Meredith Murphy – The Pathway Of Reflecting And Choosing To Make Meaning – 8 February 2013

6a00e00982526c8833017ee82bc4c3970d-500wiToday I began to see one of the ways my presence is opening up the hidden, mystical, aspects of life. I deeply glimpsed again, a new, multidimensional way of relating to the world. I was given clarity that hinted at this before but today it came into a view which I could absorb more. A sense of how life is changed. I know this discovery is rich and I committed to exploring it more so I could share. I am awed by it, truth be told, and thrilled by the path it’s opening for me!

I believe we each are capable of this and in ways no one else is–that our unique presence is the key. This seems very clear and very real and so natural!

For each of us there are pathways which are recognizable–having affinity with who we are, our energy, our Cosmic, Planetary and Soular DNA–which when we dip into our deeper current, we begin to be more aware of and articulate about. If we tune to this regularly a conversation opens.

I invite and encourage you: make time to show up and listen. To reflect.

Reflecting is powerful. It’s different  than being in meditation or in silence, in solitude with attention to your inner knowing. Reflecting is a soft focus of making meaning. Of understanding and noticing. This devotion to understand and realize takes your awareness into deeper levels. Let yourself see what you do express when you consistently trust yourself and attempt to speak of your inner knowing.

Each of us opening to these pathways is how we will begin to map what’s emerging as new in our world! This is how it’s always been, but it’s even more available now. Our devotion to self love has given us the confidence to show up and trust our experience.

This new frontier awaits us and is still changing, appearing, being made. It’s amazing and profound. What can you tell me about it all? I will not know it fully except through your sharing. I hope my devotion will make it richer and more known for you.

Together. That’s how this will open up for us. By sharing and by mapping the landscape of expansive newness–together. / link to original article

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