Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – It’s All About Faith – 11 February 2013

female-angelHere is a message I received this morning from Archangel Indriel.  She gave this to me in response to my inquiry over the sudden onset of financial and personal challenges that more and more of us happen to be facing right now.  Not that these kinds of challenges are anything new, but it’s the amount of them that are coming at us all at once that is!  From what I’m being told both for myself and my clients, we’re entering into an extremely heightened phase of clearing and increased energetic activity – coming to us in the form of upgrades and downloads, sudden epiphanies and insights, and the wrapping up of unfinished business. I hope her words bring you as much peace and clarity as they brought me.


☆ ‘The desire to control the people and events you see unfolding around you is especially powerful at this time.  It is because in some way you feel that things are moving too quickly for you to keep up with and all that is happening at breakneck speed.  I sense in many a type of panic over this, and an urgency to regain a hold over that which is slipping away.   You wonder at the integrity of the incoming ‘unknowns’.  If you are experiencing these feelings, know that it is natural, but that you also must endeavor to loosen your grip somewhat.  Otherwise, you inhibit the Divine flow of fresh energy into your auric field.  You place, quite unintentionally, a chokehold on your manifestational abilities.  Release.  Allow. Flow with things.  Do not be afraid.  Never forget what we have been reminding you of for a long while, now;  that you cannot build a mansion on top of an abandoned and dilapitated husk.  You must watch and wait as the rubble is plowed away, the land is cleared, smoothed out and made ready.  Then and only then may the Crystalline Structures of Light be erected.  These for you to live in, to work in, to thrive in and grow wise.  Do not fear that the current state of things is permanent.  For it is not.  The keyword here is Faith.  Have faith that all is not only progressing as it is intended to, but that it is in perfect order in The Now, as well.  Be at peace.☆

☆ Do plan and make ready your life, in the exact way you wish it.  Indeed, do meditate on this, and dream big and beautiful dreams.  Remember that in doing so you are openly creating, and try not to feel discouraged that it all seems to be crawling along so slowly.  When you become disheartened, embrace your dissatisfaction and then let it go.  Let the tears freely flow, then dry your eyes and regroup your thoughts and emotions.  These are tumultuous times, but also fruitful days.  At once, they are alternately frustrating and gratifying.  And this is just fine.  In every challenge lies a lesson and an opportunity for further growth and advancement, and for clearing.  I come to assure you that all is well.  I wish to remind you that we are here and that we never once will leave your side.  We love you.  We are not discouraged when you turn away from us, or think we do not do enough, nor that we do not intervene when summoned.  Always we are understanding and forever patient with the Human condition – with all it’s inconsistencies and volatility.  You chose to ride this ride, to play this part, and just because we have have crossed the threshold into the new paradigm does not mean that the performance is over.  Why, Dear Hearts, the curtain has but lately risen and Act Two has just begun!

☆ You are brilliant and astonishingly adept at handling any challenge with which you are faced, as the tools lie naturally within your blueprint.  Each and every cell, every atom, every fiber of your being is teeming with unimaginable power and adaptability.  If you enter into each new task with the assurance that you will most assuredly come out on top, then you will experience far less stress and uncertainty.  You will feel much less temptation to control, and you will not fall victim to pessimism and a lack of faith.  Come to us with you worries and concerns, and we will place a cool hand upon your furrowed brow.  We see what lies on the other side of the chasm, and believe it when I say that it is truly splendorous!  Be blessed, always.”

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