Lucas – A Leveled Playing Grass Field – The Transitional Phase – Help And Support Needed – 6 February 2013

grassearthA new phase has already begun. A lot of people are exited about the possibilities that are presented. Things get into development stages and things manifest. The ones that already have made a certain vibrational frequency transition are taking the lead, not as leaders but as co-creators, teachers of the new in way showing 5D reality for those that still seek 3d/4d options to resolve issues of the old paradigm. We are the ones that have been given this world to look after in the most highest form for all that is here and now and to do everything from that custodian principle. We own nothing but have all. All is one.

The creators of the new paradigm are popping up like little flowers covering the deep green playing grass field of creation where everybody has its free space to play and interact and still be the authentic selves they all are. It really feels like the playing field in your neighbourhood you freely and without all that ballast of what we now know and have been manipulated to think, belief, see, hear, smell, feel,  have been playing. Total happiness, joy an bliss. The unspoiled youth will come in that sense back to us to play the field of creation in equality, in freedom, in being one and interconnected via us all being and doing all from a basis of unconditional love.

We will see and find out that if we co-create, co-manifest, co-design, brainstorm, support and help from that heart space we will make this transitional phase from a 3D world that has ended and the still ongoing perception  of the old 3D and 4D vision on things  sooner than we think. It is like the first will hold the light or help create the new roots of the tree. The tree is growing larger and larger with every human that makes the choice to participate and find their real perception of reality now in the 5D space.  The energy created by that makes the creation tree become branching out, produce leafs, produce fruits and eventually seeds to create again new trees of creation.

The vortex of the 5D will spiral us soon out to be manifesting our new 5D ways. We collectively and individually are going to manifest that what is of 5D vibrational frequency and we want.  Now we see a lot still working through deep-rooted stuff that also can be not your thing to let go of but for someone else that is in your individual vibrational surrounding. Also your asked to be clearly showing what it is you want in 5D. Are you going to be chosing old ways that will not survive in 5D or are you really making the new paradigm yours totally from the heart.  Walk the Talk.

It seems to me that things that are not anymore of the right vibrational frequency in my field are silently fading away. I see that happening on macro and micro level. So keep your vibrational levels connected and from the highest source you can hold. The jump we all soon are gonna make to fully get living in 5D is near.  Breakthroughs are now in the stages of being announced. It is all coming together if you want to see it. There is only now and all is perfect.

I see new creational fields and spaces developed in new 5D business, new 5D communication and dimensional fractal project group spaces for creating, new ways of connecting and sharing, and new temporary financial structures that are just to be instated to make all those using it aware there is no need for it in the near future anymore. The new is now lurking around every corner. The trees of creation we are building are colored golden, but not as a value of gold,  but as the vibrational energy it holds of us all in 5D.  The golden age is dawning. The treasures of the new world are shining to be yours. Perceive from your heart and feel.

We can have all, as we already have it all in us. We are all as all is one with source. The abundance of love, creation, and all that what shall be needed was already created.  We just have to remember and put it out in the flow and give it a kickstart with a initiating thought or act. Like making already plans,  by making a call, by searching the internet, by already looking into possibilities suiting your manifesting thought.  Your never alone as all that you need or what  resonates with you or what you want is coming around and will present it in a way to you. For now maybe some have to have patience but later on this will become and instant manifestation.  Do not doubt to become true what you in a positive intentional 5D creation set out in the field.

So see we are now  coming back to the leveled grass playing field that makes it possible to clear the past once and for all and get our balance in the magnetic and electric back. We still will have some troubles with old systems, governments, corporations and people that are still not shifting to 5D and hanging on to their 3D/4D ways. But see it as a challenge to give others help and support through this transition phase. This means share if you have more than you need, this helps others who have been given a lot to put out the information, are working on the new developments for 5D and all other needy fellow humans to are the lights that also need to stay afloat and do their thing. Support in the way you can and help the new coming to become a reality for everyone.

So good tidings and joy as we soon will make a mayor leap together again. Love you all.

Love and Light,


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