Kauilapele – Ginger’s Views On Last Week’s (5 February 2013) Collective Imagination BlogTalkRadio Show – 12 February 2013

ginger_kittens_duoI spoke with Ginger yesterday at the natural foods market, and she shared this with me… of which I remembered very little, except the part about “old paradigm continuation. My challenge with many things flying around now is, not that they are not valid, and coming from, perhaps, a purity of Truth about who we are, there may very well be a process of working these things, one step at a time. In contrast to one big fat huge major leap, which might have some complications, or might not be the Divine-type timing, many of us go by.

Perhaps this is something “they” will wish to talk about today. See how this strikes you.


Aloha Everyone,

Wanted to share my thoughts at this time . . .

In musing the bigger picture and as we enter into the Chinese New Year of the Snake . . . upon last year’s ascension energies of Dragon . . . who is now descending into Gaia and her Human Collective, transmuting into the crafty wise hidden quiet energies of Snake . . . ever alert, measuring it’s instinctual time to strike precisely out into the open . . . with the element of Fire . . . one of purification and alchemy that heals (all) instantly . . . the suspense of this grand holographic drama is building by the long anticipated moments of each day . . . that is if . . . time can be measured by the Chinese calendar anymore – lol . . . cast all old ancient paradigms to the Four Winds, if you dare!

After having listened to last weeks (2/5) The Collective Imagination BlogTalkRadio show and the discussion around how the CVACs need to be used, what I did not share with you is how I felt about it. Lisa and most of the usual group on her show had invited an energy reader, Julian, to describe how he saw the CVACs and how they were to be used.

At first I really resonated with how he saw the energies of the documents. But when he started describing how they should be used, I felt his energy reading interpretations were being run through some old judgmental 3D paradigms. And the core group was in complete agreement with him, as they began to lay out terms and conditions as to who gets funded first and based upon what conditions . . . completely negating all our Human Freewill and Choice – yikes!

As they made the example around how no one will get funded to buy, say a Mazerati, I began to feel sick to my stomach as I saw them creating a huge CVAC Board of Directors lording over all Humanity. And they added how it was going to take a long time to carefully give humans their digital “loans” they would have to use in the “right” way, but not have to pay back . . . and I am dying about here, as this is the group of folks who convinced Heather on 1/29 to “rip the bandage off fast” (everyone is immediately infinitely digitally prosperous, along with all the Absolute Data streams of the truth) in order to “start the healing fast”.

THANKFULLY, a caller came on and immediately called them all on it all, and they all saw what they had been doing with a bit of a yikes.

Why am I sharing this? For those of you who did not hear this call or read the transcript that came out days later, what I wanted to highlight here, that really stuck me as very significant is the following.

While each individual of this group, including myself, and other light worker friends may have worked very hard over the past years or many decades to be awake at this time, we are still vulnerable to falling back into the old duality ways in our co-creating best-intentions . . . just like this group on Lisa’s show did. And frankly, I do not have any bright ideas around how to use these CVACs, as they are very bright and huge inter dimensionally.

So I am hoping on today’s OPPT-IN show at 2pm HST- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2013/02/12/oppt-in . . . Heather will be on and bring more Absolute light upon how the CVACs will be used best as our transitional training wheels into a 5D reality.

In the meantime, I am firmly grounding myself into the Aquarian energies of what I KNOW to be true for me . . . all while dancing within the Piscean New Moon energies of all the Devas of Creation, Elementals, Nature Spirits, Fairies and all unseen magical co-creative Beings with Humans of Gaia . . . towards the end of another cycle . . . upon cycles of cycles ending and rebirthing . . . all feels so very bright and full now :))))

Would love to hear from you all and anytime,

With Absolute Aloha Nui Loa,


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