Visionkeeper – It’s Time – 12 February 2013

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I don’t think there is a soul on earth that can’t feel the recent shift in energy on the planet. There is a lightness in our step and a flame burning in our hearts. It is time to come together and rejoice for freedom is ours at last. We must not let down our guard however, but rather apply our mega blast of love to the planet now. We must go out of our way to share our love and joy with strangers, give our services happily wherever needed, and reach out to others to help them over the bridge into the new world. Many will be confused about what is happening and will probably be filled with fear, so take time to calm the waters and guide them on their way. Be love in all ways. Offer it to others, shower it upon yourselves and help to create a lasting frequency of love upon the planet.

We have worked so long and hard under very adverse conditions, but we did not waver and continued to stand strong for what we believed in. We KNEW in our hearts that we were on the right path and so we kept walking ahead through the darkness with out light within illuminating our way forward. It is vital we make this last push massive and help propel the new world into being sending the old paradigm over the edge. It is now time! We must continue to search for or create new ways around all obstacles to keep the motion flowing. The dark can throw major snow storms and tornadoes our way but it will not stop us from completing what we came here to do. To bring love back to the planet and free humanity!’

I read a book once about success and how people acquire success. One quote stuck out to me from the whole book: “Gandhi has accomplished, through the influence of FAITH, that which the strongest military power on earth could not, and never will accomplish through soldiers and military equipment. He accomplished the astounding feat of influencing two hundred million minds to COALESCE AND MOVE IN UNISON, as a single mind!” This is OUR last push to complete our mission we were sent here to bring about. I am not sure how Gandhi did it but we need to look closely at his maneuvers  and put them into action. We must also figure out how to bring the worlds minds together as one and finally bring love and peace to the planet. Quotes have a way of standing the test of time and one quite old one still stands to speak to Gandhi’s ways. “Great minds think alike”. Let’s try to figure out how to get this done and then celebrate!

In that book he also said the reason most people aren’t successful is because they give up just before they are about to breakthrough to success. Let us heed that warning and not give up but rather push our hardest now and hit the ball out of the ball park! In war I think Generals wait until they believe the enemy is worn down and then make their big move, so we must not get worn down and throw the dark ones off stride. Stay strong and keep on pushing and we will make it over the finish line in victory!

Blessings to us all,

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