Blossom Goodchild – Fellow Classmates – 12 February 2013

blossom-blog-new shortIn the last channelling of Feb 5th our friends up there/out there spoke of a dream where we were all in a classroom before we came. See: me … and others it seems … on a deeper level I could really relate to that. It somehow helps me to accept that I am here for a purpose and that if we KEEP ON KEEPING ON … we will eventually find ourselves in our NEW WORLD. Even though at this time I have no idea what is really going on with /for me or indeed anyone else!!!.

I choose to accept too that there are energies around and about that are veritably doing my head in!! I TRULY have to TRUST that these times are a typical example of ‘and this too shall pass’ … because I have to say I am struggling off and on dealing with negativity or things that frustrate.

My tolerance level is zero at the moment and I FEEL my Light is prettty dim as my mind expresses thoughts on said frustration provider!! Which leads me to thinking I have far from Ascended and I wonder how much more of this and indeed myself I can put up with!!

Then another part of me says ‘It’s ok Blossom. It’s really all ok. This is the end of it. This is the final letting go. The very reason you are FEELING this is because you … and many like you have risen to a Higher level and the contrast is too too exasperating.’

EXASPERATING! What an expressive word!

Yes, I know I have talked of this before. Probably in my last blog effort!! Yet for me it is very much the topic of the day and doesn’t seem to be Lightening up any… yet I am sure … that is EXACTLY what it is doing!

SO … the mentioning of the classroom is a pacifier for me. It rings True somewhere within. It helps me to be strong. Helps me to get a grip.

I KNOW not at this point what the next phase will be … Yet I have a KNOWING that it is going to be SO VERY MUCH BETTER THAN WE HAVE EVER KNOWN … IF we choose it to be.

That in itself ‘IF we choose it to be’ can be a real humdinger sometimes don’t you think?

I don’t know about you … but now and then I want to blame someone or something for the mood I am in … and however hard I try to remove that mood it is not always possible … no doubt in order to learn something or other!  So I remain in it for a while … deciding that everything is all in the too hard basket. Why should it have to be this hard to be of a bright and sunny disposition? Shouldn’t it be easy? Then I remind myself … ‘YOUR CHOICE BLOSSOM’ … and I KNOW IT IS.
SO …

That is when we have to find the strength to persevere. That is when we have to remind ourselves that we are here to BE LIGHT under ALL circumstances. So, with best foot forward we pick ourselves up … dust ourselves off … and start all over again … BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE DO!

We need each other. Although I KNOW to be ‘needy’ is not healthy. So I’ll put it this way … The support of  others and KNOWING I AM NOT ALONE on this trip makes me feel sane … and it seems … by others KNOWING that they are going through the same as I am … they FEEL sane too!


That classroom sure held a lot of folk … all volunteering for this mission. I am sure I was thrilled to bits to be chosen … I just need to remind myself of my position here … even though I don’t REALLY remember what it is … I CAN however recognise that FEELING within. That FEELING that KNOWS I AM A WARRIOR OF LIGHT and … THAT … is what drives me. THAT … is what stops me from giving up/in. THAT … THAT LIGHT within that shines throughout my BEING when I allow it too. When I take control of my part in this mission.

Some get sick of hearing this kind of stuff … the KNOWING/FEELING stuff that at times leaves us baffled. They want more detail. More recollection … NOW! RIGHT NOW!

I FEEL that we get closer to that KNOWING the more we grow. As we evolve into a Higher level of ourselves we are able to connect on another level with ourselves. The jigsaw begins to make sense … We see the picture … even though we don’t know where all the pieces belong.

I KNOW SOMETHING. One day I will KNOW what it is in fullness. I will be able to explain it … by BEING ME.

All we will need to do is look into each other’s eyes … no words spoken … and give a little nod from heart to heart. That nod will let us KNOW that we KNOW what each went through to get to that place … that ‘ See … it all turned out alright in the end ‘ place. That ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ place.

My heart KNOWS this is a TRUTH and I’ll keep Walking in the Light and the Love until I get there … and I KNOW YOU WILL TOO.

See you over The Bridge my friends.

Below is a piece which really tallies with the dream that The Federation of Light spoke of. It certainly hit the spot for me . (Thank you Barbara F. for sending it in)

The Promise…

The call had gone out and they answered it from far and beyond. Willingly they came, armed with their gift for changing frequencies and old hands at slipping undetected into dimensional realities. But this mission would be dangerous and difficult and like none ever encountered. Yet they came by the thousands and agreed to the conditions, for this would be the single greatest infiltration ever attempted at any one time.

They were trained and schooled, this hand-picked group, for they were to enter a planet so locked into the frequency of dark energy – so controlled by powerful forces, it would be akin to a suicide mission. But the trouble-shooters, confident and challenged, still agreed to go knowing the importance of the mission, not only to the holographic universe this planet moved in, but to all other universes and galaxies interacting with it.

And so the plan began. Before entering through the spiralled dimensional energy bands and into the planets vibrational field, each member was programmed with coded information of a so-called “past” that would be indigenous to the planet. The staging was complete even to the activation of amnesia as to who they really were. Their programmed “past” would then become “real” and the illusion of who they believed themselves to be would take over and stay imprinted until they were fully integrated onto the planet’s surface.

They would become entrapped in the time bands of that space continuum and then begin to believe they had already experienced years of association with many of its inhabitants. However, there would always be that feeling they were different from others. They would struggle with the pain of loneliness and alienation from their original surroundings and be driven by a strange sense of purpose – some mission they felt they had to complete where time was of the essence – and would drift in and out of their subconscious like the gossamer thoughts of a fading dream.

They would arrive like the landing of paratroopers and although inserted into different geographical areas, they would soon begin to meet with others of their group as somehow their paths would cross and they would feel again the familiarity as friendships and associations began. They had been assured of the many reminders and clues that would surround them if they would search for them and the computerized information in the crystal instructors if they would learn to communicate within the limited vibrational bodies of dense matter they had taken on.

But the greatest danger of all, and one they had been forewarned of, would be that of becoming caught in the light sapping bands of frequency surrounding and infiltrating the planet’s atmosphere. They would feel the emotions of hopelessness and fear, despair and sadness, anger and rage, hate and sarcasm, power and greed and enveloped in the magnetic particles that carry these negative emotions they would wander lost and forgetful of their mission. This was to be the greatest danger of all for the dichotomy was this necessity to experience these emotions for without this understanding they would be unable to help the inhabitants of this dying planet.

The struggle would ever have to be that of “waking up” and remembering who they were – light workers bringing knowledge and freedom to a peoples who were trapped. Each member of this great and magnificent undertaking would be assigned a specific task. A portion of this master plan would be coded into their DNA and, like cosmic mercenaries, they would blast their way through the dark. But there would always be the danger of being recognized by those who did not want to lose control of the planet, and efforts to destroy these light carriers would become the planetary directive of the dark forces. Every programmed fear that had been implanted to protect the members as they integrated onto the planet would now be used to destroy them. It would be the prophesied Armageddon. The war between light and dark.

Once the group had landed, the 11:11 dimensional doorway would open. They would have approximately 20 Earth years to complete their mission and return through the vortex. Yes, they would learn to ride the emotional storm of Earth’s frequency and feel the pain that had held it crippled and it would be a challenge beyond anything they had yet encountered, but they would never be alone. There would always be means to communicate with those who had trained them and who now stood by with hope and love. And with envy from the skies they would watch by the thousands upon thousands as the unique and majestic drama unfolded on this blue-jewelled planet sparkling in a black star-studded universe. No, they would not be abandoned. If they would only remember the promise they each carried in their hearts. The promise give to them in the beginning……

….from this journey you shall return.
From the rave flier for The Promise
presented by Next School and Space Children. / link to original article

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