The Pleiadians – Stay Strong and Focused on High Vibrational Experiences – 12 February 2013


We have needed you to integrate the information we have given and so we waited to share our next download. We even see some of you have now already found tools to live more peacefully as sensitive beings. You see, when we point out the things you are learning balance in, it is your human nature to say to yourself, I want to be something else. And then, the tools come quickly. So at times in these messages, we may say things that may point out areas that are in pain, or out of alignment because it is the awareness that will then attract the healing and the new way. Oh yes, humans are very paradoxical beings. The Universe, in fact is paradoxical in nature, and so that is why remembering your enlightenment can come in a quite funny way. You may want to experience life so badly one way, but it is not until you experience it as the way you do not like first that you are then brought what you need or are awakened to how you can accomplish it.

So now, beautiful ones, we return with another message: go into your natural harmonious state and release the need to continue to focus on things that weigh you down. State your needs or boundaries once, and then let it go. Allow your life to unfold exactly as it wants to. There is a natural flow that life is moving towards. Watch it, and allow. When you wish for a deep shift, if you like, use a meditation or spiritual practice that you consistently do until your experience matches your desire. Yet, you do not need to spend each day down about the creation not happening yet.

Your creation may be about how you would like to experience another person or even world incidents. Raise the bliss into your heart, and then send it out through the breath, with the image of what you desire with that person or world incident; then let it go in peace. Only this will allow you to remain in balance in your day to day life. As moments come up where there is less than joyful vibration, let it dissolve into your heart bliss, with the true nature of your hearts energy, and then let it pass. Do not think about it, but feel the experience. This is the difference. Thinking about something over and over again gets you trapped. Feeling it frees you. For those that have a hard time with receptive thoughts, anxiety, or worry, this is your freedom. Feeling. Ignore the rest.

And now as it is deep into your month of February, we feel the collective shift that is occurring towards balance and harmony. Hold the vision of balance and harmony, even if things appear in this here and now another way. One day, at times, is all it takes for a complete turnaround of reality. And if it is much more than one day, than we promise your experience of time is going much faster than it used to. Watch as the old leaders grip to hold onto the old way that is less than harmony. And then watch as the Universe, and all the dimensions spin, like a centrifuge, all the energies out to make something new. Oh how exciting to be able to witness the shift of all knowing they are light within and without.

Yes, stay focused on the outcome YOU wish, no matter what you see in front of you. Some get confused and say this makes them feel like they are living in the future. Yet, all futures are now. Bring the one you desire into your now through powerful vision. Literally attach pictures of your glorious reality through conscious intent. These pictures can be about big or small things in your life. They can be about world changes as well.

We have held you sensitive ones close to us, for we are you and you are us. We experience different bodies than you, but we feel and know you well. You are one with us and we specifically, the Pleiadians, carry a deep empathic resonance with all that is. That is why we understand how easy it can be to get pulled into focus on things that can cause imbalance. And we know how powerfully, you can move into another vibration just as quick. Sometimes you may need to rest, literally lay down when one focus has taken hold of you that you are not enjoying. Through the resting, your shift will come and then know within hours, a change will occur in your situation simply from you feeling and honoring the space you are in. It is when you try to push through and ignore the vibrations you do not like stirring inside that they take more hold. Now this can get confusing. When you focus on others vibration that is not pleasant coming towards you, this too will get you stuck. So simply focus on within, your own reaction, and then cease focus on others. If you ignore your inner response, this too will cause the experience to drag on. Got it? Ignore the outside vibration, pay deep attention to the inside vibration.

Do not look for perfection: always in every second never having any discomfort. Look to awareness for that will simply more and more dissolve the less than higher vibration. This awareness will eventually consume the other vibration and it will reign. It’s lightness will absorb all. We love you, always.


We are one. Copyright 2013


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