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Neal Donald Walsch – You Do Not Create Alone – 12 February 2013

neale_donald_walsch_1My dear friends…

Last week in this space I said that a message that for many years spiritual teachers have been sharing—that “you are creating your own reality”—can be a dangerous teaching if it is not fully explained. I also said that there are two things you must know about the “you create your own reality” teaching:

(1) First, it must be explained (as we have done several times here now) that you are not “creating” anything, but merely noticing or remembering its existence, then, by focusing on it, calling it forth as a “manifestation” from the Field of Infinite Possibilities that is the Always Now/Always Here of things. What you are creating is your Interior Reality of these manifestations. It is in this sense that the statement “You are creating your own Reality” is true. Continue reading

The Pleiadians – Stay Strong and Focused on High Vibrational Experiences – 12 February 2013


We have needed you to integrate the information we have given and so we waited to share our next download. We even see some of you have now already found tools to live more peacefully as sensitive beings. You see, when we point out the things you are learning balance in, it is your human nature to say to yourself, I want to be something else. And then, the tools come quickly. So at times in these messages, we may say things that may point out areas that are in pain, or out of alignment because it is the awareness that will then attract the healing and the new way. Oh yes, humans are very paradoxical beings. The Universe, in fact is paradoxical in nature, and so that is why remembering your enlightenment can come in a quite funny way. You may want to experience life so badly one way, but it is not until you experience it as the way you do not like first that you are then brought what you need or are awakened to how you can accomplish it.

Continue reading

Coin Show Ghost Town: Precious Metals & Worldwide Currency Free Fall Update – 12 February 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – Jesus Christ This Is Getting Very Real!! (Smile) – 12 February 2013

jesus-christSometime last week I had talked about my “stray hair” dangling about in my core energy called my personal issue with winning anything on a lottery ticket.  The day my team told me that “we want to help you, but you won’t let us” and showed me what was rumbling around in my energy field… the very moment I seen it for what it was, I changed it instantly.  But let me tell you, being able to dispel discordant energy within myself from myself instantly has been a very long work in progress.  I had spent the first 8 years of this journey diving into my deepest darkest goo and changing it over time and with tremendous conscious effort… until doing “that” became… instant.  Of course, I get sooo excited when I see something discordant within me, because I KNOW, the moment I free that, it turns into the opposite!  It free’s a significant flow of energy within. Continue reading

Irma Kaye – Unlucky In Love? Broken Contracts & Star-Crossed Soul Mates – 12 February 2013

Irma kaye sawyerHello friends. Well it’s Valentine’s week and lots of folks have love on their mind. Happy in love, no love, brokenhearted, bitter, or just plain angry. Almost everyone’s got a story to tell, and I certainly am no exception.

In my work over the years with the Edgar Cayce material and my own work in the Akashic Records, I’ve seen many interesting and compelling things, in the relationship area especially. According to Cayce and many other spiritual teachers, relationship is one of the “fast tracks” on the spiritual curriculum of self-knowledge and awareness; due to the powerful mirrors that they provide for us as a clue to our own deep motivations and unhealed places. They are also a powerful arena for higher consciousness, expansion and joy too. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – It’s Time – 12 February 2013

beautiful-bohemian-boho-boy-favim-com-537601(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I don’t think there is a soul on earth that can’t feel the recent shift in energy on the planet. There is a lightness in our step and a flame burning in our hearts. It is time to come together and rejoice for freedom is ours at last. We must not let down our guard however, but rather apply our mega blast of love to the planet now. We must go out of our way to share our love and joy with strangers, give our services happily wherever needed, and reach out to others to help them over the bridge into the new world. Many will be confused about what is happening and will probably be filled with fear, so take time to calm the waters and guide them on their way. Be love in all ways. Offer it to others, shower it upon yourselves and help to create a lasting frequency of love upon the planet. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Korea Nuke Test? Planets & Earthquakes – 12 February 2013

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