Visionkeeper – Our Technicolor World – 1 February 2013

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I am at the cross roads again. I feel pretty certain where we must go and what we must do, it is a challenge, however, to keep creating posts about this part of our journey. We are definitely living in a different world now, a glorious Technicolor world of infinite possibilities thanks to the power of our thoughts and what we can create with them.

I think we are all finally grasping the true meaning of the fact that it is up to us to create the world we desire. Wow! That is a tall order, perhaps that power may even scare a few people off, but it is what it is! We are just now realizing we are smack dab in the middle of the new world, oh my God we made it! Yes we did and it is finally sinking in that we can use our thoughts and intentions to create this new world. Once you let go of the old paradigm and the fear that covers every square inch of it, it feels so exhilarating to be free, you start observing life in a very different way and interacting with it in a very different way as well. You sense at all times the possibilities available to you, you begin to see all kinds of new options for doing things, or ways of being who you want to be. It has truly become a world of vivid Technicolor where anything goes and life is limitless.

I was watching a program the other night on Oprah Winfrey’s channel OWN. I forget the name of the program unfortunately, but it was about communities and people reaching out to one another to help each other. For instance, a single mom was having a difficult time controlling her kids and making ends meet, she was completely over whelmed, so she asked for a community meeting to help her. All the people living in that community came out and listened to her story and began to offer whatever help they had available to them. Before long her kids were whipped into shape, she had her finances whipped into shape and everybody had gotten to know each other by coming together to do this. My first thought that came to mind while watching this was ‘How did they get a community group going?’

Of course it helped as it appeared they were living in a housing community where houses were close together not spread out in the country. It made me start to wonder how I could start a place where community could come together to help one another out. I am going to look into this. This woman on the show was completely overwhelmed and by just one meeting of people offering their help her life changed for the better. There was a finance person in the group who offered to help her get her financial problems together, another person worked at a homeless shelter and took her children to help out and see what life was like for them and how lucky they were to have the life they had. It changed these kid’s lives as well and not only did they learn to appreciate their lives, they ended up giving their time and service to the shelter. Everyone was happy at last.

We have all been isolated in our own little worlds long enough. It is time to come together and solve our problems and create together. We have always meant to be together as a whole, not separated into groups. This is why we have floundered about because we didn’t have the support of the whole. This is where we are headed. This is where our answers lie as well as within us. If each person were looking into making changes where they live, into helping those around them and coming together, we would be making changes everywhere. It is just a matter of stepping up and taking action. So let’s think about how we can help to begin creating this new world. I know we can do it, we all can! Let’s get busy finding ways to gather together and get down to some serious creating. Life is now limitless and we have grown wings to fly.

Blessings to us all,

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