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Almine – Humanity’s Awakening Since 2005 – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 6 February 2013 by Almine Wisdom Unbeknownst to the masses, life has undergone massive change – many times recreating itself, over and over in an instant. As a result, roles have changed in many of the world’s major lightworkers and the emergence of many profound insights can now be seen awakening in Man. Dive into class with Almine as the Infinite provides us a map of many of the many changes that have occurred in the recent years. (Lucas:  Posted this and in an other post Almine as she gives new insights or perspectives on things.)

Lee Caroll – Kryon – The 2013 Old-Soul Toolkit – 7 February 2013

LEECarollGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. As many times as we do this, there are those who would wonder, “Is the man still in his body?” [speaking of Lee] Of course he is, but his consciousness is split. Now, some would say, “I knew it! This makes him a candidate for a psychologist.” [Laughter] But it is not that kind of split. Each of you has the ability to do what you see here, but it does not have to be in this form. There is a new energy beginning to form on the planet and we are starting to discuss it gradually. If you have arrived on this page, it would be good for you to review the last channelling [Phoenix]. There is information there that ties into this message. Continue reading

Allison Blankenship – Accepting Our Present Life Situation Is Fundamental. Appreciating It Is Divine – 7 February 2013

r1jvr9cckk7r9jpbvbjujerjv1_37d0c604a9192ae6204e4c0769f703b7Trust that your path is always perfect… That seems like a simple statement but as we know, simple is not the same as easy. Being a control freak is a well-loved tradition in my family – trying to control events, people and even the future can be exhausting.

For me, learning to let go and trust the process of life has been nerve-wracking, nail-biting and ultimately, monumentally freeing. During one prolific struggle, a dear friend looked me in the eye and said, “You have to trust that your path is always perfect. It’s the timing we wrestle with.” Those words became a mantra of peace and surrender to a life force I feel but cannot direct. Continue reading

Ron Head – You Are Never Forgotten, Dearest Ones – 7 February 2013


Today we will speak once again of energy, but we will limit ourselves to discussing those energies which have been building for quite a long time around your earth to influence all willing beings upon their paths to ascension.  You know them, you feel them, and by now many of you have learned to invite and use them to their highest potential. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – How To Heal Yourself – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 6 February 2013 by Kemetprince1 Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations…Know Thyself! Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below: http://www.tryathon.com/draft/feel_alive.html?r=20130205020031
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