Wes Annac – Astral Travels : Blessing The Old Earth From The New Earth – 3 February 2013

059smallWritten by Wes Annac

The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter and this week, we are traveling to our fifth dimensional New Earth to perform Lightwork and help anchor it unto our current reality.

Having received visions of the New Earth, I feel the importance of performing the Lightwork upon it that will help bring us closer to it. You are all encouraged to perform the exercise below or any other exercise you find works for you personally, to begin helping our world resonate with our New Earth.

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth and perform a collective blessing that is intended to carry-over into our physical reality and help mitigate some of the pollution and density manifested on our world every day.

For recent subscribers; we have traveled to our developing fifth dimensional Earth in previous issues of this Newsletter and we have even performed a previous collective blessing with the multitudes of souls inhabiting our fifth dimensional Earth and helping to anchor it unto the third and fourth dimensions.

These souls are the very Galactic and Celestial sources who speak to us through channels, and they are doing much to assist the Earth at present. They are working upon our fifth dimensional Earth and they willingly invite us to do so as well, for it is imperative that we begin to. There is so much we have begun to learn to do during our astral travels and as we are all realizing our greater roles as Light workers and bearers, this is one of the most important tasks we can set out to perform.

We are going to work with representations this week as we find ourselves on our fifth dimensional Earth, and they are going to represent real places on this Earth that produce density and pollution in every moment as such places were, until recently, doing damage in many more realms than the physical. While we are indeed traveling to a fifth dimensional reality, albeit a reality we will still perceive through our filters and as impressions, we are going to imagine those representations of density inhabiting the fifth dimensional realms as we collectively use our Lighted energies to cleanse them.

That’s right – we’re going to be working not just with our fellow subscribers in a large group as we did last week with the Hathors, but with the very Galactic and Celestial forces who are also working upon this landscape and helping our planet and us all to ascend. We have always worked with these souls; it is simply that many of us do not realize the near-constant astral work we are doing with them which takes place in bulk while our bodies lay sleeping.

We are simply rediscovering roles we have long been playing and this week, we will work with a number of souls to mitigate and cleanse the pollution manifested in too many areas of this world.

To begin our exercise, we are going to envision ourselves literally attuning to the realms of our fifth dimensional Earth. If it benefits some of you to first visualize and feel yourselves in a familiar astral landscape such as that of our dear friend the tree, you may do so but from those realms you will be envisioning yourselves existing on the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth.

Just what does our fifth dimensional Earth look like? Well, if you can imagine a planetary Atlantis with no possible destruction or any other energy that is not in alignment with our New Paradigm, than you will be very close to perceiving these realms indeed.

Entire, large Crystal Cities abound whose everyday commodities are powered by healthy, free energy prevalent in the air and all around. The very atmosphere of the landscape is happy, harmonious and uplifted, and you will notice that not only does the air seem visibly alive as glittered and colored waves of loosely-vibrating energy, but the people on this Earth are so very diverse.

Why, some of them aren’t even people! Some of them are pure, floating Source energy who will greet you with a very powerful blast of Love and joy for your mere presence around them. Whereas there are a few billion people on our Earth, the number of higher dimensional souls inhabiting this landscape far exceeds what we would expect or even fathom and yet, there is plenty of space and more than enough room and resources for everybody.

We now inhabit the closest possible representation of the fifth dimensional reality that is our New Earth, and you are all asked to hold the focus of this moment as you further attune to this wondrous land. Everything is uplifted and harmonious and you will notice even in the Crystal Cities, that nature is a prevalent factor of every part of this landscape. The very flowers and trees are conscious and smiling upon you, and every plant is glowing with a specific higher dimensional color.

This place is simply heaven, and it’s the landscape we are ascending to.

Notice off in the distance as you begin to find yourselves in this place, that there is an area that seems not to reflect the wonderful vibrations and the harmony established and prevalent here. Notice that it seems as if a lower, dense energy is coming from the place and as you focus more on it, notice that it is an actual trash landfill off in the distance.

Pollution is being fed and manifested continually from this place, and it is holding our fifth dimensional Earth back from expressing and radiating itself in its fullest and purest form. What are we to do?

Notice as the higher dimensional souls all around us answer just that question. They too all begin focusing their energy upon this place and as they do so, the entire collective of all of us is drawn closer to the area. We are drawing ourselves closer to this trash dump and as we get closer to it, notice that the attention of every soul is focused upon it.

Notice and feel as our entire group begins to feed into a cloud of energy and color and here, I would like for you all to begin visualizing and feeling your respective Lighted energies as they come up through your spine and out of your third eye, feeding themselves into the now-big cloud of the energies of every soul focusing them upon this landfill. Visualize and feel this energy coming through you, and feed into the cloud with your own unique Love and your individual Lighted and cleansing energies.

Request and affirm that specific healing energies be added to the overall energies you’re now bringing through yourselves in the familiar “single stream” we’ve began to learn to attune to from the Hathors. Don’t worry – you need do little more than make the request and visualize as the specific healing energies come through, join the collective energy-cloud and begin settling and working upon the landfill.

What happens as our collective Lighted energies are bestowed upon this landfill?

I personally noticed that even as our collective energies began to reach the landfill, it’s very appearance changed and shifted wildly from that of a landfill, to an oil refinery, to a sweatshop and to a plethora of other things that represent the pollution and density that’s been rife on this world for far too long. You may not have saw this exact thing happening and if you didn’t, I’d like for you to visualize it happening now as our Lighted energies will affect every representation in a specific and powerful way.

Further invoke and feed your personal Lighted and healing energies as well as those of the collective, and focus yourselves upon this moment for as long as your astral energy allows you to. Notice as well, specific things about the large group of souls who are all around you. Perhaps you will notice some very tall Galactic humans feeding their Lighted energies through, and perhaps you will notice the general aura that is beginning to form all around us which is separate from our collective cloud of energy being fed to the representations of polluting and dense places on the Earth.

What happens now as this energy further permeates the representations? After the continual shifting has ceased, I notice that a boom! of sorts seems to occur and the landscape that was hosting the representation changes to look much like the rest of the ascended landscape that is our fifth dimensional Earth. The beauty and higher dimensionality of the area has rightfully returned, and it feels as if a crucial puzzle piece has been restored to this aspect of the land.

The boom! mentioned was not a violent one or anything of the sort; it was a simple final shock-point for the Lighted energies to fully absorb unto the dense representative landscape before it returned to its pristine condition.

My dear friends, we have just helped to uplift and bring back into form, an aspect of our fifth dimensional Earth and from what I’m being told, our Lighted energies will now go to help mitigate and cleanse the pollution manifested every day in the forms of trash dumps, oil refineries and a plethora of other things, as well as help further to put an end to the feeding of density and hatred in every form it’s manifested today. I have a feeling that our collective giving of Lighted and cleansing energies upon the fifth dimensional surface of Earth will only pick up, as we further unlock these realms in ourselves.

As always, you are encouraged to visualize and feel yourselves upon our New Earth whenever you have the time and meditative energy and willpower to do so, as practice makes perfect and you will strengthen your ability to perceive of these lands exponentially. I will have to thank every participant in this week’s exercise, as well as every soul we’ve just worked with in the fifth dimension. These exercises continue to prove fruitful for me, and I hope you all feel the same.

This concludes our astral discussion for this week.

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