Lucas – From A Room With A View Towards A Total Open View – 4 February 2013

dsc00279.previewIn this new month  we get a new room with a view.  Yes, a view. We  will be seeing more clearly now for those awakened where we are going.  Yes, we occasionally bump still  into the odd thing and issue, but we will overcome that quickly if we center again.

The room without views was in january a difficult start. We did not see clearly where we, our destiny and our world were going. It seemed for some nothing happened, for others the things just became clear. We lived through it and towards the end of January became our directions and our priorities  more clearly and focussed.  A new world : choices to make between going for the old or the old in a slightly changed way or going for the new undiscovered and interesting things beyond the frontiers.

Yes, you have to be clear now if you really want to get into 5D reality with all the benefits to come or if you wanna stay in the in between phase of being in 5D but having not the perception or consciousness of this being in 5D. Yes, the inverted vortex has brought us from 3D into the new 5D but we are still in the last bit of the cone of the 3D needing to do our integrating and resolving business.  We had thought to have cleared already all in the 21st December shift but that is now deeply brought up again. And as much of us already know we have also had our task in clearing things for others in our field.

The room with a view will bring us more light in the sense of being spiritualy building more awareness in our 5D field. Having more ease in co-creating and doing that what you envisioned. But  the real changes are next to ours coming from the view outside. The changes come from our energies coming from source, our sun(s) and the planetary and astrological alignments and events. It will  shift things in a huge way.  A breakthrough in the old systems standoff  is imminent. The ways are cleared to make room for a pleasant peaceful new 5D reality we can see emerging on the horizon.

We are going to see the gold in a spiritual way. Gold, silver, money all is just an energy we have given a meaning it never had. It is just an energy for us to use as a form of exchange till we maybe see it as not necessary  to have a system of exchange in the near future at all. Our thoughts of value and money are still clouding the real issue. In abundance there is no need for exchange just for re-distributing that what already is.  If we are fully established in 5D we need this also not anymore. We can manifest that what is needed or replicate it.

We  are in a truly beautiful phase now. Just looking outside the window and seeing a bright sky with lots of stars and planets or we see a great daylight in a beautiful purple blue colored sky with a golden champagne color sun shining brightly. It is magnificent as we see in this the new coming to be real. Visions turning into real manifestations. It is now becoming clear for a lot what manifesting can do for you.  Also the necessity to do the things we have to do for our own development first is felt and  we leave room for others to have their own experience and transformation to work through. Still time is speeding up till the jump will come.

We are soon to be time warped so to say by a total change in magnetic and electric in the total field of 5D. The outer part of the 5D vortex that spirals outwards into the creation. There it is where we collectively and as our authentic selves  are going to experience, or manifest that what will be, have, do. The real exploring the new will start now.

So we get from a room with a view near the end of February hopefully to the endless borderless translucent “room” that opens up to endless possibilities build from unconditional love and thru unity in the field of 5D expression.  There is One in all and All in One. The interconnection  between all will become more clear to us and we will learn how to handle this with our own authentic self in this connection.  We will see openings in also new technology and new theories, also we will see new ways of doing business and communication forming. We will see new structures in 5D rise from us becoming conscious 5D living and creating humans. The building blocks we brought in manifesting thoughts with us from 21 October 2012 are gonna form and merge with new things in the field.  All will be balanced out. Magnetic and electric, male and female aspects of the self and duality will just be nothing more than opposites in harmony bonded as one.

The One becomes centered again and All that is One with it also. The new will become a total open view to expand in 5D.

Be love in action and be patient with others, even when they have their issues or things to do or go through. We all are in this incredible time together.

Love and Light,


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