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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Lights Are Going On All Over The World – 4 February 2013

gods20handGod said:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. Each sound contains its own vibration. What distance is there between sound and meaning? Does the sound of a word come first, or does the meaning come first, or do they come simultaneously? Can there be meaning without vibration? Even thoughts have vibration. Even light has a vibration.

We can say that life began with a jiggling of a vibration. We can say that life began with a twang. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 4 February 2013


montague-keenThe sharing of information is an extremely important part of the awakening. It is essential to understand that it is time to be liberated from the stranglehold which the dark has on your planet. Every thought and action has energy, so ensure that you do not waste precious energy on the trivia that is used to keep your minds off your predicament at this time. They have used ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE against you. I have encouraged you to research ancient knowledge, for it is there that you will find all the answers you are seeking. Continue reading