Pam Younghans – Northpoint Astrology Journal – 4 February 2013

PamYounghansNorthPoint Astrology Journal

February 4 to 10, 2013

Highlighted Aspects this Week

Monday: Neptune conjunct Mars; Tuesday: Mercury enters Pisces; Wednesday: Uranus sextile Venus, Neptune conjunct Mercury, Jupiter trine Venus; Friday: Sun trine Ceres, Mars conjunct Mercury; Saturday: Jupiter square Mercury, Uranus semisquare Sun, Sun square Nodes, New Moon 11:20pm PST; Sunday: Jupiter square Mars, Mercury conjunct Chiron, Saturn square Venus

OUR “MONTH OF PISCES” begins in earnest this week — if it’s correct to call the flowing, receptive Pisces energy “earnest.” Even though the Sun is still in Aquarius, the line-up of planets in Pisces is already tilting the scales in favor of that influence being predominant.

We start off our first full week of February with an alignment between Neptune and Mars in Pisces. These two planets are typically very different in their energy fields. Neptune represents the transcendant qualities that take us beyond ego, into the expanses of creative and spiritual timelessness. Mars represents personal will, ego needs, and the assertiveness needed to pursue that which we desire.

WHEN PLANETS align, their energies are fused, and must find ways to work together. That’s a natural fusion when the planets are compatible in theme. For instance, it’s easy to see how Venus, the planet representing personal love and our aesthetic sense, could happily nestle in with Neptune’s spiritual and creative vision.

But with Mars and Neptune, it’s another story. How do we find the meeting place for these two very different planets, so that we utilize the best of both?

IDEALLY, when Mars and Neptune align, we are supported in our alignment with higher vibrational (higher dimensional) aspects of our own beings. In particular, since Mars represents the action principle, we are assisted in making progress that is inspired by our spiritual connection and creative muse.

On the other hand, we may also use this alignment to literally do nothing. Pisces is more receptive than active, and so can procrastinate about getting things done, preferring to enjoy the flow of the moment.

Positive ways to use this energy? Take action to advance your spiritual path or a creative project. Carry the energy of Neptune as you walk through the day, being conscious of what it means to bring light into every interaction and every situation. Have the courage to open your heart when others are closing theirs.

ONCE MERCURY enters Pisces on Tuesday, the fog may settle in for a few days, especially when Mercury and Neptune align on Wednesday. Similar to the Mars-Neptune effect, this planetary alignment can be either inspirational or can seem to create confusion and lack of direction.

Mercury represents the conscious mind and logical thinking. It also rules communications and travel. Any or all of these areas of our experience may feel less clear than usual — especially as Mercury aligns with Neptune on Wednesday, but also throughout Mercury’s extra-long transit through Pisces (until April 13, due to Mercury going retrograde on February 23).

In the positive, the Neptune-Mercury alignment can help us consciously access dream images, our creative inspiration, and our spiritual source. Midweek will be a great time to keep a dream journal, spend more time in meditation, or do other activities that soften our resistance to the inspiration that is available to us.

ALSO ON WEDNESDAY are two other lovely planetary interactions: Uranus sextile Venus opens the possibility for new relationship or new definitions of relationship. Jupiter trine Venus provides the excitement and energy we need to be outgoing and social.

Combined with the influence of the Neptune-Mars-Mercury alignment in Pisces, this can be an exceptionally creative, inspirational, or even romantic time. Our inner mystic is alive and well, and eager to share its poetry with others.

THE AQUARIUS NEW MOON on Saturday emphasizes our openness to the new, and supports our taking steps that are in alignment with our own unique vision and version of reality. But, it will be important not to take that rebellious or independent stance too far, since the Sun and Moon are closely square the North Node in Scorpio.

The North Node represents our path of evolutionary growth. In our natal charts, the sign and house location of the Nodes reveal much about where we’ve been and where we are wanting to go, on a soul-growth level. In present-day, the sign of the North Node shows qualities all of humanity is currently working to develop.

With the North Node in Scorpio, we are learning to share, to be interdependent, to manage powerful emotions and our instincts with honesty and forthrightness. This is counter to how the New Moon in Aquarius might prefer to act, since Aquarius is an intellectual sign and prefers detachment over swimming in emotional waters.

OUR BEST USE of these energies is to tap in to the socially aware, humanitarian qualities of Aquarius, while also acknowledging our own deeper motivations and being willing to accept support from others. Our challenge is the willingness to change, to do things differently than we might have done them in the past. Even though Aquarius is technically open to the new, it is also a fixed sign — which means once it feels it knows the answer, it can find it very hard to be flexible.

The Sabian symbol for Saturday’s New Moon does a nice job of bridging the gap between Aquarius and Scorpio:

“A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth: The warmth of understanding which comes to those who, early in life, are open to new possibilities.”

This image is both Aquarian in its concern for the larger group, and Scorpian in its acknowledgment of deeper needs for comfort and connection. Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this symbol takes us further into its meaning:

“We are never left without assistance when eagerly seeking to grow emotionally and spiritually. Even if we do not consciously realize the intent and value of what sustains our development and cushions the shock of what life provides, still the assistance is there. We may think: No one understands me. But the understanding is there if we do not egotistically take for granted that life and society owe us everything. Through a warm appreciation of basic opportunities and even small comforts, we can safely and happily grow into personal maturity.”

THE THEME of maturity is strong in the New Moon chart. Within just 24 hours of the lunation, Saturn is exactly square Venus. Saturn is the planet that requires us to be responsible and be disciplined — in other words, to be a mature adult.

As Saturn squares Venus on Sunday, we are challenged to be the adult in our relationships, to rise above the petty power struggles that may sometimes define our interactions with others. The internal conflict — do I confront, or do I let it go — is very strong all weekend, due to Jupiter also squaring Mercury and Mars.

JUPITER IN GEMINI fully believes in the power of words, and that talking through an issue can resolve anything. And in many cases, that belief may prove itself to be true. But with Jupiter’s squares to Mercury and Mars emphasized at the time of the New Moon, it will be very easy to misspeak, to miss the mark, especially if we try too hard to explain ourselves.

It will be better, perhaps, to heed the wisdom and lessons of Saturn in Scorpio: First, to get in touch with our own deeper needs in the situation, and accept them as true, even if we do not like them. Second, to manage our instinctive responses and realize that the feeling that we HAVE to fix something may be born out of fear, rather than out of inner strength. And third, to find healthy ways to express and release the deeper emotions that have been stirred — in other words, giving ourselves the very understanding and support we are seeking from others.

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