Sophia Love – I Am Free – OPPT-IN – Let’s Talk About Freedom – 3 February 2013

8016078Understanding freedom is our task now.  It is not what we thought, not only what we thought.  Freedom is truth.  The financial system is a lie.  Ownership is not possible.

I am free.  You are free.  Everything you see is free. The land is a gift from Gaia.  The water that runs through it, the minerals that line her veins, the air that we breathe and the rains that fall from the heavens – all of them free. Free.  Ownership was invented.  We are free.

What has been done by the Trustees sets us back to square one.  No more lies.  No one or no thing is owned or traded for monopoly money. The value of you is inherent in your being.  You ARE.  It is time to BE.  BE Free.  BE Love.  BE abundant.

We are in a new world, and this requires a new learning, a new language, a new way of BEing and DOing.  I will share with you two stories, examples of what FREE may look like.

The first is found here:

Pay attention to the part where they speak of how they got that sweet Cadillac.  Not a penny was spent, or “borrowed”.

The second is a dream by Dream Hopper.  In this dream, he and I had been “renting” a beautiful home on some tropical island.  I headed back to the states early; he stayed behind to close up the house.  He came back after dropping me at the airport and there was a guy in the house!  He says “Who are you?”  The guy says “Oh, hi.  I am renting this next week, I wanted to measure for curtains.”

Dream Hopper says, “How did you get in?”

“Oh, I had a key from the realtor.  I was told you probably wouldn’t be here.”   Dream Hopper says “Okay, I guess you can finish up.”

So he does, and he leaves.

Dream Hopper goes up to take a shower. He’s in the shower, all soaped up, when he hears the television turn on downstairs.  He jumps out, wraps a towel around his waist and races down the stairs.  A different guy is sitting there, his feet on the coffee table, watching TV!

The guy says “Hi!”

“Who the hell are you?”  Dream Hopper says, as he stand there dripping.

“I live behind your neighbor’s house, I work for them.”

“What are you doing here?” Dream Hopper asked, incredulous.

“I’m watching my favorite show” he replies.

“Why don’t you watch it at home?” answers DH.

“This is a better TV” he says, matter of factly.

“I’m living here!” DH sort of yells at him.

“I come here every day” the guy says.

“How do you get in?” DH asks.

“The window over there” he replies, pointing.

DH decides the guy isn’t hurting anything, and he was leaving in a day or so, so what could it hurt?  Also, well, he’s here every day. Who has more right to be there anyway? The guy seemed respectful enough.

DH says “Okay, fine.”

He goes upstairs to finish his shower.

He finishes the shower, puts on his clothes and is walking down stairs when he hears someone in the kitchen.  He figures it’s the same guy, and thinks “he’s never going to leave!”  He is a little irritated.

He rushes into the kitchen, and finds a short dark haired woman, deep in the process of fixing a meal.

“Who are you?”  Dream Hopper yells.

“I’m Maria Carriea Santa Maria” she replies.

“What are you doing here?” DH asked.

“Oh, you must be the new renter. I come here every day to make my lunch.” Maria replies.

She proudly shows him her dishes, neatly kept in a little nook inside all the cabinets.  “I only use my own dishes” she continues.

So for the third time that morning DH asks “How do you get in?”

“The back door doesn’t lock”, she responds.

Maria explained that she works for the people next door, but likes to get out for lunch, so she comes here.  While she talks, she continues to prepare a delicious looking bunch of fajitas, and setting out 3 plates.

The TV watcher walks in, “Hi Maria!” he grins, and sits down at the table.

“Won’t you join us?” Maria asks Dream Hopper, pulling out a chair.

So he does.

Free lunch, free home, free Cadillac; let’s talk about freedom.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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