TheOne DreamDreamer – Soul Contracts, Karma, DNA And Implosion Of Roses – 1 February 2013

556558_303843579739152_1899841823_nThere’s a tiny (in human perception) tiny little string inside each cell… Originally its meant to be a string of Light until the Light started to be searched outside of the string instead of inside. The tiny tiny little string started switching off its colors, one by one as no more internal charge was being created and fuel run out (Love, Bliss, Sharing…). It became separated from itself not being able to express its light it started to rely on codes coming from outside to survive. It had to meet another string to survive instead of simply creating from itself as it did when it was pure Light. Death came to dissolve all its non-sustaining codes so that it could be re-created and learn again, bringing more life sustaining codes with it as only what creates Life can Live Forever. And ages after ages it finally started to learn and re-member itself and its original Light Codes.

It was done by choosing more and more effective experiences that would help in the re-membering process, each time more specific, each time more deep, until the Light threshold was reached again and the tiny little string got in contact with its Source -Love- again becoming once again able to co-create into the no-time no-space of all that is.

It re-membered the key for its hidden Codes… the Coherence of Love Vibration, Compassion, Unity. And its Song once again was heard and felt across the Uni-Verse and the Uni-Verse sang together as One Voice. The need for death to reset the Codes was overcome and new projects were made moment by moment instead of life by life. The Spiral of the Perfect Song spread its notes to every Heart and in a blink of an eye dissolving old non-life sustaining codes could be done by simply choosing so. No more long and difficult paths, just tuning into the right Song. The Heart Song. Where the Heart blooms as a Perfect Rose implosion of Eternal Life.

Earth became the Rose of the Uni-Verse. Its Spirals enveloped the Perfect expression of Love: the Heart Song of God.

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