Irma Kay Sawyer – New Moon In Aquarius : 9 Febr. 2013 – Freedom, Sovereignty & The Road To Find Out – 8 February 2013

New Moon in Aquarius: February 9, 2013 – Freedom, Sovereignty & the Road to Find Out

Hello friends,
Well here we have another auspicious New Moon. In the midst of the strong, mystical Pisces energy this month (Mars, Neptune, Chiron and Neptune) and on the same weekend as the Chinese New Year (Year of the Water Snake,) we’ve got plenty to celebrate.

Here is an excerpt from my 2013 Yearly forecast for a bit of review on Year of the Snake energies.

Year of the Water Snake. Snake light side occupations: teacher, philosopher, writer, magician, psychologist. Shadow Side tendencies: lying, laziness, indolence and betrayal. Spiritual attributes: shamanism, healing, integrity, transmutation of poisons, cosmic consciousness. The Water Snake year happens only once every 60 years. The last water snake year was in 1953. The waterways of the planet and fluids of the body and related water organs (bladder and kidneys,) are also highlighted.

In typical Aquarius fashion, this New Moon does have FREEDOM themes attached to it, but there are some more deeper aspects happening with it as well.

As usual, there was a song to go along with this one and it’s by one of my favorites, Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam.) A song of the spiritual journey and a song of innocence, rather likened to the image of the “Fool” in the traditional Tarot deck. A young man leaving behind his familiar world, and venturing out into an unknown future with a sense of adventure and openness to all that experience might offer.

Well I left my happy home to see what I could find out. I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out. Well I hit the rowdy road and many kinds I met there, many stories told me of the way to get there. – Cat Stevens

On the Road to Find Out – Cat Stevens

Right on cue for our New Moon in Aquarius and our the steady stream of high frequencies coming through, there’s a bit of “shaking up” going on regarding control mechanisms, which is very appropriate.

Beloveds, do understand that for those that identify with the manipulation and attempted control of others, there can be an addictive quality to this, likened to a drug or a “high.” This is a form of what is called “negative pleasure,” as it is based on illusion and falsehood; and only contributes to one’s benefit when they receive the illumination and teaching that it offers, most often when the pattern is eliminated and/or transmuted. For those that are attempting to break free of controls, there is also a certain dynamic in place there as well. There has been over-identification with a “role,” as controlee, so to speak.

Though these change in roles may temporarily be painful, they are very timely and necessary. As you step up and out beloveds, you create more space for your brethren to do the same. This is an essential key of the dawning Aquarian Age, that is an age of personal spiritual sovereignty. You may feel “lighter” both literally and figuratively as these emotional and energetic shackles are cast aside. And so it is. – The Keepers, 2.7.13

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is at 22 degrees of Aquarius: “A rug placed on the floor for children to play.” Motif: Leaving and returning home again. Apply this degree with a mind to the awareness of the relative nature of rules and boundaries; issues of safety and security regarding home and the world beyond; an unerring sense of homing in on what really counts. – Blain Bovee

With this Moon we have to assess how elastic we can make our relationships, we can stay connected but only with a great deal of flexibility and room to maneuver. – Darkstar Astrology

My feeling is that especially over the past few weeks, and most recently earlier this week with Moon conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn,) are showing us the “cracks” in some of our relationships; especially ones manifesting unequal power and/or control dynamics. With this New Moon we are uniquely poised to create and/or reestablish boundaries that are in alignment with a new Aquarian paradigm and higher frequency model; based on compassion, mutual respect and *shared* power.

New Moon in Aquarius Affirmations: I express my unique self freely. I attract relationships based on appropriate boundaries, freedom and trust. I am open to Divine Wisdom and Illumination. I am a resource for Source.

NOTE: New Moon is 2.9.13 at 11:20 pm PST/2.10.13 at 2:20 am EST.

Happy New Moon and Year of the Water Snake friends! Wishing you all a beautiful and auspicious year.

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