Laura Bushnell – You Are Sacred – 12 February 2013

Laura Bio PhotoThis morning, I was reminded of how important our bodies are for this voyage into the unknown. Many of us are waking up with aches and pains. Sore joints may bother you now, whereas in the past you have never had such pain. It is not just age dear ones. It is, as many of you know, the energetic rewards for this shift in consciousness! My body started changing drastically over the last few years and my choices of food and drink are always shifting. The purity of my food is very important, but maybe even more important is blessing it before I eat it.

Your body is your church, your temple, your synagogue. It is a sacred trust that you must remember and develop an intimate communication with. It is so easy to forget and focus on the spiritual, emotional and (oh yes) that crazy mind stuff. Your body feels it all. Its ears and eyes are your nervous system, which is very busy these days! Our bodies love to be listened to and if we do not listen, they quickly get sick and scream at us to get our attention. Are you listening?

Some days I wake up and ask my feet what they want to do. I ask them what they want covering them or if they wish to have freedom. I ask my hands how they are and if they wish to type or not. I am learning to listen to the wisdom of my body and all of its parts so it can cooperate and work with spirit.

The late great Gabrielle Roth says we are absentee landlords of our beautiful estates. So true. Have you danced in your church lately? Have you prayed in your temple? Have you walked in your synagogue? It is waiting for you to notice and love it totally. Not if it loses weight or looks younger, but right NOW.


Here are some suggestions on how to build a strong altar in your holy place:

1. Bless your food before you eat it. I put my hands over it and feel the energy shift before I ingest it. Bless your water before you drink it. Relax as you eat and take the time to enjoy each bite. The older I get, I find I like to eat more simply. I used to live to eat and now I eat to live. I love to juice and my body loves the nutrients.

2. Protect your body from negative EMF exposure. Your body is much happier when it is resonating with the Earth’s frequency. Go to the following link to explore this idea: It is life changing information.

3. Take a day a week and fast, giving your digestive tract a much needed rest.

4. Breathe in to the count of eight and exhale to the count of eight several times a day. It is like opening the door of your church and letting God or spirit in.

5. Light a candle in your home. Visualize it in your heart chakra and let that light illuminate from the windows of your body- your eyes. This is when you stop judging yourself and others.

6. Say a prayer of thanks for being alive in this time and in this place and in this body.

7. Say YES as you look in the mirror each day.

We are in uncertain times. I know it’s easy to get hyper focused on money and security. But I will tell you that without your body and your health you will not enjoy any of that, even if you’ve got it all. Spend some time today to truly inhabit your estate and rejoice in the majesty of you.

God bless you,

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