John Ward – Paedophiles In Politics: A Beecher’s Brook Of A Scandal Which May Yet Unseat David Cameron – 3 February 2013

John WardWith the issue of EU membership neutralised for the time being, the Prime Minister neverthless still faces the problem of upcoming Newscorp cases in which he is clearly implicated. But towering above any other obstacle is the emerging depth and breadth of potential paedophile cases linked to the Conservative Party. Is David Cameron about to become the Disappearing Man?

The Daily Telegraph yesterday noted that ‘many of [Cameron’s] MPs see a leader who is not a winner, and whose actions – and inactions – are leading the country to disaster and the Tory party to extinction. Away from the public eye, some are actively working to bring him down, while others watch and wait, quietly hoping for his demise’.

A little bit of this is wishful thinking by the Barclays of Sark – but not much: as I’ve posted several times since last Austumn, David Cameron is doomed, and the latest he will meet his fate is 2015. But now I can see dark clouds appearing at a faster speed than previously…and hear the sound of thunder foretelling the arrival of le deluge. It’s beginning to look like Dave won’t stay the course.

The Prime Minister has, for the time being, put one major problem – EU membership – on the political back-burner. He did this by saying an enormous number of things all at the same time which amounted to nothing beyond “maybe the day after tomorrow”. Another day, another can….but he seems to have stymied the Ed Miller Band (who now don’t know what to think, again) and largely guaranteed he can go into an election without it being a millstone round his rubber neck. The question is, will he make it to the Election which will be, barring great drama, around May 2015? There are two reasons why he may well not.

The first is Hackgate in particular and Newscorp in general. Although it has been largely (and often deliberately) driven from our front pages, it’s time some commentators woke up to the timeline here. Just seven months from now, Cameron’s former Number Ten media fixer Andy Coulson – along with ex-News International chief executive and horse-riding friend Rebekah Brooks – will face trial over allegations linked to phone hacking for starters, and more besides: Brooks is also accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, in that that she allegedly tried to conceal information from police investigating both hacking and corrupt payments to public officials at The Sun and the News of the World. In turn, five other Newscorpers will also face illegal hacking charges: Ex-managing editor Stuart Kuttner, former news editor Greg Miskiw, former head of news Ian Edmondson, ex-chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck former reporter James Weatherup, and near enough inhouse private detective Glenn Mulcaire.

I do find it perpetually staggering that 3,000 looters in Croydon can be banged up in three weeks, but (given the hearing for the Newscorp defendants was last September) it takes a year just to get seven well-heeled folks into Court. Of course this case is more complex, but seven goes into three thousand almost four hundred and thirty times. Anyway, delaying tactics Court procedures are not my concern today. My observation is a simple one: our economic situation will be parlous by September. It may prove to be one rough ride too many for our equestrian Prime Minister…especially if ginger canaries start to sing alongside drink-addled blokes with scores to settle against several people.

But even before then, Cameron may well find himself neck-deep in what will probably turn into the biggest sexual abuse scandal in political history. Those of us who’ve been grubbing about in this awful pit of depravity for six years or more have been rendered weary by a surfeit of false dawns, false flags and false witness: all of us, I think, still fear that the Establishment will yet again cover up this obscenity in its midst. But this week – and notably this weekend – several things seem to be surfacing at once. And as the original Hackgate scandal showed only too well, one of the few things left that will get the Brits up off their sofas is bad stuff being done to children.

I spoke at some length with a LibDem MP three weeks ago who insisted that the main motive behind child trafficking and systemic sexual abuse in care homes and schools is money. This is rather like saying that the main motive for war is munitions sales: as with so many of the observations made by our legislators and their fellow-travelling extremists, it shows a woeful ignorance of social anthropology – and the typical psychography of those in positions of power. The fact is, control is the common driver here: the same folks who like bossing the rest of us about are also have a higher-than-average propensity towards sexual control and abuse.

Thus illegal, life-damaging sexual perversity is as powerful a minority in the Labour Party (especially at local level) as it is in the Conservative Party higher up. However, to date it does seem to be the Tories who are getting the bulk of the heat….which, on top of the Party’s very obvious collusion in myriad ways with City criminality, is in danger of giving them an image roughly on a par with the necrophile serial killer John Christie. This can only get worse. In fact, it already is doing.

This morning, the Sunday People unveils a former Richmond Council care home orphan who says he and his 12-year-old brother were sent by staff to the Elm Guest House, where they were lured into cider and beer-drinking races to get them drunk and ordered to dress in girls’ fairy costumes while their pictures were taken. What The People calls ‘vile sex acts’ then occurred. Prominent Conservative politicians are popping up on the Elm House guest list with disturbing regularity, and not all of them are expat Ministers who were in power under Margaret Thatcher. Some are very closely connected to Cabinet Ministers and Peers in both powerful and controversial posts today.

It’s one thing turning a blind eye to Sir Cyril Smith’s preference for marginally under-age rent boys; it’s another to cover up a form of sadistic sexual bullying that blighted thousands of lives. One in six children aged 11-17 (16.5%) have experienced sexual abuse, and almost one in 10 children aged 11-17 (9.4%) have experienced sexual abuse in the past year. However, the correlation between care home abuse and later suicides among the victims is irrefutable and truly damning: for many decent people, privileged and protected predators should be considered murderers by proxy. Peter Hatton-Bornshin ended up at the Grafton Close Children’s Home, which was run by Richmond borough council in South-West London and supplied paedo-fodder to Elm House. An orphan from the age of eleven, Peter killed himself at the age of 28 as a direct result of the appalling abuse to which he was subjected. His story mirrors hundreds of others.

Meanwhile, Wrexham Council has been sitting on a controversial shelved report into North Wales child abuse. The Councillors have been running the media Around the Houses for Eighty Days, despite acknowledged FOI requests from both the Welsh Daily Post and the site Having admitted that yes, they do indeed have the report, there is no way the Council can stonewall for much longer. I’m reliably told the report contains a savage criticism of police collusion, as well as the ‘mystifying’ decision of one senior Tory Minister at the time not to take things further. It also massively implicates the little-known relative of a figure already involved in deep controversy over paedophile allegations. And it might hold further clues as to the business influence this relatively obscure figure allegedly had with Conservative politicians in the 1970s.

Just when it looked like there might be an end to the evidence of depravity, the Independent on Sunday has a piece this morning about trafficking links between the Grafton Care Home run by Richmond Council and Amsterdam’s red light area. Written by Paul Cahalan and Deputy Editor James Hanning (a man with A-level in Hackgate and Hidden Paedophilia to his name) the article confirms that Fernbridge detectives ‘are building a picture of the reach of the network – which allegedly used the property – and have seized a number of files from local authorities’.

Various concerned residents of Plymouth may now also be moved to have another crack at persuading the authorities that, there too, Council care homes have allegedly been involved in a trade whose first destination was Santander….thence onto North Africa. At least one prominent Conservative politician in the city has been implicated by Plymouth-based complainants in the past. Plymouth also has a long history of paedophile abuse in its care system. And one of its justice officers, Judge Francis Gilbert, has an equally long track-record of bizarrely lenient paedophile judgements…for which his reward was the promotion to being resident Judge in Exeter.

If the Conservative Party manages to escape all the consequences of these multiply-surfacing hobgoblins, then it will have been lucky indeed. Or put another way, the British legal and political Establishment will once more be shown to hold the concept of equality before the in contempt. But with this in the mix alongside his many other kicked cans, it’s hard to see how David Cameron can emerge unscathed out of the other end of his self-made tunnel.

Stay tuned. There’ll be another exposure along in a minute. And have a look at Msjenniferjames, a reliably factual and thoroughly professional site often focusing on rarely-seen items such as truth, bent trials, ignored testimony and so forth in this field. / link to original article

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