Judith Dagley – Sovereign Authority And Power – 11 February 2013

judithdagleyGreetings to each and all of you Sovereign, Divinely Human, Beings–

There’s a lot of  hesitancy in our collective airwaves about claiming “full sovereign authority,” I’ve noticed! (Actually, “hesitancy” is an understatment; “sheer terror would be more like it. Lol.)  That, of course, is because the very  idea of being “supremely powerful” triggers the number one fear that lurks within each one of us, and that is the fear of our own power. Whether fully conscious of it or not, that’s the BIG one.

So, I have something to share about what the energy our new Aquarius moon has brought to us, because it illuminates what true sovereignty, as well as true power, means NOW. You see, this new moon’s alignment with other planetary and stellar bodies of influence  is designed to provide us with potently fertile energy in which to seed and actualize equally potent sovereign intentions. Now comes the part about Aquarius that will help to release the fear of being powerful—-

The energy of Aquarius is expansive, open, and welcoming of the richness of diversity. It is inclusive, in other words. In terms of physics, energy that is inclusive, or integrative, is defined as “positive energy,” while “negative energy” is identified by it’s function of creating separation. Well, take this in–the energy of sovereignty is also inclusive!  That’s the big update to assimilate. In the past, because of our collective agreement to experience separation, we entrained ourselves into the illusion that “sovereignty” meant “power over others.”  This is the entrainment that is at the seat of our hesitancy to reclaim our full power–but having power over others has nothing whatsoever to do with what being sovereign means NOW! Read on, then, from your heart center, and realign yourself with the truth–your truth, and the truth that is all of ours to reclaim.

“Sovereign” means that YOU have sovereign authority over all of your OWN creations. The full responsibility for what you experience in your “reality” is yours, alone. “Sovereign” does NOT mean that you have any authority over others, for WE ARE ALL SOVEREIGN–each and every one of us! Although that is a mindbender from the 3D perspective, it is our truth, and it is time to embrace it.

You do not need to fear what your power as a Creator Being might “do” to others. Only those whose frequencies resonate with your creations will share them with you. Got it? They will be willing participants, whether consciously or not. (Which, btw, is a BIG reason to take conscious, sovereign, responsibllity for what creations we choose to participate in, is it not?)

Know and remember this as well– From the energy of sovereignty, one innately creates manifestations that are good for ALL, because we are all ONE. Therefore, ”power struggles” between sovereign beings are not even possible. This is simple physics at this point, and not even the manipulations of brain logic can argue with that one. Only those who don’t want to be sovereign will continue the tap-dance of blaming others and “demanding their rights.” (As if anyone else ever had them!) This is true for the each and the all of us–the rich and the poor, the strong and weak, the gifted and the handicapped–or in whatever illusionary categories we have chosen to place ourselves and others in order to play the game of separation. NOW, however, it is time to end that game.

Drop it and BE sovereign, then! Let go of “fear of others”–let go of fear of yourself, and you will. Let go of perpetuating the traumas, in those you fear as well as in yourself, for that only keeps them running on “repeat.” As a SOVEREIGN BEING, set your intentions HIGH. Intend them for the ALL of us., which is actually the all of YOU. And together, I assure you, we are far, far more than the sum of our parts. Remember–as a Soverign, Divinely Human Being, the old game of separation will end when YOU call it. Call it NOW.


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