TheOne-DreamDreamer – What Joy IS – 8 February 2013


For joy, true joy, is not linked on anything that happens, anything that appears or even any emotion. Joy is the whisper of God that sings your song from Heaven to Earth. It is your whole BEing, it IS your I AM that fully IS, joy IS all that you ARE as you let it BE.

Nothing is needed to BE joy for it IS when you hit the core of that what you are. Joy has no exhaustion nor preferences. Pure joy IS. It IS no matter what as when you reach your joy God’s Heart is merged with your Heart and you become ONE with GOD and ONE with JOY.

It is not limited… for it IS beyond the illusion of the world, beyond any expectation, beyond changes and challenges. It IS joy.

You can’t mistakes true joy, for joy IS to BE shared with all, for it sees beyond appearances and freely gives itself to all for it knows it IS all.

BE silent and Know. Joy IS You. Breathe yourself and when you call upon God, call upon your Self as God IS you and you ARE GOd. This IS the Pure joy of all Life that IS, eternally Present in you.

enJOY yourSelf!

Love, you. / link to original article

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