Lisa Gawlas – Weaving The Dream Into Reality! – 4 February 2013

dream-weaverYesterday was kind a really strange day in my body.  My left hemisphere of my brain was taken almost completely off-line, an experience I have not had quite like that before.  But it really, I mean really showed me the intense value of our left brain, but equally, how far into the outer reaches of understanding, consciousness and connections can happen when it is not so… present.

The left brain makes our world constructible.  Without its full presence, I couldn’t even put food together.  I went to the store and got a boxed pizza, I almost never eat anything that comes out of a box, but without that left brain, the task of putting the pot roast that I pulled out into a meal… was not happening.  Even walking down to the river was a challenge.  The left hemisphere orients you into time and space, shows you where your own center of gravity is.  I wobbled to the river.

Even in the readings, which is seen and felt from my right brain, which was overly present, but I could not fully understand what I was seeing.  The left mind knows how to orient the vastness of our soul mind into our created reality, the right mind does not even try to figure it out.  However, when the right hemisphere of our soul mind is not restricted by the constant processing and even restrictions of the left hemisphere, the understandings of what is happening in this moment goes soooo much deeper, becomes so much fuller than I ever thought possible.

Granted I had many days I really felt like my brains stayed asleep and I was just stumbling thru my day, but yesterday was vastly different.  My soul mind was absolutely present thru every moment.  Kinda funny we are… in the depth of what I was understanding and even attempted to share in yesterday’s blog, I assumed a member of the guardians was just sharing with me all day long… until I went to take a bath, just to find my left hemisphere and bring it back.  In that place, my team simply said, this is all you, your soul mind in its partial vastness.  Holy cow batman!!

WE are ginormous and sooo unlimited in our own understandings.  Without the construct of our consistently processing mind, we know exactly what is happening on this vast field of pure energy called…. earth.  And really, there is no real earth.  Even that is an energy construct.  Every aspect we see, do, experience, is an energetic construct.  And actually a very exciting team sport called… weaving!

WE are the weavers… the Dream Weavers bringing the fullness of what we understand as Heaven, my word, Shambhala, directly to earth. (And in truth, we do understand/know the half of it!)  But this game of weaving has very very strict rules that cannot and will not ever be broken.  It is a weaving game that absolutely must be constructed by the soul incarnate.  Me and You!!

Every thread of energy that we need to create this wholeness of experience called Heaven on earth, is all readily available to each and every one of us.  But, before we can fully engage and participate, we must bring the threads of energy into our biology.  This changes not only our biology, but equally, our processing minds construct and interaction.

Can I say again (smile) if you never go into your own dressing room (meditation)… well… you know!  Your soul will be happy to walk side by side with you thru this whole incarnation, picking up bits and pieces of what is needed, so that the next incarnation, maybe then…  And let me just say something about that dressing room.  When you are fully and completely there, you know how to change clothes because you have signed up a lot of assistants (spiritual guides and helpers) to show you exactly what thread of energy goes where and what you must remove to make it forever embedded in you.

Always remember, this is not a hurry up and get it done and over with thing.  It is an ongoing process, forever.  I started to download the understandings of what I refer to as Shambhala in 2008, in detail, but with sooo much missing information.  But the way we work as a spiritual/biological species is really a full integration of even just one piece of new energy.  I would spend weeks in the bathtub downloading, expanding, then all of a sudden, it stopped as fast as it started, only to start again several months or even a year down the road.  The integration, the ability to hold the fullness of any higher energy or consciousness… takes time in our world.  But it is equally not enough to understand the downloads, there is an absolute responsibility to use and apply the new information as a way of life.  That too, takes time.

Can we give a shout out to the energy of PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE!!

As I was writing my blog yesterday, or at least some aspect of me was writing it… a flock of butterflies entered my solar plexus… OMG it was hard to keep my stomach contents in place.  They were flapping and flying and strangely bringing tears of absolute love up to my eyes.  My knees went weak, my body became very noodle-like and that is when I noticed the full expansion of my right hemisphere.  Phew… baby!!

Not being able to really do much of anything in my physical construct, I decided I might as well take a bath and put this expanded mind to good use!!  I was sure I had three days off from any more rabbit holes…. NOT!!

The moment I was assured that what I am experiencing today (yesterday) was my own soul mind and nothing added (no guardians or guides) the next thing I know that damn portal opens up to my right.  Yesterday was the first time I realized it has been constantly opening to the right of my heart center.  And there was a growing coagulation of that green thready energy.  It was so thick and so round… like a huge ball of yarn, but with spaces between the glowing deepening green threads that are making up this new…. whatever.

Thru the thready energy all I could make out was a golden finger making a movement that resembles… “come here.”  I wasn’t a hundred percent sure any longer who that was… Marc… Jorge… both?  With out the minds restriction… the soul jumped in.

The energy exchange was very very different, more intense but equally, more… I am not sure of the word, harnessed, together?  It wasn’t splattering all over the place, especially within the human body called me.

At first, it was two merging energy fields, two body’s that had zero solidness to them.  And the first thing I had seen was fire spewing out of the heart center of Marc?  Well, lets just say it eventually turned into his likeness, and as I am understanding it this morning, because he is the other human incarnate in which this energy must be embedded into his Biology/DNA system.

Again, this whole gig, is dependent on Humans incarnate.  Period.

And then it all took a very very surprising twist in adventures.  It went from tangled up in green and fire spewing from both of our hears, moving down thru the core system to the root chakra, moving out and again into the others root chakra, up the core system and back thru the heart chakra… then moment this intense combined fire energy made a full loop… suddenly we were in my living room.  Yikes!!  What happens in portals, stays in portals… but now we are in full body in my living-room .. and then we moved to my massage table…. I was giving him a massage thank you very much!!  But really, it was such an amazing entanglement of energy, I was being as strung out as he was.  Hard to do a massage in that state of energy fire…. phew baby!!  But I am a trooper.

And then, back into the green abyss!!  But with an interesting shift.  The portal was no longer to my right, it was now in-front of me, on the right side of my center body.

The moment I got out of that adventure and just lay in my tub think… geez Louise, this is getting a little too personal, suddenly I was surrounded by a line from Bob Dylan’s “Tangled up in blue.”  I thought, what a strange song to hear, I barely know it.  So when I get out of the bath and come to my computer to have a smoke, it started playing even louder… just that line only.  So I looked up the lyrics and it was the last three lines that made me realize why they were sound blasting it in my ears:

We always did feel the same
We just saw it from a different point of view
Tangled up in Blue.

Ya know… I really don’t even want to know what that means.  Not today anywayz.

After all that… I was even more disoriented.  I could feel my right hemisphere expanding and growing and understanding… but not tangibly.  I took a journey… a wobble, down to the river.  Hoping to at least bring my left brain back, even a little.

Instead, I got a fuller understanding.  Bits and pieces of memories were unfolding as I sat at the river.  The first time Jorge showed up and crossed the river… he turned into a fire lion to cross the river, and once he was on land, turned back into his incredibly sexy Jorge form.  Granted, I am a Leo and an intense fire sign at that!  In order to fully cross the river from one place to another… (one intense dimensional space to the next) and make it real, on our version of earth… the fire had to be present… the pure passion of soul energy.

Well let me tell you… yeah it was there!!

And then my eyes shifted up to the area that broke open on the Mesa top last month… again, remembering the doorway that emerged sometimes early last year.  Of course  what I had seen last year was much lower to the ground, the avalanche itself was at the top.  The true opening and unifying of both aspects… above and below.

For my soul to cross that river, the great divide (even tho it is really a small river lol) the above had to open first.  It literally did on January 15th.  And now… so too is the below doorway.

And now… the adventure really begins.  For all of us!!  I am just simply a story-teller… well, one that is fully participating in the story as well!!  And from what the guardians are telling me today… the sharings we have done the last several days are fully encoded with energy… not so much to understand, but to embed… for use as we continue this wild and wonderful adventure… together.

I remember one of the first books I have ever read while wiping the sleep out of my eyes.  It was suggested by Marc to read because it was written in code to facilitate the Light Body.  That book was “Bringers of the Dawn” By Barbara Marciniak.  I didn’t understand a freakin thing being said… but I felt it.  I consumed that book in two days… and my love affair with the Pleiadians begun!!

Ohhh, before I forget… I also realized from my time down by the river… we really have changed the game and direction of the energy flow.  We are now shooting it out into the magnetosphere  which is equally hitting and expanding our sun.  The energy opened on the 1st with my odyssy with Marc and Jorge, your expansion of Light thru the codes… reading it… effected our sun in such an exciting way!!  From  On Saturday, Feb. 2nd, there were several strong solar radio emissions including one super-strong Type III burst at 1954 UT. I captured it at 28 MHz and 21.1 MHz as it totally drowned out a shortwave voice transmission.”

The source of the burst was sunspot AR1667, which unleashed a C2.9-class solar flare just before the roar emerged from the loudspeaker of Ashcraft’s radio telescope. Type III solar radio bursts are produced by electrons accelerated to high energies (1 to 100 keV) by solar flares. As the electrons stream outward from the sun, they excite plasma oscillations and radio waves in the sun’s atmosphere. When these radio waves head in the direction of Earth, they make themselves heard in the loudspeakers of shortwave radios around the dayside of the planet.

On that note, I am going to close this sharing.  I will be putting out a second one today with the readings from yesterday.  For whatever reason, my team wants it to be in two separate sharings.  Who am I to argue!

I love y’all so much.  Thank you for all you do, and you do soooo much more than you even realize right now just by holding and expanding the Light of Love thru YOU!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wild adventures to All.

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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