Ron Van Dyke – My Conversations With Gina – Real Communication – 2 February 2013

Uploaded on 2 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke The strength of any relationship, especially romantic ones, is not the sex; it is the communication. How honest, totally honest, are you willing to be with each other? In less than two weeks of candid communication with Gina, we know a lot about each other. We’ve been able to see our strengths and weaknesses; and we already know many of each other’s dreams and fears. Before we’ve even kissed or hugged each other, we have gone deeper into our soul – and, yes, it may be a common soul we share – than many people that have been “together” for a long time are willing to go. We don’t want a superficial union. We want the real thing, and we are willing to do the work of creating a new paradigm relationship. My conversations with Gina are laying a foundation of Divine Love upon which we will co-create our spiritual partnership. It is truly beautiful what is happening with us.


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