Krista Raisa – ‘Hatin Versus Creatin’ – 6 February 2013

Uploaded on 5 February 2013 by Krista Raisa (Lucas : If you wanna skip the intro forward to 1.37)

Tuning into your vibrational escrow. HEY INDIGO KIDS!

1. You only have enough time alloted in one day
2. If being true to yourself sounds too overwhelming, you have to cut time out of a lesser activity
3. What you think about, what you focus on, becomes amplified when coupled with emotions = creative/manifesting ability (future=genius)
4. Say NO to anything that is NOT in alignment with YOUR highest good. When you cut it out of your life, you are telling the universe you do not need that vibration. Make a CLEAR STATEMENT as to what you want to create. (Timing is now perfect, as the planets have all “gone direct.” It’s a great time to start new projects.) Good luck, you won’t need it! You create your life!


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