Visionkeeper – Feminine Energy – 7 February 2013

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So many people are feeling new energy flooding onto the planet and are seeing the changes that come along with it. We are seeing feminine energy gently float down upon the world. You can feel it’s difference and you can see the new kinds of changes it is bringing with it. It is a softer more loving energy, it is stirring our emotions and we are starting to FEEL the change as it surrounds us. This is such a good thing for the world, to have the soft, loving energy begin to sand down the sharp and aggressive edges of the masculine energies that have brought about war and death and domination for so long now. These changes which are now igniting our feelings at long last, may well stir up chaos for a while as people begin to feel their emotions both good and bad. We have to figure out how to deal with these new emotions and how to express them to the world. There may well be frustration and anger as we begin to adjust to this new way of being so we must be patient and stay on guard.

We are so used to living in a masculine oriented world that is so often harsh, giving off a dog eat dog kind of vibration that has forced us to be less than loving and compassionate. This vibration has hardened the world and created a ME mindset that is born out of a need to survive in a hostile environment. Many have walled themselves off in isolation and they have pulled back as if to lick their wounds and protect themselves from their abusers. But all of that is changing now and for now it seems we are all standing in the opened doorway of the prison cage wondering what to do and where to go. We are unsure of this new world and many are fearful of leaving the security of what they have known despite how terrible it has been. We are sticking our toes out the cell door to test it out before we venture forth.

As the feminine energy cloaks us in love and compassion we begin to look about and try to bring into focus the new world we are now living in. It feels pretty welcoming, we have bouts of excitement, we can sense a major change, we feel emotions within us shifting. The ways in which we used to think and the old beliefs we used to hold within no longer seem to fit in and so we struggle to adjust and figure out how to think and believe a new way. It is shaking our foundations quite swiftly now and we grasp on tightly trying to balance ourselves. We are beginning to feel loving feelings and are caring about other people who normally we would not care about, we are branching out away from ourselves further and further into unknown territory, but it feels good and there seems to be no reason to be afraid. We breathe deeply and open up our hearts further in acceptance of the new world.

We must not go backwards. We must not be afraid. we must learn to be the new loving and compassionate beings we are being asked to become. We are in 5D now and 3D thinking and being will no longer work for us, we are being eased into change and we must not fight it. The door to the cage is open and it is time now to go through the door and out into the new world with open arms and an open heart and embrace the life that now lays before us. It is time to breathe in the loving energies of the feminine and allow ourselves the freedom to shift into becoming more loving beings and hold our tender, new world in a gentle, loving embrace

Blessings to us all,

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