The Pleiadians – Living as Clairvoyant, Clairsentient Beings – 5 February 2013


Many of you are very sensitive, able to feel and know things in ways that may sometimes feel like a blessing, and sometimes may feel like a curse.  You see, as you merge with Source and All That Is more and more, you are connected to all things in this oneness.  In this oneness comes the hearing and experiencing of other’s feelings, thoughts, emotions. You feel when someone is thinking about you; you feel when it is charged with love, and you will feel when it is charged with other, less pleasant vibrations.  This serves you so that you may sit in the knowingness at times on what actions to take in your life.  You can feel and read the energy of a person or situation and this has sometimes protected you.  However, we want to speak today to you about the part of this experience that may at times cause you confusion or suffering.

As you begin to fine tune these gifts of knowing, you may at times feel like you do not know what is true and what is not true.  Dear beloved ones, when you feel something very strongly, even if others do not admit what you feel, there is some truth.  Your mind can at times get in the way, and your own personal issues can block the clarity too.  And yet, you know when the thoughts come out of no where, and you see or feel the image of a person attached to those thoughts, that it is then that you are authentically reading an energy.  Some of you experience pain even physically when you sense a person is not pleased with you.  You may have back pain or a stiff ball in the solar plexus.  As you become (or remember you are) one with all, you may have to go through the releasing with those that are in your immediate life.  You feel them move through their process, and it is not always pleasant. You wade it out until they either clear it or are merely distracted by the next life situation.  We know this is not pleasant for you to be so connected at times to other’s processes.  We know that you cannot always sit in non-judgment about how this feels, especially when you feel physically the energy.  Many of you have shields and things you do to block most of this energy, but at times, some will still slip through.  And yet, the up side of this is also the oneness.

Oneness is bliss as well.  Oneness is expansion and the deep feeling that you embody God consciousness walking in body. This is a magnificent experience as your body gets to feel the cooling sensations throughout, the heart’s ecstasy.  And in this oneness is all experiences.  At times, you may find it hard to focus on the pleasant aspects of your oneness because someone you connect to is moving through their healing process, and yet it is all still worth it sweet souls. They may not even be on a path of healing and so this is where it may feel tiresome for you.  But, do know, that if you are present in their life even if you do not speak to them, that they are indeed on a path of healing.  They cannot help but be for through your connection to them, they are evolving.   It is worth it because you are pieces of these beings in the higher dimensional oneness. But you  also help them move through their process as individuated souls.  You see we are in this together.  You feel each day those that need help, and you are holding their hand from afar.  You may not like it all the time on your human existence, but you sit through it anyway, because you deeply deeply love all souls in the higher dimensions.  At times, you may grow ill when there are too many energies congesting your field, your body.  It is then that you need to use a spiritual practice of cleansing your energy.  You help them cleanse too as you do this for yourself.

Many of you do not receive a thank you for all you do everyday: for all the times you send love to someone you see in the street you don’t even know; for the consciousness you hold of forgiveness when others her angered at you; for the light you flush through your own body, knowing this helps the whole.  In fact, many may even be criticized for doing these things! We know it feels like this path can at times be hard.

This is why today we thank you, for we know that you at times it feel like it is not fair. Why do you, who hold up the light seem to suffer for all? It is not in vain.  You do not just suffer correct?  You feel the light so profoundly, you at times cannot move.  Those that are still learning will too one day, but they do not in this current time and space and so you are blessed that this is your experience now.  You are blessed with this knowingness of the light that is all.  You are blessed to hear the consciousness of 111,111 consciousnesses as you reach your enlightened state. The voice of all that is transmits to you all at once every time you connect with Source.  The significance of the 111,111 energy fields is that is what your human mind can focus on in it’s consciousness all at once when in full divine mastery and balance. You do not hear it as separate, individual energies, but more as a transmission of many things all at once.

Some of you have experienced the hearing of the 111,111 consciousnesses when initiated or even when using plant medicine. You feel, hear, and know this as information coming in all at once of people’s higher self souls. And so we say  listen for the higher voice and messages when you sense someone’s energy.  You can always tap into the divine consciousness of all if you wish beautiful ones. You are that powerful.  When we use the word powerful, we do not mean it in the ego boost sense. We mean you are that which is powerful which is divine love. You are that, yes you. Feel this divine power now through the frequencies of light we wish to impulse through this message.  We love how much you can sense vibration for this means you are living and walking God/Goddess consciousness. We are so happy for you because this all you have ever wanted.  What ecstasy this brings you.  Feeling the densities at times is a small price to pay for walking as God/Goddess consciousness.  Thank you for all you offer this Universe.  Thank you from the wholeness of our solar heart. We love you.

We are one.,,

Copyright 2013.


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