Crys Crystaqueous – Real Is! Unreality Isn’t! – 9 February 2013

m225691050Real Is! Unreality Isn’t!

With what will are you acquainted?  Have you a personal will that is gaining pleasure from rehearsing your troubles, disasters, ailments?  Do you enjoy poor health?  Do you like to recount your problems to any and all who will listen?  Do you feel sorry for yourself?  Do you feel you are abused by circumstance; your body; by neighbors, friends, society?  Do you assume you were born at the wrong time, of the wrong parents on the “wrong side of the tracks” and therefore are entitled to grunt and complain?  Do you claim you are shouldered with responsibilities that are unfair, unjust, not of your own making?  Did the family tree sell you short on health, looks, supply, and a name that spells power in the world in which you browse?  Were you opportunities curtailed, so education and the chances of a remunerative job passed you by?

Of what possible use is complaint, rehearsing your troubles, dwelling on the shortcomings of yourself or those of others—what portion, and how much of Reality, Substance, Supply, Abundance, Happiness does your routine “griping” bring consciously into focus?

All of your difficulties are false.  Not a complaint is legitimate.  Not a mishap, privation, discord has actuality in Truth.  You are not in a mess.  You are not in error, not in a (so-called temporary earthen) body, not in pain, not in trouble.  You are not in matter.  You are not in ignorance, disease, poverty, confusion; not in a mortal, evolving, fighting, fearing, war-crazy world.  You may wish to argue to the contrary, but the Fact remains, Truth is all there is.

Only the world, the universe of God exists. And that universe, inclusive of countless galaxies of solar systems, exists within Consciousness, hence is truly the Kingdom of Heaven.  This very earth you have been assuming (by a fictitious so-called human or dream mind) to be physical, at war with its inhabitants, its inhabitants at was with it and with each other, is not physical at all, is not in chaos, is not material, is not subject to cause and effect, bombs, disintegration or death.  This planet and all that is thereon, our world that we have assumed to be material, composed of atoms or lesser particles of force or energy, Truth beholds as Divine.  There is no other earth, no other universe.  There is no other substance.  Only Truth is true.  Look then to Truth to find out what is true concerning this world, this body, this Everpresent State of Supply, Abundance, Life, Being, Identity.

(Of course, in Reality, there are none who could ever possibly actually exist who dwell “outside” of Truth.  There never was, is, or will be an “outside” of the Kingdom of Reality.  Only within the make-believe context of the Grand Cosmic Earth Play is such fantacity portrayed.  But nothing here is, ever was, or could be, actual or real.  This means plainly, that no real person exists in this Divine Play, much less any to actually experience aught of the so-called “appearances” within.  Like any movie production within the human dream, all Real People dwell elsewhere—none are actually “on” the theater screen!  But of course, behind all make-believe roles, exist the Glorious Reality Beings who are never hurt or killed, or in any way shape of form experience the seeming adversity within the entertainment production.  Hence, impossible it is that there could ever be any actual seekers, much less any finders of so-called Truth!  Never was there or could there be a “creation” of a so-called human race or the immense chaos that such would entail, if such could ever be real!  Such is merely the magnificent uniqueness of the Earth Drama Divine—a Divine Play formed alone for Harmless Cosmic Entertainment purposes Alone!)

One cannot find Truth in any place but Truth.  All the effort of the ages has been to discover Truth in (unreal dream) things!  It has failed, lo these (apparent) many eons, and yet the same avid foolish search goes on and on.  Delving into the past, probing into the future; exploring, excavating, whittling, carving; studying the microbe, the atom, the organ, the specimen; dissecting the body, probing the brain, analyzing things to uncover the nature of Life, Intelligence, God, the I-Self, has resulted in ever compounding confusions.  Why?  Because, as repeatedly pointed out, there is no God, Life, Truth, or Substance in (fictitious dream) things.  Only God, Spirit is Substance, Intelligence, Life.  Nowhere else can It be.  There is no other Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, no other Action or Being than the Sole Infinite One, which is Truth Itself, the All of all there is.  NOW, pp140-142, Alfred Aiken

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