Nancy Tate – Hatonn – 6 February 2013

hatonnHere I am again speaking to you through this one in a way that feels good. It is a matter of being able to relay to you the information that is forthcoming and to assure you that matters are moving in a way that is sure to please all of you once it is able to come to fruition. We are doing the steps that are necessary to prepare you for what is to come for your participation.

As we take these steps we do so with your assistance, energy-wise. It is a matter of us being able to tune into you and to go from there with the proper steps that are in line with your own thoughts of what is to come. We take the standards that you have had in place that are now changing, and we allow for what is in your fields that represents the coming times that are in the works.

This is a time for all of us to see what is the proper way to proceed. It is a matter of you all tuning into your deeply imbedded knowledge that you came into the idea of duality with. As these knowings come forth for you, we are able to tune in and see what it is that you are experiencing in the manner of acting on these memories that have lain dormant for so long. As we do this we, step by step, ask for your permission to utilize your inner knowings in a way that prepares you for the coming advances that are being set into place.

It is a matter, dear ones, of us being able to close the gaps between us, and all of you on the inner planes. As this happens you will more and more be able to take part consciously with us, and to bring to your world the freedom that you so richly deserve. As humans who are awakening rapidly now to who you truly are, you are opening so many doors to the truth of the matters at hand, that it is an incredible experience for us to be a part of. It is one that will forever be reflected on what is to take place in the coming times.

As we all experience this transformation time, we are setting the timer for the opening of those who are still asleep in their own knowingness, so that they, as well will awaken in their own chosen time to what has been taking place and why they are now coming back to themselves. It is indeed a wonderful road that we all travel at this time.

As we go further in this journey we will be finding more and more powerfully advancing moves will be made. We see now that in the coming months there will be movements made by all of you along with us, your family, that will generate so much freedom, peace and joy in our lives as to speak forth the benefits that are being created as I speak.

I urge you all who are going through the ascension process to hang in there and allow your inner knowingness to guide you through it. We are all here with you to lend a helping hand when asked for and when appropriate to the cause. It is a matter of being able to allow you the steps that will bring your much respected movements to your release from the boundaries that have been set in place. It is also a matter of us doing what we can to assist you in this.

We are aware of the tribulations that so many of you have been experiencing and will continue to for a short time. We are also aware that the more you know that this is not something for you to hold onto, that it is a matter of old stuff coming through, you will be able to release it and not be affected as much by it as you were originally, by any means. See it as residue that has no bearing on today and then sooth it away and on out into forever-love to return and bring you the clarity of love, freedom and joy that is your administered strength and empowerment. It is your gift to yourselves. We are 100% with you in this, for we also benefit in being able to mingle with you over a cup of tea and crumpets in our joyful reunion.

I go now and relax with you all as you welcome the new coming times with much joy and love. You participation in your awakening moves is much respected and appreciated. We are learning from your experiences, and that in turn gives us more freedom to step with you and hold you all in embrace. Enjoy your day and dance in peace and joy in celebration of what you are doing with us to bring this all together.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate / link to original article


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