Visionkeeper -The Pitfalls Of Ego – 8 February 2013

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One of the biggest ego issues so many people are still struggling with is judgement. I’m not totally sure how we all got so hooked by judgement, but it is one of the more serious issues we need to tend to. If you are one of the people just waking up and hearing about going within and clearing stuff out, put judgement at the top of your list. It has gotten us in more trouble and led us so far astray from where we should be. It’s strange, if you think about it for a minute, how in heaven’s name did we become comfortable with judging those around us? What a terrible thing it is to do! It creates that Holier Than Thou attitude and walls us off even further from the world. It is easy to slip into and unless you have trained yourself to watch your words and thoughts , you may not even know you are doing it. Beware!

Judgement is at the heart of most of today’s struggles in the world, especially the problems festering between countries. That feeling of being better than and looking down upon someone or something. We get set in our ways and before you know it we think everybody else around us should be doing things the way we do or else something is wrong with them. Countries see themselves as superior to other countries and try to force them to do things a certain way instead of letting them do things the way they choose to do. It creates a bully and pushy attitude that encroaches on other people’s lives. It creates anger and fighting and mistrust and unfortunately, it eventually creates war.

It causes bad feelings within as well. The more you judge the more you alienate yourselves from others, you no longer feel comfortable around people, you feel different than, less than or more than, nothing is just right with your world. What a horrible way to live. You hurt and wound others and you don’t even realize what you are doing to your self in the end. If you can’t accept those around you for the way they are, your world shrinks and you find yourself having fewer people to interact with comfortably. It creates loneliness and separation. Imagine how big the world would become to you if there were no limitations, no walls going up, you were able to accept everyone and every thing, and you felt comfortable in your life. That is truly going with the flow.

So if you want to work on things within yourself to become a better person, zero in on judgement and become mindful of how you go about your day everyday. The same with our word and our thoughts. Remain mindful of them as well. It takes some discipline at first and a willingness to pay close attention to your behavior, but after a short while the process becomes second nature to you and you just do it without even thinking about it. If you want to change and become a better person you will find the incentive to do it and keep up with it and soon your life will begin to turn around. Give it a try to find peace within. The world around you may still be out of whack, but you will have changed, you can feel good about yourself and the energy you exude to others around you will encourage them to do the same thing. We are changing quickly now, join in and make a difference in the world.

Blessings to us all,

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