Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – The Promise Of An Early Spring – 2 February 2013

Cathart♡ Being my primary guide since childhood, Archangel Indriel is always a pretty powerful presence around me every day.  But she’s available to each and every one of us, simply by calling her into your personal space.  For those who are not familiar with Indriel, she is generally known as the protector of Lightworkers.  Her energy is intensely feminine and very strong, manifesting itself to us as being shiny and bronzy and glittering topaz in color.  Of course, her energy may look and feel different each person, but then that’s as it should be.

♡ Indriel joined me over morning coffee this morning.  I’d been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with all the changes going on in my life and with the long lists of “must-do’s” I have tacked onto the fridge – most of which  which I’ve been feeling an overwhelming pressure to attend to (my typical Type-A-ishness).  As I turned on the computer, I heard her voice ask me, “Did the groundhog see his shadow?”  Well that’s an odd question for her to start off with, but I Googled it anyway and got my answer;  No, he did not.  And this is a good thing, by the way.  It indicates an end to the cold, gray winter and heralds the early arrival of a warm and colorful spring.  Thank you, Punxsatawney Phil!  And thank you, Indriel, for bringing  us this uplifting message.


“All about you are the energies of change, felt at once both in the world you see and that which you feel pulsating within your heart.  Can you deny that you are aware of this, and aware of it in a way most different than you have ever perceived in days gone past?  No, I thought not.  Of course you sense that, in the most refined of ways, things cannot indefinitely go on the way they were.  For while you do not in actuality see them with your eyes nor hear their approach with your ears, new downloads and codings and energies are coming in, nonetheless.  They are so subtle and they render themselves nearly undetectable, even to you seasoned ones.  This may often lead you to lose faith, to become jaded and heartsick that all is just the same, and that you’ve been forgotten.  Yet, I say to you not to despair, for none of that is true.  Stop looking, straining and hunting for clues.  An analytical lot you are, Sweet Ones, and I laugh at this!  For you are most endearing, even while set in your ways!

You overtax yourselves, that is what I see.  Stop going against the grain and instead allow yourself to fall into step with these gently manifesting changes.  You are attempting to claw your way up the mountain, and you hang on for dear life in an exhausting effort to make it to the top.  Your fingernails crack and your skin is torn and bleeding.  Oh, no, no.  It is not meant to be this way at all.  Look over and see, over on the side of that mountain.  Why, there’s a staircase leading up to the top, effortlessly, and it’s been there all the time!  The comparison I am giving you is merely an illustration of how you, as Human Beings, have become deeply conditioned to expect that anything worth attaining must be gotten through sweat, pain and adversity; and that the only road to the realization of that success is the one littered with the minefields of resistance.  And as you know, yes, at one time this was very, very true.  But no more.  The rules are changing, and you must adjust your own mindset to become in sync with them.  You do not have a choice.

Open yourself up to the creative and innovative side of yourself.  Ask yourself what it is you have always wanted to do and where it is your passions lie.  Discard the outmoded ideas that inhibit you from pursuing a livelihood which allows you to make your living doing that which you do best, and which you enjoy most.  Abundance and stability for yourself and your family can easily be attained through joy, enthusiasm and doing that which makes your heart sing.  Begin in your spare moments, by presenting your creations to friends and family and to anybody else in your sphere who supports your dreams.  Then gradually introduce your work to the world, and to be sure it will overtake the tasks you now perform which are not quite so heart-based.  It is a gradual process, you see, but one that cannot ever be realized if you do not begin now to make it manifest.  And trim away the fat, I tell you.  What do I mean?  I mean to remove from your life – within reason and with grace, of course – anyone and everything which is nonresonant and makes you feel sad and angry.  You have the right and the choice to allow into your field only what and who you so choose.

Have confidence in yourself, and keep faith in God and The Universe.  The assistance available to you is limitless, so utilize it feely.  And for each success, be grateful.  The Universe is quick to reward a grateful heart!  The ice soon melts and the ground will thaw.  An early Spring is just around the corner, and what comes with it is a flowering of abundance.  It is yours for the taking.”

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