Sophia Love – Sharp Cut Of Black – 10 February 2013

cutofblackThere is a reason we are here.  We wanted to see what we were made of.  This dimension of duality gives us the contrast needed to do just that.

Without the sharp cut of black, there is only light.  A fish does not know water until it is on the beach.  We are looking to know ourselves.  This is the life when we clearly see the light that we are.  It is the dark that provides the stage for our greatest show.  We are in the midst of that show right now.

The dark players are masters at deception.  Right now we must question everything.  For several years these blogs, Quests and videos have explored just one thing – Agape.

Agape is unconditional Self Love.  Love is Freedom.  Freedom is Truth.  Everything else is deception.

A by-product of Agape is power.  When you stand in your knowing of Truth, you are invincible.  You are Love.  You are Free.  You are beholden to no other.  You are Sacred.  You Are equal in every way to all of Creation.  There are no lesser beings.  There are none less deserving. It is not possible to own life.  Life is free.  You Are.

These are truths.  They are truths that these dark players, fellow thespians, don’t want you to know.  This show is much more convincing if even the players believe they are in the dark.  Only since this blog brought in the One People’s Public Trust has there been such argument and attack.  More contrast for a better show.  Only the same old, same old won’t work now.  Google “internet shill” to see what is done to discredit those considered a threat.

These words of Truth and unconditional self love are a very real threat.  An empowered populace is not controllable.

This is a call to love.  It is the most powerful force.  One who is fully cognizant of their worth cannot be enslaved, stopped, held back or beaten down.  What the cabal is not counting on, is love.  It is not necessary to hate or to fight.  That only reinforces the “other”.

The force of you BEing all that you are is enough to change it all.  Imagine the world filled with BEings who understand their power?  There would be no need to stomp on anyone or anything to demonstrate worth.  We Are One.

In a practical sense, this looks like tenacity.  Every time there is a shout out of how wrong you are, see it as a call for strength.  The most powerful One in the room often says the least.  The strongest kid on the playground has the fewest fights.  We still reside in a dualistic reality, and the contrast exists.

What this will take, is clarity.  These times we are in are asking you to define on a moment to moment basis who you are.  You are not a slave.  You are not a commodity.  You are not wrong.  Trust your inner knowing.

Use every tool at your command to find out the truth.  Then BE.  You Are an expression of Source, birthing together a new age, as One.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


Note:  This video is included with reservation.  It was made when we only knew blame.  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a powerful statement.  If you can watch without imagining an old boyfriend, and instead, the foreclosed corporate governments, well then, it becomes just a whole lot of fun! / / link to original article

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