AmericanKabuki – What Do I Know? – 8 February 2013

zip-duality-back-to-primeWhat do I know?

I know there is a Creator Source who creates by many means. Evolution is just one means, so is engineering, so is spontaneous generation and manifestation based on patterns.

You can call it what you want, “Big Bang”, “The Tao”, “Conscious Universe” “God”, “Allah”, YHWH, or The Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Makes no difference.  The recognition of it is all that matters.

I like the term Source, I’ve used that term since 1995.  I was delighted to hear that usage from the OPPT Trustees.  Told me a lot about who I was dealing with. Its a nice inclusive term that avoids the religious battles that rage around specific letters, vowels, words and images the other names evoke.  We are all the Children of Source. Nobody can argue that.

What do I know?

I know I have never ever been abandoned by Source.  Neither have you.  We all CHOSE to be here. We chose to learn.  We chose to create our reality.

I have had a conversation with Source all my life. Its not exactly something I hear with words. No disembodied voice speaks. I have said my own words to Source.  Sometimes in anger, sometimes in gratitude, sometimes in desperation, and hopefully most often in love.  Is it any wonder when a gardner talks to the Source that exists in the plants she grows, they do better?  There’s an exchange of energy and love and all works better with love.  Strangely enough so do inanimate objects, men love their muscle cars, and they are always in top shape.  Energy flows where attention goes.

The answers come in odd ways, for Source is in all things.  It might be the 11:11 1:11 digits that kept showing up on my clocks since 2009.  Source is in the atoms of the clock and in the impulse that causes me to look at the clock when those numbers align.   It is in the words of a friend who says the answer I need to hear without knowing why.  Source lives in their heart.  It might be in the words of a detractor who sends me an angry email who reveals not only what I may have wrong (or right as truth often elicits anger), but who and what they are and what motivates them. Source is in their heart. It could be in a random TV program, it could come out in Bloomberg News crawler at the bottom of the screen, its all in the timing, and you know when you see it.  And Source always there. Waiting for interaction.  Do you want to play?  Do you want to go through life consciously or unconsciously?  We’ve done the latter for 13 millennia already, why not do it with with you at the helm of your life?

The universe we live in is holographic. Its also conscious and we are part of that consciousness. The smallest part reflects the whole.  Children are a reflection of their parents, parents reflect their nationality, their nationality reflects humanity.  Its all a whole.  This planet reflects a galactic whole, a galactic family many of which look very like us.  Some don’t. But the general bi-pedal form of the higher life in the Universe is pretty much the same.  There are non-pedal forms too.  But we’re not likely to meet them for a good while, and certainly not before we get over even our national xenophobias, let alone the exo-planetary ones.

What do I know?

This part of the Galaxy suffered from an experiment gone horribly wrong.  You read about it in various sacred texts.  The texts call them angels.   What they really were I am not sure.  Was it one powerful being or was it a collective decision that brought all other beings under their care into the same circumstance? I don’t know.

They thought it would be interesting to carve out a virtual reality out of the true reality separate from Source.  For all they had know was the perfect love of Source.  What would it be like without that and them in charge? Perhaps it was a bit of hubris, an overestimation of their own abilities inflated by the perfectness of the creation of the Self they were, beauty and mental brilliance, without asking the wisdom of eternal experience of Source?  Did they even ask if it was a good idea?  They created a quantum technology, an anomaly – a singularity apart from Source and the natural energetic inflows from Source into the greater environment were greatly reduced, except for the life line of love in the heart and and energetic outpourings of the stars that nourish the planets.

When they triggered it, found themselves suddenly cut Source. They felt it in their being.  And it felt like dad walked out and left the kids.  They felt abandoned.  The felt somehow they had fallen from the grace and love of Source.  They made a decision and Source honored the decision of its child but put boundaries on how far the experiment could go throughout Creator Source’s Universe.  For a time.

Energetically cut off, these beings amplified the apparent separation, they chose to mine and harvest the energy of source by two means, harness the energy that comes through the heart of every creature in Source, and the energetic harnesses they put into the etheric and astral realms on the planets within their domain that receive energy from Source via the energy portals known as the stars.

This moved attracted a set of beings, of a similar vibration from another universe.  These beings had a different makeup than humanity, they were not of mammalian origins, they were never nursed by their mothers milk, and it may be they were not even warm blooded, its no accident humans associate nourishment and warmth with love.  That is the mammalian perspective.  Our biology is largely mammalian, perhaps even at its core cetacean. The other beings beings were born in egg clutches like crocodiles and left to fend for themselves in a brutal evolutionary environment. But they are also the children of source with their own path.  But they didn’t know a mothers love.  It was not in their biology.

At first it was a mix, benevolent races seeding and colonizing earth and other planets with some not so benevolent ones.  Yet the environment was ripped top to bottom in this universe, or at least this Galaxy (nobody on this planet is quite sure on that) and there was a duality of purpose.

Some sided on one side and chose service to others, they called themselves “Light Forces” and said they were in service to the light.  And indeed they have done much good.  And of course since they too were one side of the duality of purpose, they called the others “the dark ones”.   They depended on the contrast to define themselves.

The others called themselves the Anchara Alliance, and it was made up of many races too, but the beings who were the most ruthless and had the roughest evolutionary path in the toughest environments and their vibration was such they were the natural controllers and minions of the beings who caused this experiment in separation from Source.  Think the Klingon Empire and you get pretty close. Truth has a way of oozing out in art.  Source saw to it that these beings would serve as a catalyst for very rapid evolution of the souls caught up in this drama of the allusion.  They would be the catalyst that would serve to show what this way of life leads to and they would do their job so very very well.

Both sides defined themselves in the unity of source by what they weren’t, in a mutual co-arising from source kind of way, for Source in unitary, it is ONE, and cannot be divided, yet they all believed in the illusion of separation because the illusion had very real consequences for them.  These are the players that played their parts in this cosmic play that unfolded from the Grand Experiment in duality of purpose.

Great wars were fought between these sides, alliances formed and shifted and reformed. Planets were destroyed, moons pockmarked. Millions and billions of lives lost.  Mars was denuded of vegetation and life giving water.  Marduk exploded and now is our asteroid belt.

In order for the more advanced beings to gain the energy from source, they chose to parasite it from others including their own.  YOU ARE EITHER A CONDUIT OF SOURCE ENERGY OR A PARASITE OF IT, FOR ALL THINGS EXIST IN SOURCE.  The side that chose to parasite this energy has their own cosmology and perspective of Source, you can find this in a book called Urantia. It contains many true things.  And some things not so true.  It is probably most accurate to say that it is their perspective. It is the source of the Gregorian calendar.  Some say Latin is a Orion language.  The Orions used Gregorian calendars and other sacred calendars as harvesting system, because they knew when large groups of source connected human hearts would be gathered in one place on days they declared “sacred”.

They created hierarchies and pyramidal structures of organizing to feed the resources, energy and efforts to the top of the pyramid where they were in turn funneled to higher beings.  They could have always turned to the love of source at any moment and had it freely and fully – but that takes a certain courage.  The die was cast the inertia of that moment carried for some many millions of years.  Some souls did learn, and transcended the drama when they died in their physical incarnations and went to other realms and places and realities.

Others who wanted to evolve more quickly from other realms volunteered to come here for the experience of a highly dualistic purpose environment, even though they were not caught up in it themselves. Some came for a few years to die prematurely in wars or sickness. We have a saying the good die young.  Others came for many many incarnations.  Many came during the last 50 or 60 years, as they knew the experiment was almost over, they wanted to help raise the vibration of this planet with their voice, music, art, and service and even if they got entangled in karma of the quantum energetic anomaly they would not be stuck in it as long as most of us have been.  The anomaly is spiritual quicksand. It entrapped even its engineers.  There is a reason 5d beings are very reluctant get involved in our earthly energetic environment.

In the mid 1990s something happened.  Within the Anchara alliance are great spiritual beings who work with the beings they originated from.  One of these was a great female priest, greatly revered for her wisdom and spiritual abilities.  She issued an edict, which was in their prophecies for many generations, that the alliance would return to the light.  Some immediately obeyed and left earth and the slave systems here and returned. Many did not.  There was internal fighting within their ranks.

With their capitulation to the light of Source and the cooperation of the Anchara Alliance and what they did to enslave worlds (even the dark ones can make amends by helping to undo what they have done) many worlds were freed, some were humanoid like us.  When those worlds were freed, many dark beings who inhabited those realms now found themselves in hostile energetic environment and retreated to an environment still friendly to their vibration, OUR WORLD.    We are the last world to be liberated by source, the last one to be energetically revived and restored, and this planet is the crown jewel of planets given its biodiversity and large amount of water and oxygen.

We live in that point of time. 2010-2012 there was a vast clearing operation on this planet of those who did not obey orders from their home races and worlds to stop, if you have followed the channelings at all you already know about The Galactic Federation from Sheldan Nidle, The Ashtar Command (both originating in our Milky Way Galaxy), the Andromedans (who come from the Andromeda Galaxy) and other allies such as the people from Planet X and the 3d Pleiadians on earth whom Cobra speaks for.  The only beings left of what is called the Dark are largely in the Astral realms and those human minions who profited from the Orion slave system economy.  The astral realm is nearly swept clean, and soon will be.

There is much truth in the horrendous stories circulating on the Internet about what the negative beings have done.  John Kettler has published some very real accounts, they are just about a decade old however.  They are not recent stories.  But that’s the way someone has chosen to represent them to John Kettler. I don’t know the motivations for that, perhaps to generate fear for the human minions who no longer have their backs covered from beings with more advanced abilities. John does the best he can with the data he gets.

There is also truth in what Bill Brockbader and Kerry Cassidy have spoken about in the negative timeline the cabal tried to pull off.  The Montauk Project was very real and they severely messed with earth timelines.  But it also true they couldn’t see past the end of 2012.

What nobody considered

In all this drama of dark versus light a certain mentality of superiority developed that is not of Source nor congruent or coherent with Source.  Hierarchies formed over millennia are resistant to change.

Even the higher beings of the light now have their own “coming to Jesus moment” to borrow a phrase from black churches.  They knew they had free will.  They just forgot so did humanity and so did Source! Humanity chose Oneness. Source agrees.  Whatcha gonna do now?

Are we equal manifestations of source or are we not?  Are we less divine that you? The terms “sacred” and “divine” are dualistic terms to delineate and separate from what is considered “profane” or “earthly”. I know, I went to a seminary.  It is by definition separtion of the Oneness. Its in every western religious tradition. We know what it means.

I am tempted at times to spell divine as “da-vain” but I won’t.  If you truly love humanity you will stop referring to yourselves as divine and masters (and the slave implications that carries on this planet and with black people) and acknowledge Source lives in all its creation, even that gold you claim you own. Nobody owns what Source created.  But we can all share in the bounty of Source and celebrate it.

Is Mr Germain and the other “immortals” from earth real? You bet they are and the bankers know it.  The OITC and Ray C. Dam has their fingerprints in black and white all over the paper at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  What does this say about Mr Germain? Draw your own conclusions and why it is you haven’t got your check from Mr Germain. A man who can walk through the walls of the Pentagon (he does that) could personally hand deliver a bag of gold to anyone and its not going to be bouncing around the country in Casper’s oft-delayed Fedex deliveries. If you have read the Law of One Series, you know its possible for humans to ascend who are service to self in orientation. Its the tough way to do it and it abuses a lot of people along the path. Ascension doesn’t mean one is service to others.  The truth is service to others is a kind of service to self in that in serving others you gain far more than you do on the other path.  But all is free will.

Every sleeping bag has a zipper on both ends. Humanity decided to zip the sleeping bag from the other end.  Everything is going back to Prime Source. Nobody expected that.

What you do is your choice.  Just be prepared to live with the consequences.  Whatcha gonna do now? / link to original article

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