Lisa Gawlas -The Fuzzy Gray Of Change Turning Into The Light Of Our New Empowered Life.. If You Dare Live It – 6 February 2013

Nature PhotographyWell if yesterday wasn’t one of those ongoing weird days!   Just as I finished writing yesterdays sharing, I felt it… my brains started crashing.   The next thing I know, my whole flipping body crashed, I could have sooo crawled back into sleep and just hung there for the day.  The universe must realize, I DON’T have time for this!!  Or at the very least, unplug me after my day is done!

Thank God I have the greatest most understanding people in all the world on my schedule.  I attempted to connect to my first lady of the day and I got back gray fuzzies.  Ya know, I can be really slow on the uptake!! lol  I just realized I was actually wearing a gray fuzzy sweater the exact same color and texture of whatever on earth I was connecting (or not connecting) to on the field!

It was the fields way of saying… your entire heart center and reach for life is changing…. coming on-line!!

My first lady did tell me the milestones she reached since we last connected… and just to bring back her last image, she was the lady whose heart center was being opened with a buzz saw!!

Let me talk for a moment about meditation!!  It is really not about any type of technique at all.  It is all about your spiritual attributes coming on-line.  Spiritual hearing, spiritual seeing and of course that crucial thing discerning what you feel in the whole experience of meditation.  There is not a soul on this earth that does not have access to all of this.  This incredible lady, who has been meditating for a long while… FINALLY found her spiritual sight and her spiritual ears this week in meditation.  Not only that, she put what she seen and heard together and made it a reality in her physical world.  THIS becomes the game changer… the rocket fuel into this next expression.

Also, meditation really is a stepping stone.  The more you connect within meditation, the less meditation you will need to do.  What you are really doing is clearing out the inner field and solidifying what has always been available to you… the vast abilities of your soul all the time, 24/7.  (OK, off my soap box lol)

I had a feeling the reason I couldn’t see her was because she was now in a state of change.  After she and I rescheduled, I sat on my couch pulling in as much energy as I could muster for my next reading… didn’t matter.  We got fuzzy gray matter!!  But I realized there was more to this fuzzy gray than I was understanding.

When I start a reading, I have my own little routine that kick starts the energy flow.  I sit in my chair, bend my body in half so my eyes are parallel to the floor, and crank out my antenna to the field.  This allows any aspect of my created field of reality to disappear and then the only thing I see, even once I sit back up, is the field of light called YOU.  When I am in the void, the only thing I can see is my floor.  I realized I was not seeing my floor at all… everything was fuzzy gray.

Since my next two appointments were him and his wife, I asked them if they mind if I took a bath first, then called them back.  Sometimes, the bath can pull me together like nothing else, or at least give us a clearer understanding of what is really happening now.  They agreed.

The moment I hit the water… I so understood this moment is bigger than I could have realized.  Even if I cannot see anything clearly, I know how to read the feelings of spirit and understand what is not being shown (well, mostly anwayz… that is always a work in progress lol.)  They took my vision over towards my actual massage table and there I could see a funnel-shaped growing energy field.  I knew it was a confluence of circulating energy that we will just call me, Jorge and Marc… fuzzy gray cone-shaped of intermingled energy blending as one energy.  Once the cone shaped fuzzy gray energy started a circular rotation and slowly got bigger and wider, I could not discern at all, the energy field itself.  It was indeed changing into something new…

That’s all I got to see and understand about that!!

So I thought about my husband and wife who were patiently waiting for my call back… and this was soooo exciting!!

His wife appeared as fuzzy gray funnel in the middle of my meditative vision, with a thready gold line of energy at the top of her funnel.  Husband moved in from the left (physical life… which he just got back from an out of town job) in his own version of a fuzzy gray funnel cloud with a golden thready ring on top as well.  His funnel cloud looked a bit larger than hers… and then I watched as he moved from left to center, moved up directly over his wife’s stationary funnel and merged inside of her’s.  That was so kewl!!  I even understood what it meant.

Yesterday, we talked about trying to fly when others are in karmic energy and falling back to the ground with a thud… well… this is truly the Divine Opposite!!  They are sooo aligned vibrationally now that their field is merging as one unified energy.  To give an example, imagine you have just crocheted an afghan with loose stitching (as our fields are not tightly bound together on our own.)  Then you pick up the same afghan and weave another thread into the loose area of the stitches, that strengthens the whole afghan and the energy (different yarn) becomes one larger field of energy… Now imagine this is your magnetic field of energy!!

The Binding!!

To be very very very clear about all this binding stuff lol… and this is most especially true for all coupled energies (past, present, future)… there has got to be one equation (one person) who has fully integrated the fuller and higher aspects of the spiritual field into their own biology.  In a divine or twin flame partnership (as I use the words) the other person in the equation MUST be consciously aware and in the act of purposeful change… otherwise, the potential has to go to the energy of karma, to be the catalyst for the other to get the hell into their own awareness and out of the old construct of Life itself.

For this divine couple… they are both spiritually on their path and changing, expanding, uniting together in their lives on all levels.

In my meditation, I even got instructions for this heavenly couple (smile)… they need to take this week and from the heart of conversation, talk about their new life.  Because what got them to here, is completely done on all levels!!

Fortunately (and so not surprisingly) they both understood all this.  We reschedule for a week later.

But before I got out of my bath, and really understanding their cones of gray fuzzy energy… I had to wonder about mine still swirling around on my massage table.  First… why my massage table!!??  I decided, I really don’t want to know yet!

And then that crazy voice, now almost haunting me with that repetitive question… “what do you want.”  Hey, didn’t we already go over all this a few days ago??  That has not changed… and again… I hear “what do you want.”

Geez Louise!!  Of course, last year, when Archangel Michael asked me that, it did come in two phases.  The first time he asked, my heart replied to live in like energy… the second time, the reply was to live in a home all by myself.  I got both!!

So, in hearing the question again… my mind went to an article I just read about an Arkansas couple who purchased two scratch off lottery tickets and each one was a winner!  One for a million bucks, the other for 50 thousand!!   This on top of having a conversation with my car note holder… and truly, I was just pissed off (with my car note.)  I took out my car loan in 2008, a $16,000 loan… I love my car and am grateful to have it.  But when I looked at my history of payments and what I still owed, I wanted to cry.  I have made 38 payments so far, meaning I have already paid back just a hair under $15,000… my remaining balance is $13,000.  Just shit!!  The cost of 25% interest I suppose.

So to that divine voice up by my shower head… I said so firmly I want to be able to pay off my car and hey, why not throw me a winning lottery ticket.  Ohhh man oh man was I about to get schooled… something we can ALL learn (and probably relate to.)  I hope I can make this as clear and understandable as possible.

They showed me my energy field, what it feels like from their point of view each time I purchased a lottery ticket over this last year.  First, the act of taking money out of my bank to play the lottery is really not a pleasant experience in my energy field… I do it with great hesitation.  Keeping in mind, I owned a lottery club for several years… played hundreds of thousands of lottery tickets and only ever hit for one Fantasy 5 (Florida lottery) jackpot of $13 thousand dollars.  It doesn’t matter that my own mother had hit for $200 thousand dollars on the (PA) cash five, my next door neighbor hit for 1 million dollars or my ex-boss hit for $32 million dollars (all within 2 years of each other) my memory is on the business I had and the money that never came back thru the lottery.  OLD PROGRAMMING running deep and unknowingly rampant!!

So really, I start the transaction with a deep seeded fear that I am putting good money to waste and as much as I can pump up my mind that yes, I will win… my core energy tells a very very different story.  And then, if this revelation wasn’t enough… my now very pesky (but loving) voice up at my shower head says to me “We want to take care of you, but you have to let us!!”  Meaning, if I do not change that aspect of my core energy… there ain’t a damn thing they can do to help me!  This really goes to the phrase “god helps them that helps themselves.”  Dammit!!

Just for a side note, we will talk about all this in depth in this evenings soul gym!!!  Too important not to understand in relationship to our intensifying magnetic field!

So I sitting there in my bath as deflated as I am excited!  I sit up, take my two crystals out of the bath (a lermurian seed crystal and a labradorite wand) I place the seed crystal on the right side of my forehead, the other on my left… just to try and get some sense energy back into me… and suddenly the clearest most real flash of… well vision happened.  I was shocked!!

In the brightest light field I was suddenly seeing a whole bunch of people in my back yard.  The light itself, was like pure white light, everyone was dressed in colorful clothing, dancing, celebrating creating a large circle within a circle within a circle (there was a lot of people and even kids in this sudden vision of Light.)  All I could think… was this real or was this memorex??  lol  The moment I removed the crystals from my forehead… it went back to whence it came.

My last lady of the day, seems I got enough of my grove back on to read for her.  It was the first time I ever read for her and she was about to become one of my greatest teachers of the day… of this ongoing moment in all of our lives.

I could hear and feel the worn out sadness in her voice as we said hello.  Yet, her field of Light showed how wonderfully aligned she is with this expanding moment in time her heart is.  She was directly above her center on her crystal ball in the process of melting into that area.  She asked about her husband then her daughter… and her voice never changed, her energy within the phone… could have almost looked contradicting to the field of Light I know is true.  Even she questioned it because it is not how she is feeling in her life right now.  But I cannot even fake what unfolds on the field… and I know that is your light of truth reveling You to you!

As we were concluding her reading, she said she wanted to tell me something first… She started to talk, wait… no… FEEL with my cancer journey.  The more she expressed her love for me thru my own journey and how she knew I had to come out on top…. every single part of her energy field CHANGED.  As she talked I could see an elongated field of energy moving out of her heart center.  This IS what I seen in the field… her Loving, expanding pure heart energy reaching for its source of like energy…ME!!

I was (am) soooo humbled, so excited for her.  I told her, this is where you need to stay… in this FEELING of pure love and HOPE.  I know how hard it is when you are surrounded by a life that no longer serves y/our own higher good or even, higher functioning.

Our true heart fields are like heat seeking missiles (love is a hot thing lol)… seeking out that which it is most like itself.  No wonder why I feel all of you all day long (for which I am eternally grateful and trust me, I love you back that much too!!)…

Who knows, maybe that sudden visual is more real than memorex!!

Please join us in the SOUL GYM every Sunday at 8am MST and Wednesday at 4:30pm MST.  It is all-ways FREE and enriching thru each other!!

I love you all so very much, thank you for rocking and expanding my world every moment of every day!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am out of Lava Ash and have not had the internet flow/ability to change my website to state that. / link to original article


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