Bill Ballard – Comment About Sun and the Electric Universe Theory – 4 February 2013

BillBallard1Lucas : Bill commented in his FB page on the earlier posted article about the sun not being  thermonuclear and being connected to the electric universe theory.

Bill Ballard: Very Interesting!
So, in this report (as others recently out) the Sun is ELECTRIC, and not a hydrogen nuclear reactor except on the surface where Solar Flares are occurring…

That makes sense as we look at SO’s (Suspicious Observers) video I just posted on below about yesterday’s cosmic measurements and that all compared to yesterdays intensity so many of us are feeling on Earth in our Light Bodies. See, we did not have the Coronal Stream hit us, the magnetic shields of Earth held but are in their ultra low status which Earth’s magnetic field is like a Faraday Cage protecting Earth and all on it. Also, the CME incoming was low impact being measured and the Cosmic Ray Density was low…

BUT so many of us felt intensity yesterday in our personal Light Bodies while all measurements were low…. Now If the sun is an electrical step down transformer taking Cosmic high wattage and converting it to a usable wattage for the planets, like an electrical transformer on your street steps it down for your house, that change of how our Sun steps it all down so we can use the energies would be why we felt such intensity yesterday without what is currently being measured by SO coming from the Sun or Earths magnetic shield. There is more to it scientifically than what we are currently (no pun intended) are measuring.

I state that the Sun is acting more like a Tesla Coil radiating a positive current to us as it steps down this much more higher powered electricity from the Galactic center out into space into our solar system. That stepped down pulsation to the solar system causes the spin of the planets. Like the operation of a reversed permanent magnet motor (see Joe Newman’s work), where the Sun is the stator coil pulsing out the magnetic field causing the planets (armature) to rotate in whatever direction they do because of their own internal polarity.

In the past weeks reports from NASA, Saturn is recorded slowing down drastically, like coming to a stop, as the Sun changes its polarity this cycle and we are entering both the photon belt, from Alcyone and also a super high stream of magnetics from the Galactic Center… Interesting…

This we are witnessing with Saturn brings me back to the ancient prophecy of 3 Days of Darkness or 3 Days of Light on Earth depending on what side of the planet one is on, WHEN IT STOPS AND REVERSES DIRECTION and the Sun comes up in the west… aka, The End Of Time, or End Times…. haha… That prophecy does make scientific sense now as information is coming out.

With Earth’s magnetic shields on low, the Sun is like a Telsa Coil without a Faraday cage around Earth protecting us. Our LIGHT Bodies are like fluorescent light bulbs are picking up these electrical energies and making us glow as we are walking around on the opposite polarity Mother Earth, or ground. We in that way “Light Up” even without the other measured possible causes we have been witnessing these past months as all shifts. This is not to say they are not having a measured effect amping our Light up too. It does as we feel it when those measurements are being recorded. It is all very interesting both spiritually and scientifically!

In this way, it all deals with polarities (electrical) generating the electromagnetic torrid emanating from our activated Heart Chakras… which in turn charges our Light Bodies…. hmm…

The change in Mother Earths Frequency to different octaves aka dimensional shift would create harmonics as we cross that “note” which causes her to make sounds, like like harmonics on a guitar string… IF Mother Earth is hollow… She would ring like a bell. So many of us hear prolonged sounds coming from the ground and feel shaking, but not earthquake related and it is global… She vibrates as the harmonic tones are hit…

That is something to ponder for sure!

It is all a working scientific possibility!

Bill Ballard / link to original article

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