New Earth Frequency Update – 13 February 2013


On Sunday, February 10th we experienced a New Moon which was very interesting as it moved from Capricorn into Aquarius representing being restrictive within ourselves and learning to flow with the energies.  We have been experiencing some very powerful energies which Spirit has been speaking that the time in February will be very parallel to what we experienced in December 2012.  It is a time to fully understand what you are going through, allow the process to happen, and walk into the new way of thinking and feeling.

This can be a very challenging experience for individuals who do not understand how to tap within themselves to awaken into a new perspective of awareness.  Just because an individual ‘wakes up unto their beginning essence’ does not mean that they will understand how to process the feelings and thoughts that are happening in their lives.  This pathway is one riddled with great challenges, but also enhances the best that we are in each moment.

February is going to help us expand further into our own consciousness.  We all come to this Earth for a purpose and some of us have more responsibility than others to help create the new frequencies to be fully grounded.  But one thing is certain; if you are reading this material, you have an important role to fulfill within your existence.  These energies are helping us to be better, to be more confident, loving, and compassionate, and to express it to others.  So instead of worrying what you are feeling in each moment, allow the essence of Grandmother Moon to assist you into the next phase of our awakening.

This New Moon has also brought us more activation(s) within the Angelic realm to be integrated within our Being.  This energy started in January and with each new moon we are being activated to remember more of our Angelic Presence.  What this means is that the angel that We Are is intertwining into the human that we have become.  It is all very exciting as we reach into our angelic essence to remember and acknowledge those timelines that we have forgotten.  We are learning to become the Angelic Beings grounded upon the New Earth.  So if you have been feeling unsteady and unsure of yourself, know that it is changing you deeply.  We may not understand how the process is working or the depth that it is occurring for some time.  Our job is to just expand into these frequencies and allow the newness to settle within our physicality.  Your mind is going to want to try and understand; please know that cannot happen as the Higher Mind is now being fully activated within your physical structure.

As we experience these elements, we may be finding that we will do things in a completely different way than we did before; or we may realize that a part of our-self is now our true reality.  The changes that are happening within each individual are so minuet that it may not be detectable without a fine microscope so just allow the feelings to project within your consciousness and accept your new reality.  It is a wonder of love and grace.

As we expand into this new paradigm of Light, we experience a beautiful day of Love on February 14th.  If you take the time to truly accept the energy of Love within your Heart coming from your Highest Essence, you will start to acknowledge how deeply you are loved and in so many ways.  Jonathan Parker facilitates a World Sound Healing Day, ( in which every individual chants the sound of “AH” for five minutes at 12 Noon around the world.  This sound resonates from the Heart of God into each of our own hearts and has been utilized by the Divine Mother & Father God in our transmissions from the Clarion Temple of Oneness.  So take some moments on this day to accept the Love that is being guided through your Angelic Essence into the One Being that You Are.


Greetings and love on this day.  It is very exciting to share and experience the new paradigm of light that is being acknowledged within the Earth Plane levels and to have each of us expand deeper than we ever thought possible.  We, of the Unified Whole Command, are also within our expansion process just like each of you are doing so it is no mistake that we should celebrate our Light with each other.  We plan to do just that.

This month of February is going to help each of you to understand a deeper part of your expansion with feelings.  As you have gone through the changes and elevated your vibrational levels, you have also had to adjust within the physical reality that is changing for you.  We understand the process of not accepting the conditioning process that you have had to experience through this transition of Light unto the planet.  We applaud you that you continue diligently even though the feelings and thoughts you may be having do not reflect the essence that is expanding within your creation.

As we delve deeper into the core of GAIA, there are many levels of timelines that she has held onto that are affecting each of you greatly.  It is not just your personal timelines that you need to process, but her essence is changing with each step that you make within yourself.  The conditioning factor of this transition is one of great sacrifice and without your diligence we could not have created the opening doorways into the New World.  BUT WE ARE ACHIEVING IT ~ and we want to share with you our excitement that is paramount to what you are experiencing presently.

We know the process you have been undergoing, and understand the challenges that are resulting from each of those intense moments within you.  We also understand that you are receiving wonderful gifts each time you go through another intense doorway of change.  The acceleration that is occurring presently is due to the creation of you wanting to do so, and none of you understand the depth of your ability to continue the walk into your future world.  Actually, what is being achieved presently is having the capability to accept the changes as the information has not surfaced except in small bits and pieces as each new development of your world has been revealed.  But that is about to change and you are going to experience it yourself.  You must remember that it must come in waves of light for you to accept the nuances of your future to become manifest in who you are presently.

Changes are resulting within your world and around you for the explicit reason that IT IS TIME.  The creation of your planet has become stable, whereas, previously it was uncertain of the outcome of Gaia.  But with the transition of more individuals awakening upon the planet, the residual effect of the transmutation has taken GAIA’s world into a new existence where love and acceptance is the common rule and not the lower worlds that have resulted in your experiences of the past.

It is now a time of complete reversal within your world and we are excited to experience it with you.  The changes that are about to occur must first be felt within your Heart as all of our Hearts are blending together.  You see in order for us to make the manifestation of the New World occur we must honestly take a few moments with a breath of light and experience the essence of the Purity of Love to be within.  This is going to take practice because the lower mind forgets and wants to run forward with the thoughts.  It is imperative that during this week to not to allow that to happen.

As you move further into your Acceptance, you will start to feel it.  You see YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO EXPRESS IT WITHIN YOU.  You have a body and that body has taken precedence over everything in your world.  But that is no longer the case.  You are learning to accept the light formations that are being transmitted to you in your sleep state, in your meditations, and even your awakened state of consciousness.  It is coming in Light Codes to intertwine within your physical reality.  But you must take a moment and allow this essence to be fully within you as you walk through your days.  Without it, it will be lost and so will you.  This is the power of the light at this time.

Previously we spoke about the Rainbow of Lights that are emanating from the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace.  They have been continuing to be commanded into each and every soul, but now is the time to understand that you must accept them.  You cannot work without them; they are the commanding energy from the Essence of the Divine Will and Love of God.  You have been created through your physical essence by these commanding light frequencies but that is not All That You Are.  That is the beauty of what is occurring presently.  You are all of these and more and will see the Power, the Love, the Joy, and Expression of ALL THAT IS to be commanded within you.

This week all these frequencies are coming within the planetary level once again on the next phase of Light.  It is assisting everything you know to be and all will change within these essences.  Your world needs it deeply and it cannot change overnight but it is happening within the increments of light formations with each passing planetary exchange of the Sun, the Moon, and all inter-related elements of creation as we come into the Creation of the Oneness.

What does this mean to you presently?  Well, we say to you, “What is it that you do not understand?”  Or let us put it this way, “What is it that you are not seeing within yourself?”  The Rainbows of Light along with the Angelic Transmissions are activating seeds of creation that you previously forgot to help you remember while deflecting the parts of yourself that do not fit your present reality.  Taking some moments and allowing these essences to intertwine within you is going to allow the Acceptance that you have been searching for.  It will help to remove the parts that have been lost, the elements that you need to purge in order to have the full functionality of an ascended being of light.  Mind you, this is just the beginning and it will not occur instantaneously but each of you is going into the depth of your Soul’s Essence to find what you have been looking for.  BUT YOU MUST STOP AND FEEL IT COMING.  Let it flow within you and expand your auric field beyond the frequencies that you never thought you could hold within you.  It may stay for a moment or longer depending upon where you are within your own consciousness.  BUT IT MUST BE IN THE SUPREME LIGHT OF THE PURITY OF YOUR ESSENCE AND NOT WITHIN YOUR PHYSICAL SELF.  It is a gift and it is time for you to receive it.

Expand your consciousness in these moments as you fully accept a new part of your Divinity into your World.  Doing so is going to help the essence of human consciousness to accept itself deeper than ever received upon this planet.  It is the awakening of GAIA and now is the time to fully reflect and enjoy the ecstasy of Oneness Within.

Learning to expand these essences within you daily will help you to acknowledge the deeper parts of yourself.  You will also be able to remove the lower thoughts and feelings that need to be put into the light.  They will arise and utilize these frequencies of your angelic self to turn them into the purest essence you have ever experienced needs to be the defining rule in your life.  But if you choose to stay within them, you shall go deeper into the abyss and pain that you have endured for a very long time.  The Light and the Dark are moving into Oneness but holding onto the Dark will only separate the Light from you as the gap between the two will become wider.  Then there will not be Light and only Darkness which will cause the separation within and then within the world.  But the Light is so strong upon Planet Earth presently that the Light will win but everyone needs to do their internalization of the Self to allow it to happen more quickly.  It will be like a wave as more individuals receive the Light, there will not be anything else, but the LIGHT of GOD.

It is time to understand yourself more deeply than you ever thought you could.  It is not from your physical mind but with a breath of fresh air that the acceptance will enfold within you.  Your lower self will cease to exist but you must allow yourself to surrender within the process of Light.

The choice is yours to fully embrace your Light and Power within God’s Embrace.  We look forward to walking with each of you in the Oneness of Light that we Are.

We are the Unified Whole Command standing amongst each of you in Oneness.

So Mote It Be in the Light That We Are!

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page; /link to original article


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