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The Pleiadians – Embrace Change and Surrender: We are Here for You – 3 February 2013

BrighteningthePathChange is coming more than ever before. The channeler has informed us that many of her clients, and that even she has had dreams recently about surfing in the water. Pay attention to your dreams. Surfing in a dream means riding the waves of the ups and downs. Dreams are the times when we deeply connect to you and where you get messages from Source. Listen to your dreams and let them help you heal.

Now this change we speak of has to do with divine alignment. It has to do with the release of all of the past to the point where you can be truly, truly aligned with your blissful light nature permanently. In order to complete this part of the process, you must surrender to everything that happens around you with an intention to be in graceful flow. Do not resist this change. Ride this change, let it move you, till you feel you are swallowed, and then watch as you emerge free.

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John Ward – Paedophiles In Politics: A Beecher’s Brook Of A Scandal Which May Yet Unseat David Cameron – 3 February 2013

John WardWith the issue of EU membership neutralised for the time being, the Prime Minister neverthless still faces the problem of upcoming Newscorp cases in which he is clearly implicated. But towering above any other obstacle is the emerging depth and breadth of potential paedophile cases linked to the Conservative Party. Is David Cameron about to become the Disappearing Man?

The Daily Telegraph yesterday noted that ‘many of [Cameron’s] MPs see a leader who is not a winner, and whose actions – and inactions – are leading the country to disaster and the Tory party to extinction. Away from the public eye, some are actively working to bring him down, while others watch and wait, quietly hoping for his demise’. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – CME Impact Imminent, Uptick Recap – 3 February 2013

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CanWeEvolveNow – Your Private Hidden Relocation Machine – 3 February 2013

x2_zpsda0974e2(Repost from 21 January 2013)

Right now in all dimensions there are infinite universal event
streams all unfolding at once toward infinite expression. See
The Eternal Cycle and the Many-worlds Theory.

That’s correct … they’re not possibilities or probabilities but
parallel universes and this includes the third dimension and your
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Bubbles In Triche Canal – 3 February 2013

Uploaded on 1  February 2013 by Julie dermansky Bubbles coming up in the Triche Canal near the sinkhole in Bayou Corne. Brandon Alleman, who used to live near by- now evacuated, took me out behind his house to show me the bubbles caused by natural gas that can be found in various location throughout the marsh. The bubbles made their first appearances in the weeks before the sinkhole opened up.

Ron Van Dyke – Zeroing Out The Fictional World – 3 February 2013

Uploaded on 3 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke I often see 44s. I was seeing 00s too, and not seeing the significance of that until Gina pointed it out to me. Something is going on; and those of us that are receptive to the subtle energies of creation are being given little signs of change. Of course Heather Ann and her creation of The One People’s Public Trust is playing and will continue to play a big role in zeroing out the fictional world. What is the fictional world? you may ask. It is the Matrix of lies in which we have been living. It is so commonplace to live in this artificial reality that most don’t even notice or think about it. That is changing. Today I want to talk again from my heart about what I feel is happening in this shift of the ages from ignorance to truth, from greed to love.

HeavenAndEarth – February Alignments – 3 February 2013

say_hello_2_heaven_by_americanpsychoMars and Mercury align with Neptune and Chiron

4 – 12 February 2013

Mars, the male spiritual warrior had an interesting year in 2012. It held a pivotal point during the Solar Annular Eclipse on 20th May, which triggered the healing of past misaligned energies of the male warrior. (See our report on the Alaska Journey for the May Eclipse). Continue reading