HeavenAndEarth – February Alignments – 3 February 2013

say_hello_2_heaven_by_americanpsychoMars and Mercury align with Neptune and Chiron

4 – 12 February 2013

Mars, the male spiritual warrior had an interesting year in 2012. It held a pivotal point during the Solar Annular Eclipse on 20th May, which triggered the healing of past misaligned energies of the male warrior. (See our report on the Alaska Journey for the May Eclipse).

Then at the Total Solar Eclipse on 13th November, Mars was conjunct the Galactic Centre, flanked on either side by Pluto and Juno, who together were holding the male warrior in right relationship with his spiritual will, the true source of his power and integrity of action. This Eclipse was the moment when the male warrior could bring to Earth the highest qualities of his spiritual power. (See our report on the Hawaii Journey for the November Eclipse).

At Winter Solstice, the Sun emerged from the Galactic Equator, which the Mayans perceived as the womb of Creation.  At exactly 30 degrees – one zodiac sign – further on from where it had been at the November Eclipse, Mars brought the spiritual power from the Galactic Centre, as an offering to Mother Earth, in alignment with the true needs of the planet. (See our report on the Denmark Journey for the Winter Solstice).

From 4th – 12th February, Mars and Mercury weave between the wide conjunction of Neptune and Chiron. You may remember that Neptune and Chiron were exactly conjunct and aligned over Hawaii in February 2010. This began a global healing process to awaken our compassion and receive Unconditional Love into the hearts and minds of all humanity. A year later in February 2011, Mars and Mercury crossed the Chiron Neptune conjunction, just as Jupiter and Uranus completed their third and final conjunction, which had been the catalyst for the ‘Arab Spring’…and other global refusals to tolerate tyranny at all levels – in politics, big business, banking, the media and so on.

Now Mars, the spiritual warrior, with Mercury in his wake, is bringing full awareness of the changes that are needed to express the creative potential of our spiritual will (Mars) with compassion and unconditional love (Neptune), bringing Chiron’s healing awareness deeper into the consciousness of all humanity.

Chart for the conjunction of Mars – Mercury with Neptune – Chiron on 8 February over Arecibo, Puerto Rico – 13:40 AST / 17:40 UT

(MC = midheaven, the north-south meridian line of the planets, as they align over particular places)

4th Feb – Mars conjunct Neptune – MC over Flagstaff & Sedona, Arizona 13:43 MST/ 20:43 UT
The new male warrior, carrying the creative spiritual power from the Galactic Centre, must adapt how he expresses this in loving and compassionate ways and be open to perceive the larger picture and possible long-term effects of his actions in the world.

6th Feb – Mercury conjunct Neptune – MC over Fairbanks, Alaska 13:59 YST / 22:59 UT
Mercury will enable to mind to understand the full ramifications of the warrior’s actions, and Neptune will take the rational mind beyond its tendency to just see things in black and white, and understand the intricate inter-weavings that may result from our actions, in spite of our intentions.

8th Feb – Mercury conjunct Mars – MC over Arecibo, Puerto Rico, central Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina 13:40 AST / 17:40 UT
The Mercury mind communicates to the Mars will what has been learnt from Neptune.

10th Feb –  Mercury conjunct Chiron – MC over Reykjavik, Iceland 14:45 UT
The mind understands what needs to heal within individual and collective consciousness. Iceland is the only land that this alignment touches, so we would do well to listen to the lessons learnt by the Icelanders about global finances, as this was where the whole financial crisis began.

12th Feb – Mars exactly conjunct Chiron – MC over central Brazil 13:39 AMST / 16:39 UT
Now is the time for the spiritual warrior within each of us to act upon all that has been learnt since the May 2012 Eclipse, and to work with the intention that all of our actions should be for the greatest good, for the healing of ourselves and for all our relations – the whole of humanity.

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