The Pleiadians – Embrace Change and Surrender: We are Here for You – 3 February 2013

BrighteningthePathChange is coming more than ever before. The channeler has informed us that many of her clients, and that even she has had dreams recently about surfing in the water. Pay attention to your dreams. Surfing in a dream means riding the waves of the ups and downs. Dreams are the times when we deeply connect to you and where you get messages from Source. Listen to your dreams and let them help you heal.

Now this change we speak of has to do with divine alignment. It has to do with the release of all of the past to the point where you can be truly, truly aligned with your blissful light nature permanently. In order to complete this part of the process, you must surrender to everything that happens around you with an intention to be in graceful flow. Do not resist this change. Ride this change, let it move you, till you feel you are swallowed, and then watch as you emerge free.

For your divine alignment in this next stage, you will receive information about how to release all aspects of struggle in your life. We will be closer to you again like we were during another huge shift point in 2001. This struggle includes the lack of acceptance of what already is. As you accept, the change you seek will actually come.

We want to speak of the emotion called anger to assist in your releasing this month. Do not judge your anger if it comes up at times. Anger is an emotion that comes up even when you have reached what Humans call enlightenment. (We don’t call it that, because we simply believe you are already always in the light, and never in the dark). When fully awake and aware, you simply just do not see the anger as a big deal when it arises. You can watch it rise and you can use it to alert you of something deep being stirred inside to send love to. Sometimes you may need to take action. Anger will sometimes come up when you sense someone is trying to cause harm to another or self. This is instinctual in your human nature to protect and shield those who you love, including when those intend to send harm towards you. So, as you move through the waves of life, you will at times tap into your anger. Enough of this judging of others and self that this means you or they are not on the enlightened path. Again, you have always been in the light. However, your actions at times may be different than your souls focus. You can choose to act in life as disillusioned, and yet your soul will always be leading you home. We bring this up because we see many of you judging whether you have changed based on this emotion of anger. We see you judge others in anger as well and forget to see they have a higher self. Which leads us to central message we have for you today: embrace change and surrender for it is leading you back to source always, no matter what you feel you are experiencing.

We are here for you in this time of release of all struggles. Many of you worry about how you will take care of yourselves with your planets exchange system called money. We see so many of you worrying with anxiety about how you will take care of your basic needs. This is the trick of your world, that forces you to feel helpless and stay under the power of the energies on your planet that wish to dominate. Do not focus on these thoughts of fear. Instead, we ask you go deeply into meditation and create. We will help you as you infuse your thoughts with those that are aligned with your true nature. You see, all of the Universe wants you to be successful. The energies on the planet that appear to wish you harm, are merely just illusions of your own mind coming back in reflective form. Truly, all of the Universe really wants you to thrive, to enjoy this existence in body. We knew for you to be here, that you would need as much support from the higher dimensional realms. You at times forget where you come from, and so it is our role to stay close and tap you on the shoulder when you forget that you come from a place where all celebrates you.

You wanted to find out how to emanate creation from a denser place. You thought it would be interesting. We all did in different ways. You chose it this way. We knew this would be challenging. So dear friends, this is what we wish for you now to release: the denser aspect to your creation for the divine alignment on February 13 in your timeline will impulse new energies of release. Some of you may feel like it is struggle, but it is just a true cutting of the cords of the attachment to all that is too dense. This is an incredible year for all of you.

Some of you we see going into desperation as you deeply want to be done with all of these painful things that no longer serve you. Release the desperation now, as we transmit to you peace and calm. Peace and calm is who you are. Let the old response pattern go, and turn your attention into the back of the heart where the soul anchors into you through the soul matrix. We see some old webbing of pain there. That is why you get sore there at times. As you breathe in the light we send now, all this webbing is dissolved for it has kept you trapped in the old way of anxiety which fuels the desperation energies on your planet. If you reach out for help, reach out with knowingness: the knowingness that you deserve this shift that will align you far deeper than you have ever gone before.

The light realms are opening deeply on this time you label February 13th. We just see it as cycles and energy moving, but we know you live in a plane where you still have some aspects of linear understanding when you focus on being in human form. We also know many of you have let go of time, and yet, you have to utilize it still because of the way Earth life unfolds. Now these light realms will pour out the next frequencies of your New Earth. These frequencies carry the infusions of the powerful qualities that you seek to live: love, clarity, expansion, peace, serenity, divine trust, and a centered energy that accepts unity in diversity. These new energies will allow a level of non-judgement into your consciousness to awaken. This out of all things, will bring you the most peace of all. Yes, beautiful, beautiful beings, no more labeling. It is the labeling that causes a reaction.

Oh, many times you have reached this point, and then there was a sabotage of energies from the projection of fear from your consciousness. We had an agreement to stay out of it for a while. This fear you had was of not completing your experience to the depths that you could. You are such creative souls, you wanted to feel deeply the full extent of this human experience. Your hearts said, “We are not done yet, we can do it better”. It was your deep wish to expand out even more and so you continued to take on more and more experiences lifetime after lifetime that stretched your being out. You can be stretched out energetically by both pain and joy. As we watched you move further from where your soul started, eventually, we knew it was time to intervene whether you wanted it or not. And intervening we are now by assisting you to open up the heart to a level you have forgotten you could. Let all the light pour in over the next few weeks in your planets timeline, and embrace the change that has been a long time coming. We love you, always. Forever you exist as one with us.

We are one.

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