John Ward – Mid-Staffs : How New Labour Chopped Down The NHS In The Penalty Area – 7 February 2013

John WardInto the dying stages of ‘our’ NHS: more political football to come

Two sets of dissembling hypocrites are busily fighting over a dying patient this morning. I make no apologies for reminding people that The Slog saw this Cameron/Hunt/Lansley strategy of faint praise for the NHS coming a mile off. I also feel vindicated by having blogged (as notbornyesterday) how the irrepressibly two-faced Andy Burnham signed off mid-Staffs as an NHS Trust while a Minister at the DfH. But the simple conclusion is there for all to see: the Mid Staffs disaster is and always will be the New Labour donuffins hacking down goal-poacher Hunt in the penalty area. They have thus wastefully given The Privatisers’ XI a free penalty kick….which the Telegraph has already stepped up to take this morning.

Those who spent fifteen years mincing about while the town of Stafford turned from being a condemnation of Blairite social ideas into a cultural meltdown (with a cynical, ethically arid hospital cover-up at the centre of it) can now sit back in their comfy Lords seats and look on disapprovingly – as Camerlot continues its policy of feeding the media, day in day out, a diet of pretend concern to disguise its agenda of insolvency followed by sell-off. A little bit of apparent moral bankruptcy along the way is adding a powerful dimension to the financial one. But Stafford is the product of Balls, Harman, Burnham and Mandelson, not the NHS.

If you want to log the Hunt strategy in detail, go to his Twitter page and marvel at Alice’s sick-bag in action. I’ve posted on this before, but here are some recent efforts where I’ve italicised the ice-pick in each case. Be near to a loo-bowl when you read the first one:

Moving words by PM on Mid-Staffs tragedy – my challenge is 2 be able 2 look Stafford families in eye & say I’ve turned words into action

Good to see so many at Parliamentary reception on dementia. Real momentum for improving care for those who need it.

Over 1million COPD, 1m kidney disease, 800k diabetes cases still go undiagnosed. Good meeting today discussing how primary care can help.

After so long, digital records will become a reality #digitalnhs we still need to go further and faster

Good discussion@clarercgp&Dr Cartmell to identify 400,000people with undiagnosed dementia, we are failing them when they need help the most

On and on it goes…and that’s just one four-day period. “I Jeremy am rushing from fire to fire helping protect the poor, sick and old from a heap of dysfunctional crap. Vote for me and PPP!”

Mr Rhyming-Slange is an incorrigible and amoral propagandist for those he represents via his family colleague Ginny Frunt-Bottomley. But New Labour and every dimension of its empty media rhetoric gave him the chance: they have only themselves to blame.

For too long since then, the ‘Hands off our NHS’ diehards have preferred sloganising to suggesting something better. This typifies one of the worst features of the Left: the use of hopeless causes to create political media stories….at the expense of the citizen-user. What we have in Britain today is two alternative policies on public health provision: braindead Tory polemicists mad-keen to create the American health-failure here…and backwards facing Labour representing Union interests. The patients figure nowhere in any of it. It is an allegorical lesson about the hardened arteries of our political system.

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