Ron Van Dyke – Mardi Gras & Flying High – 10 February 2013

Uploaded on 10 February 2013 by  Ron Van Dyke Last night I went to see my son’s band at Murdock’s Bistro in Cocoa Village where the annual Mardi Gras was happening. It was good to get away and fly high above the concerns of the day and past week. Flying high also refers to the message I got yesterday regarding the legal papers I have been creating in response to the court’s challenge. I was, and I have been getting bogged down trying to defend against what they were saying. I was not feeling good. Around midday, I went into a meditation asking for more help; and yesterday’s flying dream took on a different aspect. It was as if Spirit was telling me: look at it from the higher perspective you get when you are flying. I then realized I had to add a whole new element to the paperwork, seeing how to apply the One People’s Public Trust. That is our higher road. (Here is the link to the piece I mentioned –…)


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