Lisa Gawlas – Finding Nemo Within The Confluence Of Our Self’s! – 9 February 2013

finding-nemoCan you feel the energy on the planet changing in the last several days?  I think the only way I have describing how it feels to me, is more solid, more malleable.  We have been expanding and stretching for sooo long… and it is like we have reached our deepest outer atmosphere of Being-ness and bringing that energy back into us.  Back into the fullness of created life.  Solidifying, for our use, what was once esoteric.  Well, depending on how much you have prepared your vehicle to house and use it.

The recent earthquake (Feb 6th) in the South Pacific really caught my attention… the numbers of it.  Life itself is all-ways speaking to us… always.  The moment I seen that it was an 8.0 earthquake produced a 3 foot tsunami wave that claimed the lives of 5 people, four elderly and one child… I instantly seen in my mind’s eye the atomic symbol from the reading a week or so ago as well as the words: 2 by 2 by 1.

Eight is the number of infinity, the unified flow of heaven with earth.  The earth herself made a statement to life thru her release of the 8.0 energetic which produced a 3 foot wave… waves are always emotional energy.  3 is the number of action and communication.  In the atomic energy symbol, there are also (usually) 3 elliptical circles that make up that symbol.  However, in the reading from last week… Life had a twist within its presentation of our “power”… the first and second elliptical had 2 ellipticals harnessed as one.  The 3rd one was a single, blended one.  4 elderly… 2 by 2 (equals for) and the two were a merging of the fields of duality .  For those still clinging to fear based ideas and items on earth, it will get much more intense, as life releases your grip from any of that.  For those have cleared their fear based relationships, the energy actually strengthens the pure, heart based magnetic grid.

In the way I “read” life, the sun itself also gave us the energy of the 2 by 2 completion of two (which is really 4) of the ellipticals .. I will just share what happened on Feb 6th on our sun (taken from spaceweather.comDecaying sunspot AR1667 erupted on Feb. 6th, producing a double-peaked C9-class solar flare that lasted more than ten hours from beginning to end. The slow explosion hurled a twisting, inky-dark plume of plasma into space.  Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the spiral.  The darkness of the material is a sign that the plasma was dense and cool relative to the surrounding atmosphere of the sun.

When we first raise our vibration field, the first thing we experience is heat.  When that energy has integrated into our field of life, it cools as it becomes one with its energy field.

The way I see and feel this incredible dance between the earth and the sun on the very same day… the earth opened up to receive the double peaked spiral energy of dark matter from the sun.  (Geez, even this now gives a better clarity to the readings yesterday.)

But there is still one more left to be placed into our field of life for completion.  But I will get to that in a moment.

When I went to sleep the evening of the 6th, I woke up at exactly 1 am hacking up my lungs… again… this coughing gag lasted close to 2 hours before I fell back to sleep.  When I woke up, I was surprised I had no rumbling in my chest, no coughing at all.  What ever was needed to release, I suppose I did during the night.  But my body doesn’t function at top peak when I have a disrupted sleep pattern and I was groggy all day.  I am not even sure groggy is the correct word… More like… solid or more dense.  Fortunately it didn’t affect my ability to read, well, maybe I should say… “see.”  The field was so utterly vivid, the color and detail, pristine.  The full understanding of what was being shown, I struggled with.  Kind of like my own consciousness was now being stretched (again) beyond what it knows, yet, the semi-ease of moving higher into the understanding of what is being shown for the client, was not as… fluid.

I suppose, it really did take me two days to intricate it all into my own consciousness (smile.)  My first reading on this day (Feb 7th) was a man I had read for a few weeks prior where his biology had not caught up to his light-field yet, and had tremendous headaches, which reminded me of after his reading got underway.  I had seen him walking out of the upper atmosphere from his west field on what could look like a rainbow ribbon/highway.  There were three colors in this rainbow, red on the left, blue on the right and violet in the middle.  It was the most solid-looking configuration of energy that I have seen at all this year.  So I knew, he fully harness the energy available to him, held together by the master within (that violet energy in the center) and is now moving fully into his center life, loaded!!

All thru the day, there was a word that was repeated over and over and over again, starting with his man walking the rainbow highway into his life… CONFLUENCE: a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point.    

His biology and light-field were now equal.  His headaches have not been as frequent.

The only other reading from that day that is present in my mornings awareness right now, was the last lady on the field.  My lovely lady has been dealing with serious neck and shoulder pain and when I looked at what may be happening in her body, I was surprised to see my field of vision at her tailbone to lower lumbar region.  The rest of her, not very visible at all.  But I watched one of her spiritual team, as if they had a needle and a golden strand of thread, stitch the golden thread into her spinal area.  Not across, but inside her spine then pulling the thread out towards his, then repeated.  When we tried to understand what was really happening within her… they thew in a word that really threw us both for a loop (spirit is sooo good at doing that to make sure we know they are speaking and not this bumbling human whose mouth they use…. smile.)   They said she was in “stasis.”  What the hell is stasis as it applies here?

To the internet we went.  There are two parts that I want to combine together from wikipedia?  A state of stability, in which all forces are equal and opposing, therefore they cancel out each other and  a set of symptoms indicating an internal disturbance in both individuals and states.  Granted the second is supposed to be talking about politics… but what if the “individuals” were the higher self and the human self… and the “states” were states of consciousness.  This whole darn thing creates our much-needed VOID time.

I was slightly pissed they just didn’t use the word… she is in the void!  But, it really gave us a broader view of what happens in those spiritually imposed down times.

By the time I was done with my day of readings, I was cooked.  There was not a spare ounce of energy left to me.  So I took a bath hoping to find some energy.  I really really needed to vacuum and wash my floors.  I lay in my bath and my team said no meditation today.  No nothing today.  No vacuuming, no movement at all… go read a book.  What they hell???  I had already pulled out my copy of “The Holographic Universe” to have another read.  But really, I sooo needed to vacuum.  My teams reply to my persistence of the need to vacuum just made me giggle and wonder… they said “do you think the world is going to really be affected if you wait one more day to vacuum?”  Maybe??  lol I have been waiting all month to vacuum!!

By the time I was thru the “introduction” part of the book, my eyes were now lead weights.  It was only 4:30 pm and the last thing I wanted to do was take a late nap.  Didn’t matter much, the lead in my eyes won out… for FIVE freakin hours!!  I should be going to sleep by 9:30 pm not just waking up from a regular sleep cycle!!  Pissed me right off!!  I got up, did my dishes, washed my kitchen and then sat down hoping tired would soon be a part of my body again.  Not even.  1 am and the energizer bunny still lives within.  Dammit.  I started getting demanding…. I have a schedule that needs me tomorrow, please knock me out!!  Sure enough, somewhere just before 2 am… sleep happened and I woke up just after 6 am.  Phew!!

But the rigidness of my energy field was more intense than the day before.  I couldn’t type two words together to do a sharing.  What the hell?  It wasn’t like I was missing any part of my brain flow… but it was… I don’t know how to explain it… more solid than expanded.  Just shit!  I hope this does not affect my ability to read.

It didn’t!  But I understand (evenutally) the need to integrate fully in two separate sleeping modes.

But man oh man, what a really really weird day in the field yesterday was.  Everything was very black and white.  My first lady the whole reading was in complete silhouette energy.  I seen her stuck in the old world (2012) all the way up to her rib cage.  It was like that old life (which she is still mostly living) wrapped around her much more tightly than before and yet, she was trying to hard to move into her heart center (which too, was completely unlit.)

My second lady, she was even more strange in visual.  One foot in the old world and one foot on the new world.  The old world presented itself at ground level and I know the energy of 2012 well… so she had one foot there and once again, the energy of 2013 was back up in the air about 10-15 feet.  Talk about a contorted body view!  There is no real way of standing up straight and harnessing any energy when you have one foot 15 feet below the other one.

She was the only person in the whole day I seen any aspect of color in their reading.  When I looked at where her foot was placed in the “new world – new energy” there were all kinds of strands of blue, red and white energy on the ground and only on the ground surrounding her, but not near her actual foot placement.

What I find really really interesting about her, her body has actually started dropping her lower organs (literally) and over the years as she has set an appointment to have surgery done to place mesh into her lower cavity and keep her organs in place… a literal fire always took place in her life, keeping her from her planned surgery.  Every single time… including this year with her own home catching fire.

Can we say… harness fully that kundalini energy!!  But it will not work and set itself inside the host body when we have a foot in the old energy construct.

My last two readings were both, black and white.  But also, both showed up on the upper field called 2013… which really surprised me.  Everything surprises me any more!! lol

All I could think about was black holes in our universes.  When a star goes completely super nova it forms a black hole… a full on gateway to the pureness of both sides of the veil.  Pure power.  Pure energy.

But no real movement yet.  However… the last lady on the field had an interesting element added to her.  A massive wind at her back.  The winds were coming from above, creating an arc and plowing into her back.  Again, all elements completely black and white.  The winds at her back were sooo strong, her image itself was blurry, if not mosaic looking.

It wasn’t until I finished with the readings of the day and turned to what was happening on earth did everything come into understanding.

The confluence of storm energy happening in the Northeastern part of the USA.  A clipper type storm system moving in from one direction, getting ready to merge with a giant nor’easter coming in from the ocean… creating yet another massive storm in which NOHA calls NEMO.  All I could think of was Disney’s  Finding Nemo. How fitting really.

So here we are, in life, showing us how real and detailed what is happening within us, is outside of us too.  This confluence of two massive energy systems will create an absolute state of Stasis in NYC, Boston, Connecticut and so much of the Northeast.  A place where some of the oldest and yet, newest energy lives out loud every day!!  But don’t think for a moment this is not a planetary event!!  I would even dare to say… interplanetary!

And yet… there is still one more vital aspect of this whole atomic energy symbol that has to come on-line.  Thru the readings, I have seen the dateline of February 15th.  But the one thing I do know about datelines… often times it is three days come and three days going before we fully see what is really happening.

I have a deep, deep inner feeling the energy that will be within our own orbit on February 15 with the arrival of:  A near-Earth asteroid – called 2012 DA14 by astronomers – will pass very close to Earth on February 15, 2013.  Astronomers estimate that, when it’s closest to us, it’ll be within the orbit of the moon (which averages about a quarter million miles away), and closer than some high-orbiting communications satellites.

Is it any wonder that March is going to give us the arrival of a virgin comment: Comet Pan-STARRS.  Never before in our atmosphere, and more than likely visable to the naked eye.  This is telling us soooo much about ourselves.  We too, have arrived!

What it really all means to us… is going to be soooo exciting to find out and fit into each and every day!!

May the winds of change be at your back and not in your face!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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