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Ron Van Dyke – My Vision Of New Paradigm Relationships – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on  7 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke For a long time I’ve had a vision of what I believe is possible in romantic relationships. I don’t have all the answers; and I’m not sure of all the how-to steps. All I am able to share is my vision and tell the truth about what I’ve experienced when I have shared that vision with individuals with whom I thought I could bring that vision into manifestation. So far, every attempt has failed. Still, I haven’t and won’t give up. I’m firmly convinced that what I see is no idle dream. However, there are many challenges to be faced by those choosing to make the effort to go beyond old paradigm relationships. Much healing is required, since virtually everyone has been deeply wounded in our sexual=spiritual nature; and this can have devastating effects that inevitably surface whenever two people decide to co-create a romantic relationship that heals and transforms each, both and all involved. Let me share what I think, feel and see happening.


Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For Week 6 February 2013 – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 6 February 2013 by Tom Lescher Continue reading

Sophia Love – Chained To The Wall – 7 February 2013

chainesIt’s not like we haven’t been warned about this.  Plato’s Cave tells our story.  Bill Hicks spoke about it.  George Carlin joked about it.  David Icke warns us about it still.  About five years ago, Dream Hopper had the following dream which is a foreshadowing of now.

He lived in a place where everything was available to him.  Life was pretty straightforward.  There wasn’t much to do, but it wasn’t necessarily painful or difficult either. Yet, everyone was shackled.  Now these chains were long.  He could move around freely and do pretty much anything he could think of.  People chose where their chain was worn, the ankle, the wrist, the waist, the neck.  These chains were not locked.  But they were worn by everyone.   Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Uniquely You, Divinely One – 7 February 2013

painting-uniquely-you-divinely-oneI’ve had my friend Tania Marie‘s painting and title on the brain: “Uniquely You, Divinely One.”

Picture  “Uniquely You, Divinely One,” by Tania Marie

She painted this years ago, but I always remember it when I see snow. I love how each snowflake is gorgeously unique, and yet they all work together to create “the snow.” Each serves its purpose in a beautiful form, but the power comes through community. I’ve increasingly found myself pondering Collectivism, or rather, two seemingly similar yet radically different manifestations of Collectivism. Continue reading

Wes Annac – And Endless Life Of Endless Positivity – 7 February 2013

360-smallRight about now, I’m reaching a place of realizing that everything, in every moment, is alright. Perhaps some of you could find it strange that it has taken me this long to reach such a point and I would say that it hasn’t; rather, I’ve been realizing more and more every day that everything is great and that neither I nor we have anything to worry or be concerned about. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 7 February 2013

benjamin_fulford_3RE: ILLUMINATI Use China to Loot the West

Hi,I’m a male 40- year old Kenyan who’s been a follower ever since your Fukushima expose. I have some questions I’ve always wanted to ask to simplify things. Is there a single high command at the pyramid apex or is there not a single Illuminati monolith? If not, which are the main factions and their specific agendas if any? Is there a single geographical region for each faction like an agreed sphere of influence? Continue reading

Ther Alternative Currency Movement In The United States – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 10 June 2011 by GoldMoneyNews Watch the whole 44-minute video at http://www.goldmoney.com/vieira-inter…. Edwin Vieira, consitutional scholar and author of ‘Pieces of Eight’ and James Turk talk about sound money bills in New Hampshire, Utah, South Carolina, Indiana, Colorado, Montana and many other states. They comment on Utah’s approval of their sound money bill and how their example will spread to many other states. Edwin expects at least a dozen states to approve alternative currencies, putting pressure on Federal tax authorities to prevent the IRS from taxing gold currency transactions. (Thanks  Jean, for pointing this video out!)

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Everyone On Earth Is A Messenger Of God – 7 February 2013

gods20handGod said:

You were not made from a crucible nor a cauldron. You were not made of coal. You were made from light. The Light I AM, you ARE. The Breath of Life is the Light of My Love, and you are secured in My Light. You are My Light, only you don’t bank on it. You may think it’s a story and that you are supposed to believe this story that seems far-fetched to you. Why don’t you want to hear this true story I tell? Why do you insist in believing that this is a fairy tale I tell? Continue reading

Mazatzin – Tells How To Meet The Star Nations – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 6 February 2013 by GreenGuerrillas/http://www.StarKnowledgeConference.com
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Almine – Genius & Delight – The Cosmic Function Of Humanity – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 27 March 2009 by Almine Wisdom Almine responds to the question ‘why are we still here?’ and defuses to idea that the purpose of Creation is for the Infinite to learn.
This is an outtake from Almine’s video presentation ‘The Thought that Fractured the Infinite’, available at:
http://store.schoolofarcana.org ( Lucas : I posted Almine as she brings new insights and perspectives on things happening.)