Angela Peregoff – On Target – Divine And Loving The Thrill – 4 February 2013

AngelaPeregoff“Since consciousness is the basis of all reality, any shift in consciousness changes every aspect of our reality. Reality is created by consciousness differentiating into cognition, moods, emotions, perceptions, behavior, speech, social interactions, environment, interaction with the forces of nature, and biology. As consciousness evolves, these different aspects of consciousness also change.” – Deepak ChopraDear Reader,

We are now officially operating with the transformative energetic frequencies of 2013.  At this time personal and collective perspectives are searching for opportunities to become more aware of a much greater reality. Nowhere has this been more evident than the riots in Africa and the Middle East.  If you have been experiencing a shift in priorities or a feeling of wanting to “get on with it” then you are in the hailing energies of 2013. All of humanity is now involved in new strains of societal movements that will determine the type of world that evolves after the Winter Solstice 2012. 2012 was an interesting year in which we spent most of the year under construction, covered by scaffolding while a core level renovation was taking place. By the end of the year we were amazed at the feats of personal transformation we had actually accomplished. Now as we sit firmly belted in to 2013 we can reflect on how last year was brilliantly efficient and gave us exactly the perfect experiences we most needed in order to begin to claim our personal power and love our individual uniqueness.

With internal refinements made and our consciousness expanded and entrained to a 5-D living field of existence we sit like teens on a thrill ride at their favorite amusement park. Filled with excitement as the Biggest and most Thrilling ride in the park is about to take off the “kid” within starts yelping with excitement, “Wuuhooo!”, “I call the front car!”, “Dude, let’s take off!” That’s where we are this week. Anxious to get things underway; to give “the newest” a try and collectively begin the climb into the healing, transformation, rewards, benefits, and teachings of 2013.

Expect February to bring acceleration, tension, and intensity as more purified Light spins within and then spills out asking all who are participating to embody Universal laws to overcome the tyranny of our past destructive behaviors. There is going to be mega doses of Spiritual energy brought to the material plane this month. Use this enormous energy to provide you with structure, harmony, order and organization for your higher purposes in daily earth life. Rather than having it buzz around in your crown chakra giving you a high that only makes you want to stay in the theme park eating smoked turkey legs, cotton candy and running from ride to ride.

Creator and visionary clarity comes this month to your process when you embrace the fact that: Thoughts creates reality. As a new reality continues to station faster and faster, this becomes a self-evident teaching as what you hold dearest materializes with greater and greater speed. Remember, your thoughts (spoken and silent) are broadcast as frequencies of energy that are trained to deliver a message — thoughts literally fly out from your mind to connect with whatever you are thinking about. And during this new era of accelerated energy everything quickens and manifests with much greater speed. Understanding the cosmic laws of manifestation is like having the keys to the universe. If you are aware of your thoughts, knowing that what you focus on is what you get, then ideally you are consciously creating the version of life that you want.

As time marches on this year, it will become increasingly obvious to those around conscious creators that thoughts are transforming themselves into reality pretty quickly. When enough see that every particle of life can fall into right order and proportion once you look at your life through the power of a profound universal truth then everyone will face an extraordinary reality check. Billions of people are going to understand that a new level of divergent thinking has been called forth as waves of pioneering minds seek to open the doors to a new frontier of unlimited potential.

My friend 2013 is the year in which you can push many “stuck” things into monumental change modes. The fulfillment of Self-Soul Realization is readily available for you have signed on the dotted line of multidimensional opportunities and there is no turning back. Infusions of potentized Divinity are directed straight for you encapsulating you in a state of supreme re-evaluation and transcendence, followed by the establishment of a new set of priorities for developing what is really important on all levels to you. Remember 2013 is all about being connected internally and developing the deeper, wiser Self.You now have the universal energetic support to stay centered at all times and allow a response, rather than a reaction, to every experience you create. From a place of centeredness within, you are able to draw on your inner knowledge and power to plan how to blend Spirit with the physical manifest world.

As the first bit of Febuary gently flows in the important thing is to slow down and think before speaking, tweeting, blogging or going social (posting on social networks). It will be a week when overwhelm out there will be immense. Review ideas. Rethink decisions that still feel funky. Take your time before answering anyone. Delaying three seconds before responding verbally to an important life question is not a sign of mental slowness; it is a sign of contemplation, thoughtfulness and thoroughness.

In private express out loud the things you most want. Write them down and put them in a place you consider sacred. Call for them to come into your life. Claim them throughout the day and night. Express your readiness to receive them, then live into the Soul ownership properties of responsibility, accountability, and personal empowerment in every moment. This will begin to clear up any misinterpretations you have hosted about your magnificence to make things happen.

Insight is also available if it is given the time and space to reveal itself. You don’t want to lose your internal communication to the hype of events that surround you. Be ready . . . the gates to your Higher Minded-Self opened just days ago (Jan 17). Things of recent material/mundane weight lighten, especially if one becomes curious as to what is the energy behind any given situation instead of bogging down in the stuff or material consequence of the situation. Prepare to go philosophical and think outside the norm. Your soul is set to take you beyond bumper sticker fix-its and into clearly defined platforms, agendas and viable states of consciousness. Healing tones and auspicious Light rays are traversing the heavens to make whole any fragmented, unhealthy territories in your life.

Have fun and be adventurous in the unmapped realms of Pure Potential this month. Embrace all of it so you can move forward. Remember, those with thought out plans are far more likely to take solid initial steps. Those jumping from the frying pan into the fire will only serve the chaotic stirrings. Yes, it feels like the time to get on with it. When getting on the highway however, it’s best to merge into the flow instead of slamming into whatever may be at the top of the ramp when you get there. Insights and expansion are going to happen all month long in a steady progression of events that will continually lead you into your truest directions, ultimately uniting you with the right places, with kindred beings you are meant to live and work with, with your one true love, with your new fulfilling career, with a wellspring of nourishment and abundance that is beyond your current memory banks.

By the end of this current year you will have let go of anything that makes you doubt that this is all an adventure that is full of change and brings experience and growth. You will have an inner strength and peace that promotes love and deep belly laughs and the desire to help others. You will have gotten to know the messenger that dwells within and you’ll be ecstatic living life with all you’ve got back online!

Might as well get serious about getting in touch with the sensitivity of what’s beneath the surface of an ordinary earth day so that you arrive at the point of understanding where your life is the Universal life.

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