Sophia Love – Chained To The Wall – 7 February 2013

chainesIt’s not like we haven’t been warned about this.  Plato’s Cave tells our story.  Bill Hicks spoke about it.  George Carlin joked about it.  David Icke warns us about it still.  About five years ago, Dream Hopper had the following dream which is a foreshadowing of now.

He lived in a place where everything was available to him.  Life was pretty straightforward.  There wasn’t much to do, but it wasn’t necessarily painful or difficult either. Yet, everyone was shackled.  Now these chains were long.  He could move around freely and do pretty much anything he could think of.  People chose where their chain was worn, the ankle, the wrist, the waist, the neck.  These chains were not locked.  But they were worn by everyone.  

Every once in awhile it would occur to someone that “there must be something better than this.”  They would unhook their chain and go out the door.  This had been going on for quite some time and there were stories about the result.  Going out the door was risky and always ended in some sort of destruction for the one who did it.

Sometimes people didn’t come back.  The ones who did had horrible stories, to include losing tons of money, falling off the grid, not being able to get anything going and being worn out bodily, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  They just couldn’t do it anymore.  They believed the others, the ones who had never come back, must have met some untimely end.

DH unhooks himself and goes out the door.  He struggles and finds himself out of money and out of time.  He does notice while this is going on, that those who hadn’t returned were not dead.  They seemed to have figured it out.  They were doing okay.

He, however, was not.  He couldn’t figure it out.  He went back and re-attached his chain.  He gave in to the strong desire for it to be easier.

Time passed and again, he grew tired of the chain.  He left, this time with a new strategy.  He decided to get to know the successful ones.  He would learn from them.

He noticed what they did.  They did not negotiate with the “owners of the room” he had been chained in.  They just did not deal with them at all.  The only way to not be a part of that system was to just not be a part of that system.

He tried it their way.  He only dealt with and negotiated with people who were successful.  He did not deal with those “in charge of the room”. Once he started doing that, he became successful.  It wasn’t instant but it worked.

Excited with his discovery, he ran back to the room, threw open the door and said “You don’t have to be in here! There is another way to do this!  Come on!”.

Nobody moved.

He said it again.

Mostly no one responded.

So he left.  He woke up before hearing the end of their stories.

We are in new territory.  Our chains have been removed for us with the UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust.  It is upon us now to Be.  Be Free.  This will take bravery, tenacity and belief.  We are challenging all that we have ever known.  It is up to us to go out the door first, and then return and tell the others.

No one is going to open the door or separate us from our chains.  We have to do that ourselves, each of us, in our own way.  Freedom isn’t something that is granted to you, freedom is something that you take.  It is something that you know.  It is truth.

Free is what you are.  Love is who you are.  Understand the truth of what has happened with the One People’s Public Trust and then return and tell the others.  This is why you are here and the moment is upon you right now.  We are the One’s we’ve been waiting for.

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