Lisa Gawlas – Breaking Thru The Veil To The Most Amazing Luminescent Being Called You! – 10 February 2013

jelly-fish1There is one thing I am absolutely sure of, we have broken thru to a clearer, more luminous version of ourselves here in the realm of matter.  I use the words “broken thru” because that is what spirit refereed to it as yesterday.  My first and last readings of the day were so visually similar, breath-taking really.  For those who arrived here, there is no more crystal ball energy that I see, but yet, it seems to have left its fingerprint in the field itself, because there is an enhanced energy zone I know to be your inner heart space.

However, it is what I see floating all around the field of light, that is just stunning.  Bits and pieces of the most luminescent, translucent, light filled fragments I have ever seen.  And fragments is not a true word, but I have no words that would make it, well, what it is.  If you can imagine you took pits and pieces of jelly fish…

This image is about the closest thing I could find that gives the energy spectrum a closeness to what I see… and feel.  Only, no tentacles and no real form that I can see or understand.  More like take the jelly fish and cut them up into fragments of themselves and scatter the parts all around the field.  But very much in this color spectrum of light glowing from within each fragment, with the primary inner light being more a super soft luminescent pink.

I use the word fragment, but, like I said it is not a true word.  Each piece is whole in and of itself.  From what I am (barely) starting to understand, we have brought thru to this side of created reality the our multidimensional aspects.  Each fragment harnesses its own unique power, ability, state of wisdom/consciousness.  What is the most exciting how I am seeing this is, they are all floating around like major snow flakes in your created world, no longer deeply hidden within you, from you. For as long as you have the eyes to see and the open heart to integrate your fullness into/onto your created fields Big stage.

Let me come back to this.  I have a deep feeling, my second lovely lady of the day gave us a fuller, richer view of what this even means to us.

Since I started doing readings here in the Jemez with your Light Field unfolding completely in my (actual) back yard and the (innate) ability to take you out of your created field of Light (or dark, depending on what is or isn’t happening out there) to change the reading into your actually biological field, your body, I have to move you inside my home.  My own personal created reality.  What I never ever understood until yesterday (really, more this morning) was why.  I never really stopped to wonder why, I was just excited that we have to very different, very real ways of looking at the All of You.

As my lady and I were saying hello’s her spiritual team was not about to wait for me to get ready for this reading.  They started placing the energy of where she is at into my field of vision in thru the hello’s.  I could see her mass of stringy energy housed in the (illusion) of my wall.  I say illusion because when I am reading, that wall is not visible to me, yet I know my kitchen very well (smile.)  Her energy field itself felt very much like the contents of a soda can all shaken up… desperate for release/expansion yet, contained by the soda can itself.

As I started to focus on what I was seeing as her instead of the conversation we were having, I realized she was actually not fully in the back yard, not fully in my kitchen, but stuck in between the two plus trapped in her own container (soda can if you will.)  Her true inner energy field could not expand like it must, she has been doing so much inner work and now, her true energy seeks expansion, full release into the created field of Life to do what it will do.

We talked about what this meant to her and then I decided, ok let’s start this reading now.  I put myself into “position” and cranked out my antenna and I could feel her team changing the direction of my antenna the moment it went thru the back door.  It took a hold of my vision and bent it to the left, against the back of my house where she is still very much lodged between my wall.

What the hell!!!???

The position or location became really important.  She was to the left of what I will call the East field.  I sit in the east field.  The fact that she was to the left her team said represented past as opposed to any aspect of the south field.  However, the reason she is in the east field has everything to do with new beginnings, the season of new life/spring.

They had also said the reason I am seeing her energy field, the striations of energy trapped in a container as black is because of exactly that… they are not able to expand within the fullness of light and therefore, become more super concentrated seeking its release as opposed to use.

As I struggled to understand the significance of being between my wall… her field explained there is a membrane that keeps the two separate.  This membrane serves to keep your biological realm of creation and the field of Light potential separate.     The illusion that your biological realm is separate from your true Light Field.  Ahhhh duality!!

I also vividly realized last evening, as I was processing the fullness of the day… this is also what we call “the veil.”  Funny, I have always thought of the veil as outside of us… and yet, I now fully realize, it has always been within us.  (Like I said, slow on the uptake sometimes!)

I so now understand too, why some folks, over the last few weeks, I am having a harder and harder time bringing the fullness of their biology into my kitchen to “see.”  The membrane that keeps us thinking that the biological life we are living is real… is ceasing to exist within some people.  With others, they are still releasing the illusion and making a true footprint in the field of created life.

My beautiful lady, trapped herself between the illusion that any aspect of her created life is real and the expanding spirit within that know the REAL cannot live in the life that got her to here.  Of course, they have said that several times over the past year.

She was told, in no uncertain terms, either pop the top on your soda can yourself… or they will pop it for her (rarely arriving pleasantly.)  The more we talked about how her soul needs her to release herself in fullness, in a space that fills her heart with joy and magic… something really ominous started happening.

A literal wind started blowing into the field (my backyard) from the North (future) picking up with intensity the more we talked.  Granted, we have been under a winter storm advisory all day with high winds and snow expected… but for it to arrive at that moment in HER reading.. something I could not ignore.

So we talked about the winds of change… and having them arrive at your back or in your face.  They were indeed coming into her face.  And as if on cue… the snow started coming down in white out intensity.  However, the snow was coming in slant ways from the south (past) meeting the strong winds directly in the center where she was located in my wall.  Of course, my processing mind said that is actually impossible.  Snow flies in/on the direction of the wind… unless you’re in a reading!! lol  Talk about a confluence playing out in the created world!!

The way the words were coming out of my mouth, I knew spirit, her spiritual team wanted her… nope, insisted that she came to her own understanding of what she needed to do.  I knew.  Yet, they would not let me tell her… with a reminder that we are “guiding” the way, not leading it.  Your team will never ever tell you what to do (your ego, dressed up like spirit, will.)  They guide the river of your life, not direct it.  They will do all they can do validate what you have come to know within, but never lead you.

How many folks just want spirit to tell them what to do.  Other than the very strong direction of meditation (which gets stronger by the week lol) they guide you, help you to see where you may be stuck, or even look for what may be coming up… but will never ever tell you what to do or how.

In our conversation, she stated so clearly that she is in an area that she hates and in a marriage that has long been over.  Hello??  Now you know what to do!!

We linear humans are so funny.  We want everything laid out before us before we make any changes.  Gotta have enough money, have a job that can sustain our new life, gotta have everyone’s approval, and the myriad of “reasons we can’t” pile up.  Then we get stuck in the membrane… the veil of illusion.

Which gives meaning to what I had seen in the first and last reading of the day… the “membrane” completely fragmented.  Even this… is soo beautifully dualistic too.  Kind of like two sides of the same coin.  What keeps us limited is also the very same thing that sets us completely and utterly free!!

If you are no longer held by the illusion that any part of created life is real… then you are free to create from the unrestricted, unreserved field that is REAL!!  The veil  this membrane, is now your power source!!

This is just soooooo exciting!!!!

Before I talk about my other lady in the field, I have got to share something amazing and obviously important.  Within five minutes of hanging up from my membrane lady, the winds and snow stopped for the rest of the day!!

Talk about a message!!!

To give contrast to this emerging understanding… lady number three on the Field of Light was as different as they get.  Perhaps, very much the other side of the coin too.

She was wayyyy up on the Mesa Cliff.  I have not seen this position in a long long time… maybe even since earlier last year.  I could see her body up there at the top of the Mesa Cliff and she was looking a bit odd.  As i think of it, it was almost like she was in the midst of her own eclipse.  I could see the right side of her body in pure light.  She had on a white dress with these tiny little pink flowers all over it.  Each flower had 5 petals to it.  The element of change.

The left side of her was almost like it was in shadow… completely black blocking out the fullness of her image.  It is only this morning I really feel the eclipse energy in her visual.  So I just went to the handy dandy internet to understand more and here is a wonderful definition of eclipse:  An obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of…: “an eclipse of the sun”

I knew she had to jump… and even when I looked down to the ground, something very new is there.  An amazing haze or fog that no longer allows us to see the footpath of earth.  Talk about having to take a full on leap of faith into the absolutely unknown!!

When I had seen that fog on the ground in her reading, my own memory went wayyyy back to the medicine wheel I prayed just about every day on the mountainside of Vermont.  The day my spiritual team asked me to go out into my medicine wheel completely naked (literally.)  Let me give you (again) a little exceprt of what I have on my website about this profound moment in my world:

On this day, as I sat on my rock and did my invocations as I was utterly aware that my naked buttocks could feel the coolness of this rock, I watched as a mist raised up out of the ground and completely engulfed only my inner circle.  It never made its way into the outer circle and raised up about 2 or 3 inches from the ground.


I watched with amazement… and felt the presence of God Himself in my humble little circle (which was only about 3 feet in diameter).  There was communication, the words have long left my memory bank… but the event that came thru the communication is forever etched upon my heart.  In what I can only describe as the Holy Union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine took place on this day.  They merged within me… they merged as me.  It was on this day my new life started to emerge.

Not in a million years would I have realized that the way the readings are unfolding now… is very much the energy of that medicine wheel… which spirit calls the wheel of transformation.

The inner circle, our heart field.  The outer circle, created life.  The power rock in the center, our core.  Even the 4 directions are set up like the medicine wheel.  I never understood fully why I had to get naked to have this experience… this amazing completion within mySelf.  My team knew what I had no desire to do.  Walking outside in broad daylight created a complete meltdown within myself.  And yet… we MUST move beyond our own self perceived limitations and restrictions in order to have the fullness of our Soul Light in Human form.

So I close again with this question… if you could have it all… what are you willing to move beyond??  Your true power Lives wayyyy outside of your comfort zone!!

I love you all so much!!

Naked ((((HUGZ)))) all around!! (smile)

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