challenging for many people. What a month that was with all the flu and colds that were going around and more stuff from the past coming up to be looked at and released. We were moving through the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio. This means there was the interchange between those two planets. Saturn rules karma and old stuff, and Pluto rules transformation. The energy felt very heavy last month, at least to me. Continue reading

Jim Self – Changing Your Past, Recreating Your Future – Part One – 1 February 2013

JimSelfExcerpted from a webinar series.

Did you know that it is possible to rewrite virtually everything that has ever happened to you? Or that you could also create a future that is very different than the one you may have set in motion? It’s perfectly true. You can change your past, and you can recreate, or direct the future. But you cannot change your past while clinging to the third-dimension. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – Your Are Very Close To An Important Boundary – 1 February 2013

john-blog-pics-0135You, all of humanity, are very close to an important boundary, and when you cross it, as you most surely will, an abrupt intensification of the divine energies enveloping each one of you, and of course the planet herself, will occur.  It is the next step in God’s plan for your awakening, and it will uplift and inspire you.  You have been very busy these last few weeks releasing monumental amounts of “stuff” – psychological, emotional, psychic, cultural, and karmic – that was impeding your progress, and you have been clearing the debris or residue from it that was making it difficult for you to access either the divine flame within or the intuitive guidance for which you have been calling so resolutely. Continue reading