Visionkeeper – Life Laws To Live By – 4 February 2013

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I have written about this before but I feel it is a good time to bring it up again. As we are leaving one paradigm and moving forward into a new one, I think many people are feeling confusion about how to do this, how they should be, how they should think. I think there are generalized life laws we can all live by and try to live up to and in doing so live an authentic life of meaning. The way we have been living for so long now in a world stripped of its morality and respect, I think most of us need to take a step back and pay attention to how we are living our lives. In the new world our focus is no longer on our own lives but rather on the whole of humanity. Is how I am living good for those around me and for the whole and not just myself? Living our lives through self-centered thoughts is now fading away and asking ourselves if what we are doing or being is for the good of all is settling in. This is how we must begin to live our lives if we want the new world to flow smoothly and be loving.

As people wake up slowly to the truth of the world illusion around them and begin to realize that their lives have been a lie, many wonder how they should be living their lives in the new world we are now creating. The Native American Commandments is a wonderful lifestyle to adopt and be faithful to.

Treat the earth and all thereon with respect.                                                                                  Remain close to the great spirit.                                                                                                         Show great respect for your fellow beings.                                                                                       Work TOGETHER for the benefit of all mankind.                                                                          Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.                                                                            Do what you know to be right.                                                                                                            Look after the well-being of mind and body.                                                                                    Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.                                                                    Be truthful and honest at all times.                                                                                                    Take full responsibility for your actions.

I think I would add to this as well with:

Stay aware of your thoughts at all times.                                                                                          Be loving at all times.                                                                                                                           Speak with a gentle voice.                                                                                                                   Always look for the good in the bad and remain positive.                                                              Believe in yourself and love yourself.

If every man, woman and child were living by these life laws, what a different place the world would be. To live by these laws in essence is saying ‘I respect you’ to those around you and to the world. The world knows no respect right now. It is hostile and aggressive and selfish. It has been all about ME for eons but thankfully we are coming to our senses and thinking in terms of the good of others. It has been a long and demeaning road we have been traveling down, this ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude is slowly beginning to wane away. If we work hard at following these life laws and respecting the world around us, everything will change and life will begin to hum with acceptance and love and caring. It calls for choosing better priorities in life and making these laws important to follow will help to heal the world.

Blessings to us all,

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