Ron Van Dyke – Mysteries Unveiled As Souls Reunite In Aquarius – 1 February 2013

Uploaded on 1 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke

What I am feeling as I come to the computer from a long meditation is almost beyond words. My awareness is that many souls, even twin flames, are being reunited at this time in the first Aquarian cycle of the first year after 12-21-2012. Yes, it does involve me — and many more, I am told. Mysteries of separation and creation are being unveiled, allowing many of us to see more clearly and choose how we will relate to one another to co-create heaven on earth, healing the planet and her most enigmatic creature: Man. Male and female, masculine and feminine energies are coming together at this time and in the months immediately ahead of us. It’s a beautiful thing to feel and will be an awesome thing to witness as the reunion occurs, changing everything. This is the transformation, or as my mentor, Dr, Bruce L. Morgan, called it, the antiadromea. Not sure how to spell that, and I’m likely saying it wrong. He attributed it to Carl Jung and it meant the reverse flow of energy.


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